Monday, December 29, 2008

Cloth Diapers For the Doll That Wets.

For Christmas my girls EACH got a Baby Alive that WETS. For Real.

The DISPOSABLE diapers for these cost about $8 or $9 for six diapers. Not that I would ever purchase them anyway. My daughters didn't wear them, neither will their dolls.

I don't want to deny them any play time with their new dolls, so I've sewn together some cloth diapers that will hold the water. About 14 layers of diaper flannel between the dolls and the furniture. The flannel is soft and washable (although if it's only water being soaked up,they'll only need to be air dried.)

After fartin' around with the pattern for a bit, I've got something that works. Ofcourse, I'm now making them for my etsy store. A set of 2 will let your daughters play with thier dollies and learn a good lesson about disposable diapers, money, and patience.

If you are interested in getting a few for your little ones, see my etsy store!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Had This DREAM...

So, I'm hanging out with people I have admired, for thier quiet success. The couple who own the Rye (my fav coffee shop.) a couple who used to own their own food biz, but now manage at jobs. And, a girl who used to be a stripper, but isn't anymore and is happy.

We're all hanging out in my kitchen, laughing and teasing each other. It's all very friendly.Then, my tooth falls out, it's the lower "eye" tooth. I keep trying to put it back in, and everyone says that I shouldn't fight it and just let if fall out. The ex-stripper is spitting her own teeth out, too. I look in my mouth, and I'm missing molars, and now this tooth, and I know if I just let this one go, the rest are going to follow.

She says something like I'm hanging out with her too much. I realize that hanging out with these people for some reason is making me lose my teeth.

I wake up, and have a think. My own interpretation of losing teeth equals Losing Personality. I think of the people in the dream... and how I sometimes wish that I were doing what they were doing... but then I think about how none of what THEY are doing has anything to do with ME. And that's where the losing of my own personality comes in. Trying to be someone else, in order to make money, will kill me.

I rolled over, and there was a book I"ve been skimming through the last 24 hours. About building your crafting business. I realized, that I really haven't completely let myself be comfortable in being called "Artist." I never introduce myself as such.

And then I thought, I have always just BEEN an artist. Drawing and writing books, creating. I had a portfolio when I was 10 that I would show off all the time to relatives when they would visit. (Filled with disproportionate heads and stringy legs and copies of Archie characters, but a portfolio non-the-less!)

And so, It's really TIME. The only thing I'm conscious of, painfully, is getting imbalanced. I need to run my business as a business, and not the basement hobby it could slip into (and maybe has the last few months.)

The funny thing is, just after this realization hit me, I made a couple of sales online (who sells this close to Christmas? hehe.) So, new chapter.

I'm scared.

I'm excited.

I'm going to need help with marketing.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Has Trouble With Authority.

Busy!!! Too busy to write!

Busy creating, and busy dreaming, and busy THINKING of where the heck it is that I'm going!

I'm having such a blast making dolls and puppets, and all the little things that go with them... I'm quickly discovering, however, that I dont' like following patterns. (I've always had a problem with anyone telling me what to do and how to do it...) It's sort of a bizarre thing to say : "I can't wait until all this Christmas/Yule stuff is over, so I can start creating for Little Scotia again."

Really, it seems wrong, doesn't it?

Anywho, the DAY is looming closer, and I've got finishing touches to do on 3 different projects. None of which I can do while the kids are around. So, it'll be a couple of late nights for me coming up. I'm good with that. There's no school to get up for, now that they are on holidays, so I just might get to sleep in a bit.

If I leave cereal on the table, or something... hehe.

That Is All!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Makin' It Work...

Yesterday I sewed up a four footed hand puppet from one of the delicious 70's craft magazines I have stacked around here. It's supposed to be a cat... but I think it looks like a very long tailed chuhaha. (Is that how you spell that?) anyway, it's green fleece (like, jogging suit material) with felt face,eyes, inner ears, and paws. He is so freaky lookin', that I"m going to make another and give them to the girls. (although the girls saw me working on him, they always think I"m working on stuff for my etsy store.. ehhehe.)

Today, I made a huge stuffed bear. When I bought the pattern, I thought it read on the back that the animals would be 32cm tall... I'm not sure WHY I thought that. Today when I opened it up, I was SHOCKED to see that they would be more like double that. (After he was sewn, he got to about 50cm tall... and ate up a huge amount of polyester fiber fill...) I'm not sure who will be gifted with him yet, but possibly my girlfriends little daughter.

There is still an enormous amount to whip up in the next few days, and I"m almost in panic mode.. almost... There's always the "all-nighter" option.

Because Wal Mart is NOT an option...


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Close, But No Cigar.

So.... I'm DYING to tell everyone what I'm crafting up, but then I'm sure the recipients of some of those gifties will READ this and the surprise will be spoiled. GAH.

I can tell you what I"m doing for the pixies, though!

Every year Santa gets them one new toy each, plus the stockings. Stockings are easy, thanks to the dollar store! Every thing that's coming from "me" is handmade. Mattresses and bedding for the wood doll beds my dad made them a few years ago. (You should see the pillow cases, so cute!) These beds are for dolls that are about 18" tall. So, Every piece is going to have thier initial embroidered in it, by me ofcourse, so there will be no fighting about who's blanket or sheet or pillow is who's. I'm working on some hand made puppets for them, too...

I was completely stumped about what to get them for thier santa present. It's LEAN around these parts, and thier lists were completely unreasonable. (Who's idea was it to CREATE a $300 horse that neighs and eats and what not, and advertise it all over the damn place. Just Not Fair, I say...)

Anywho, I was searching in The Crows Nest in downtown Midland for doll parts (which they said they had, but would not sell to me... just bastardly, I tell you. The actual conversation went something like this. "I remember from when I worked here that there are random doll parts for dollmaking in the basement, I'm looking for those" "They're down there, but NO." I swear, that's all the explination I got. ...I hated working there, too..) I had already had the purchases I was going to make at the counter before having the conversation with The Manager... That place has SUCH a crappy vibe..Really oppressive and heavy. I digress again...

So, while browsing for doll parts, I see two porcelain dolls. (face, hands, and feet.. soft body.) About 18" tall. Dressed to the nines. Frilly dresses and hats, little leather boots, stockings, hair, and each had a teddy bear. Really flashy looking... for $11.95 each. BARGAIN. Although they LOOK rather expensive. The girls can play with them with thier doll bedding, and IF anything should go wrong it won't be the end of the world. (Someone loses a shoe or gets a hair cut.. that sort of thing.) However, I"m going to really play up the "ooooh, Santa brought you a FANCY doll this year." and hope that it makes up for all the commercial stuff I DIDNT' BUY.

Although my mother and brother and sister have purchased commercial stuff for them, so I'm sure it's not going to be the end of the world.

I can't WAIT for Christmas/Yule... because I'm DYING to show you the cool stuff I've made for the boys.

Ok, that is the update. I haven't added anything new to in the last few weeks, just letting the things I've made already be there for the offerin'..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm ready for Dec 2.

A quick note to give you the heads up!

TUESDAY, Dec 2, I will be taking Tarot Reading phone calls for a few hours. (from 12pm to about 2pm EST) sooooo.... if you want to get in on the deal-e-o...

Click through my little purple Keen banner, down to the right...
Scroll to the bottom of that page, and click Site Map.
From there, you can REGISTER for a keen account. (this is where I do all of my phone readings. I can send you free minutes, plus if you are new, you'll get a few free minutes from Keen. Between the minutes I can send you and the minutes from keen, I can get a whole reading out for you for free.)

I'm sure I've said it before, but I've been using keen for a long long time to do my readings. I like it because it keeps your info and my info private.

If you want more info, check me out at

Good Vibes for December 2nd!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

When ELSE would I get to say VAGINA and DIAPHRAGM in my blog title???

So, whaaaa's happanin?

I've shifted my artistic efforts from "making for sale" to "making for keeps"... getting the families Yule surprises together, and hoping for the best.

I feel terribly unorganized this year, and the ONE thing I really wanted to get to, I just can't seem to wrap my brain around how to complete it... and that's all I can say, because it's for someone who is SURE to read this blog... crappity crap.

I have felt completely stunted in my artistic growth and joy the past few weeks. I'm glad there are a number of things for sale in the store to see me through this...

In an effort to release myself from this madness, to open doors, to feel creative and alive again, I am auditioning for a local presentation of The Vagina Monologues. It would be a very cool thing to get into... because I think it's only a few speaking parts needed to get into ACTRA... and wouldn't that be fun? Anywho, it was a sign to me when a good friend AND my mother said that I was the first person they thought of when they saw the Call to Audition. Hehe. We'll see how it goes, and there WILL be a blog, you better believe it. (giggle-snort.)

Must practice speaking from the diaphragm (no pun intended.... well, maybe a little.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

There Be Clouds But, No Rain.

Today I got a rather gorgeous chunk of writing done. It was a good day. A Yummy day. A pretty day.

I mailed some etsy sales off, which made me happy. Somebody, somewhere, is getting my creations for Christmas.

After the vigourous walk home, that translates into my work out for the day (the walk down is about 15 minues in this weather. The walk home about 20, due to the hill) so, hopped in the bath with a book to think think think with the lights off.

Think about where my story is going (and where it definately should NOT go... it's too easy for me to write in gory detail. I have to keep my audience in mind before I let the love scenes run wild. hehe.)

Think about why I can't think about the future. Every time I try, I see BLANK. Each day is more than enough. I'm running with it, and immersing myself into my fantasy world. It helps me write, if nothing else...

Think about why the Powers that Be INSIST on PERSISTING with the Crappy Apple Pie, even though I had a very serious conversation with them that I was QUITE FINISHED with the Crappy Apple Pie, thank you, and would now like a nice big helping of Easy and Simple Stew.


The Purr of the Mattress needs cover art. I had a very specific idea in my head for it, black and white and partial nudity. Alas, a girl on a budget gets what she gets.

Today is today.

I look for adventure in my sleep.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Crafty Idea?

I had a brain wave a few days ago, but unfortunately too late. I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a house craft party? Everyone has a little corner to set up all their crafty goodies, everyone gets a chance to do a little chat about their favorite items, serve some food and do a little shopping/bartering for last minute goodies.

There may be time to do this yet. I would have to get a group of names of some ladies who would be interested (hint) and find a nice place that was big enough to host it in (hint)

How can I make this happen? I've got so much stuff that ISN'T listed on etsy, that I"d really like to get out there.

Anyway, that's my thoughts today. Have you done anything like this before?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Torture Me (with all I wanted.)

New computer, new printer, new SPEAKERS. Now, to figure out the business of how it all works. (I am feeling like a spoiled princess, even though I bought it myself. I'm so proud.)

I put the desk together myself, messed with all the wires myself and played with all the buttons. The only thing that stumped me (for no very good reason) was the speakers (of all things) but, luckily The Big Tall Boy and I stumbled through it somehow, and got that working too. (Thank Heaven for lit-tle boys!)

All I've been managing to work on is a little cross stitch pattern for winter... my painting, sculpting, doll house, doll making, weaving, etc etc etc has all had a little break. Even my sewing machine. (The cover has been on it for a bit...) I'm cyclic. (And this is also why It takes all I have in me to work on commissions. I've ALWAYS been a go-by-feel kinda girl. If I don't feel like it, I don't do it. I allow myself that freedom, without guilt. (Guilt; BAH HUMBUG!)

I saw "Masters of the Universe" today in Walmart, and SO wanted to purchase it. But resisted the urge. hehe.

I'm so so so so pleased with my energy, so pleased with my heart, so pleased with everything. I AM the master of my universe. (Everything I wanted....)



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brr. Cold.

Brr Cold. Shovelling sucks. It's a great work out though.

I've been M.I.A. for, oh, I dunno... Two weeks? I HATE that. But now, we're back online and ready to rock!

I figure there's about two more GOOD weeks to shop at our store if you are in the US, and probably 3 if you are in Canada (unless ofcourse you are in Ontario, then your very last minute to shop would probably be about 7 biz days before Christmas.. but I wouldn't leave it that long if I wuz yous!)

My home has never been as incredibly unorganized as it is right now. That drives me crazy, but I need three of me to take care of all that's going on. Messy house, lots of different art pieces, meals, laundry, boring boring boring, good stuff with my pixies and big tall boy, and the all important coffee-with-girlfriends. (or coffee all by myself and my journal. That's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh uh-huh.)

The new computer ushers in a new work from home dealeo. Bated breath and all that. The energy is out there, the money's gettin' spent, so this has GOT to work. Just GOT to. And the Universe provides when I need it most. Always.

So, I guess that's the update.

oh, wait, have you seen The Darjeeling Limited? Hellofa Great film. Made my mind race, my brain work, and I wanted to write a whole thesis on the hierarchy of siblings and the symbolism in it. Watch it, we'll discuss.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sound of Silence.

Today...hmmm, today is Thursday. It feels like Monday. And therefore tomorrow's Fridayness is redundant due to my inability to process the days of the week. Most likely tomorrow will be my Tuesday, but it's very possible it could end up another random day.

Full moon tomorrow folks, and you know what that means!!! Lori will be writing her regularly scheduled EEORE blogs! Doom and Gloom! Woe is Me! Rot rot rot. (it only lasts a few hours, so, y'a know, grit yer teeth.)

However, I logged on to find a sale made at etsy, and that always makes me feel a little cheery! I'm drinking my sisters coffee, and that always makes me happy, too. Plus, after not having regular access to My Favorite Drug (da innanet, folks!) today is I guess aaaalright.

I've been working on WAY to many things at once. Started two new paintings (small square canvasses, I think they are about 10 x 10") worked on the torso's for two new dolly's, have been working on a page full of celtic designs (that will turn into bookmarks, or possibly cards, or whatever else I decide to throw the design on...) There are more projects I haven't looked at in a while, because I can't bear (bare?) to sit in the basement. (So much for the new work station. )

Anywhoooo... All this energy, and no attention span to channel it properly.


(and there you have it folks, my monthly Eeore blog. Next blog should be a little cheerier...)

Nyuk nyuk...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Hullaballoo.

Oh la la, look at these little kitty cat pillows. They are itty bitty though.. the big one is about 1.5" in diameter.

Today I started three new dollies. (I cut the pieces all at once. I figure, if I've got the iron going, I may as well make it worth while.) One will be Mari-Mac's mother. The other two haven't let me know who they are yet. I'm sure it wont' take very long before they start talking to me, though.

I also have finally finished a pile of new itty bitty bags. They are for tree decorations, but could also be used in a miniature doll house, or lined up on the mantel. They could also be used for at each place setting, stuffed with a little chocolate or mint. (yum!) It's dark out NOW. (Thanks, daylight savings!) but tomorrow I'm going to get some pics of them on. They come in a pretty holiday decorative box, too. Nice and sturdy for gift giving or storing.

I"m freaking out JUST A LITTLE... even though all the holiday hullaballo won't happen for nearly 2 months, all of the shopping for that craziness happens NOW. I have so many projects, and so little time! Oh well... I'm going to work on all the cross stitching and bag folding all year long this year, so when it comes time for sales and shows, I'm be REALLY prepared.

There are lots of goodies at our etsy shop ( I've got over 100 listings.) and we will gladly combine shipping so you will save!

OH, and one more thing! I'm working on gift certificates! (The gift certificates are a little piece of art themselves. Handmade! )

Super cool.

I gotta go eat dinner now...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, it's November already???

So, I finally got Mari-Mac and Heather on etsy. I also listed Nanny, a pillow doll. I have pics of the little snowmen pins, and the new kitty cat pillows (mini's) but just haven't listed them yet.

I also took some new pics of Tori with her orange knickers, because she's been sitting here too long and needs a home.

Ohhhh, I commissioned another etsian to make some tags/labels for my dolls, with on them, and a place to sign and put the dolls names. I is so perfessionel. (hehe.)

OOH YEAH! Marc got the turn table all hooked up to the new speakers, and YAH HOOO! I can listen to my records again! (the old cabinet turntable kept skipping and jumping and I don't know how to fix it.. although I'm sure my inner DIY hoser could fix it, but I don't think duct tape or crazy glue would do it...) If I ever figure out how to fix it, I'll be able to listen to records in the basement in my "studio" too... Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (Night Moves) and Chicago Transit Authority got the first play today.

Life is going to get insanely busy this week. I'm nervous, and hope I can juggle everything. (the crock pot is going to get a work out, that's for sure!) And I hope I can handle the early mornings.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Well I'm Going To Marry Mari for When Mari's Takin' Care o' Me

We'll all be feelin merry when I marry Mari-Mac!

This song has been stuck in my head while I've been working on these dolls. In white, with the blue eyes and the blonde hair, is Mari-Mac. I have lace to add to her drawers yet, and some lace for her cuffs, collar and hem. She's also getting an apron, and I'm aiming to be finished by tomorrow (if I can find the right lace... I've been digging through my treasures and haven't found the RIGHT one yet...

And then we have the doll in yellow paisley, who's name is Heather. ( Up among the heather in the hills of Benifee!) She's got a gorgeous messy bun and brown eyes. Her little secret is her red knickers underneath! (Because it's in the heather in Benifee that the boys and the girls are makin out so free!) I'm I finished her dress trim today (a vintage lace) but I've not found the RIGHT trim for her saucey knickers. She's also got to have an apron made, too. Again, aiming for tomorrow to complete.

And until they're done, this celtic tune will be swirling around in my brain while I finish all the hand sewing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Love to Laugh! Long And Loud and Clear!!!

I'm having an enormous amount of de ja vouz going on this morning, and I"ve only been up for half an hour. There is some intense magic swirling around me, and I'm good with that. There's magical work for me to do, and I am gathering this energy for when it's time....

I had dreams that Holly and I and some other friends I don't know (dream buddies) were hanging out in a bar, playing pool, and having great idiot fun. Then some feathered hair, 70's wanna be, macho arsehole came up and was challenging the players on our table, and trying to intimidate us. He was strutting and growling, until he looked me in the eye, and like the cocky SOB I can be, I started to sing "He's a pin ball wizard! There's got to be a twist! He's a pin ball wizard! Got such a sup-ple wri i ist..."

All my friends lost their minds laughing at the dude, that he gave up and walked away. (Then there was something about me giving my brown cords and new belt and belt buckle to some blonde girl and showing her how to do them up, which was weird....and then the lights all went out in the bar, and we were sitting in complete darkness laughing, and then the alarm went off...)

Anywho, it was nice to see my sense of humour was good for something, and there was no violence (or ability to intimidate me... hehehe.) In the dream I kept thinking (and I could SEE it) that I could totally take this jerk down and really hurt him, but I chose NOT to. It would be a last resort. His threat was completely to stroke his ego. )

There were more dreams... something about waitressing at a beach restaurant that was owned by bikers, and a yellow refrigerator, but it's lost to me now...

Must make lunches now! The day begins :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friends and Faith

It's been a busy week, and it's only Wednesday!

I started and finished the shirt for my Viking friend (Goddess, I hope it's ok for what they need.) I did an awful lot of painting and varnishing in my "basement studio", a pile of little mini thingers for etsy. (it makes me so happy to work away on it.)

Yesterday I visited with my little sista friend Sarah, and got to feed her baby. (I bought her lunch.. the baby's not due until February hehe.) Today I got to visit with my kindred spirit friend Alison and her daughter Forest (who is the MOST amazing little girl you'll ever meet. I swear, she'll blow your mind, brilliant genius level. ) We had an incredible conversation (it's always comfortable and fun and we learn things from each other.... it's such a good thing...)

I've also been still reading alot... I'm working on two totally unrelated books, that as synchronicity would have, ended up being related. (spiritual pursuits.) Plus ofcourse "The Secret" sits at the side of my bed for me to take little snippets from. (Alison and I ofcourse chatted about the books we were reading, and amazingly but ofcourse! Our books were also along the same lines.

I've been thinking about money, and having to talk myself down from worrying about it. Because the money ALWAYS comes, and I SO have enough money to pay all my bills and groceries and have some left over for things like coffee shop coffee, so REALLY there's nothing to worry about. Put an order in with the Universe, and it always provides... FAITH!

There's alot of interesting energy swirling around me lately, and it makes me joyful and thankful that I am on the right path. Life is good. I feel good.

Love is the answer...


Monday, October 6, 2008

My Winter Solstice Shopping

It's been a big thing on my mind... making the winter solstice festival at our house a special one, and not doing that by "buying" my kids. As they get older, I'm making the festivities more about food and family, rather than gimmie gimmie.

I want everything to be made or chosen with love, but I realize that my skills only go so far. I've taken the Handmade Pledge and for the environment, for better gift giving, and for a better Winter Celebration (what ever yours might be) I hope you will consider it to.

I've been busy making HUGE messes in my little studio (and all over the house) getting ready with stuff to gift and list so you can buy handmade too!

Make sure that the money you decide to spend this upcoming season goes to real people rather than through the mass production retail system. (for more on this idea, read this etsy article.)


Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Gotta LISTEN To What She's Saying...

My sewing machine and I have made up. We have been friends for far too long, but sometimes when you spend so much time with someone, they just need a break.

I put my crazy glued sewing machine aside for about 10 days... This morning I put it back on the kitchen table, the iron already hot and the patterns ready to be cut... and we had a little chat.

I listened to what it had to say when I asked why it insisted on skipping stitches and losing tension on the bottom. I changed the top thread and rethreaded it. I took out the bobbin casing and blew into it. Checked all the little bobbin casing screws, and got it all back in place. I gave it a pat, a little love and attention, and gave it a try.

After monkeying around just a schmidge with the top tension, we got our groove back.

I went as far as I could on the tunic for a Viking (This took the better part of 3 hours, cutting and all.) and then I did some new little doll blankets.

Sweet Sweet Sewing machine.

Even if you hate me sometimes, I still love you!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Than This....(Who can say where we're going.)

Helloooo everyone! I've been getting a lot of different visitors from a lot of different places, how much fun is that???

There's been a non-stop, Roxy Music cafe in my head today. I'm floating around in this dreamy other-world that may or may not be make believe (but either way, I'm still completely immersed and joyous in it.

Unfortunately, the pace of the music makes me slow the pace of my movement, and everything that was accomplished by me today was REALLY accomplished by my pushing buttons on a machine. (Dishwasher and Dryer, Thank You, I Love You.)

I SERIOUSLY need a T-Shirt that says "I'd Rather Be Dreaming."

Which reminds me the girls on the school yard, in response to my "I don't have a hell, I'm pagan" said that should also go on a T-Shirt. (I said something horrible, and horribly funny at the same time, and they laughed but STILL told me I was going to hell. nyuk nyuk. )

Any artists out there willing to make me some shirts?

Ummm, I'm such a space cadet today, I can't even remember what witty "sum-it-all-up" ending I had planned for this blog. There was More than This!

(As free as the wind... )

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Shopping Bags Are Empty! What Will You Fill Them With?

I finally finished my little bag ornament set. They are so cute, and now that i've got the one done, I want to start working on the other patterns that I have. They come in a gift box, too, for a grand total price of $7 (US folks) for 10. I came up with some great ideas for them!

*A gift for that surprise guest that always shows up with a gift for you!
*A gift for the girl who's already shopped for it all!
*A great place to hide candy's
*A REALLY great place to hide an engagement ring!

There are more pics at my etsy store.

I also finally finished the little hand sewn quilt that I only started, oh, 2 months ago. It looks super cute, and even though I put HOURS into this little baby, (putting together the vintage scraps, and quilting...) I've put a price tag of only $18 USD on it. (etsy's in USD, in case you're wondering why the Canadian is pricing everything in USD!)

I hope it finds a great home!

I've got a sewing project on the go for a friend, so it might be a few days till I get to the tons of other projects I've got going (more mini beds in 1:24, some tarot card boxes, paintings, etc.) but I"m very excited for the winter selling season! Right now there's 101 items in my store. My goal is to sell at least half of that by December. :)


Friday, September 26, 2008

Crafty To the Rescue!

One of the daycare girls I'm hanging out with today brought a Webkinz who barely escaped her dog! I did some minor surgery on it's eye, and made a little pirate eye patch for the fishy. My intentions were to blanket stitch the entire length of the strap, but we want to go out and enjoy a walk first... maybe this afternoon I'll continute the blanket stitch.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DIY hoser OR "I Super Glued My Sewing Machine."

I super glued my sewing machine.

Just as I bragged to the pixies that my machine is about 12 years old, this horrible grinding sound came from it, and the whole world STOPPED.

Insert many swear words here. I was half way through a halloween doll blanket.

The little flippy doolally on the side that you flip up to wind a bobbin without having the needle move, broke. A little wee thinger that pokes into place, behind a big round button... I took the top and side casing off, and couldn't even get to this part. Think think think. My personal assessment was that fixing this problem was going to cost more than a new sewing machine... I super glued the little flippy doolally down, so now when I wind a bobbin, the needle will be dancing. ( I am such a DIY hoser. Red Green, and all that jazz.)

My machine is decidedly unhappy, because now the stitches are all loose, and I had to STEP AWAY from it before I swore through my teeth at it some more. (More than likely my needle needs adjusting, or I need a new needle entirely, or I've got too much thread on the bobbin) After pulling it apart, poking around at it's innards, and putting back together its casing, I think it may just have had enough of my face, and decided for both of us that that was ENOUGH.


We went to Walmart (bleck) today, and looked at sewing machines, all perfect and shiny and without super glue to hold them together.

I pouted.

We looked at their serger that I've been dreaming of. $299. I felt like a little girl in the doll isle swooning and dying inside for the toy I knew I wouldn't get.

I may have whined a little.

The Goddess is mysterious. I don't know what the reason is for this, but I have to trust it will all work out.

Still, I'm a little sad.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wishes and Dreams and Can I Haz More Sleeps?

Oh Goddess, make the nights longer.

Oh wait, I forgot, ...that's happening about a week from now.

Ok, Goddess, let me get more sleep during those nights. I go to bed too late, and I get up too early. The darkened mornings only remind me that soon I'll be getting up in the dark to shovel the driveway. Uh, just the thought of that makes me barf in my mouth a little.

Autumn Equinox is the night of the 21st... first day of Autumn on the 22nd. Being the lazy pagan that I've become, I'll probably have a hot lobster bath and fall asleep to dream. (The full moon on Monday was too damn cold to go outside. I'm getting soft.) There's definintely some energy that needs to be raised, focused and put out there around here.

Today is a full day. This morning the little girl I watch occasionally arrived at 6:30. I've got Cleaning (STILL... I TOLD YOU, I was on strike all summer and did nothing, so there's a whole season of cleaning to do. ) I have a serious grocery shopping that needs completing, then pick up the kids from school (the little girl stays until 7pm) carry on with the laundry, dinner, dinner mess (I have an inspection of my rental tomorrow, and I'm freakin a little.)... all the while just wanting to crawl into bed.

I wish I was getting paid for all this labour.

Oh well... at least I've got dreams.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Spooky Little Girl Like YOU.

Haha! Look what I garbage picked last week! It was up the street, just put out at the end of the road. It was like 9 at night, and we came outside to hit the A&W, and even from the distance and with the dark I KNEW what it was.... It had some odds and ends in it (this is approx 1:24 scale) that might actually be salvageable, too.

The carpets are bleck, and the wall coverings are totally coming off... and I'm very curious about the BARRED windows in the right-most bedroom (hehe.) but the main structure is PERFECT. I'm going to strip this sucker down, repaint the exterior, and make it BEEEEAUTIFUL.

And ringing in my ears is my girlfriend Mag saying to me some years ago... "you can garbage pick, just not from your own neighbourhood!" hahahahhaha....OH WELL... I'm creepy that way.

The top section is going to be a patio.

I'll even let the girls play with it. :)

I also finally finished my Creepy Doll House furniture set. It took SOOOO long. Paper mache drying, paint drying, paint touch ups, paint details, and then 2 days of varnishing... but..


I am SO happy with how it turned out. It's listed right now at etsy.

I'm not sure if I'll have the stamina or attention span to do another! (and what a mess I made of the kitchen while these where being put together. ) It really was the paper macheing that drove me a little bonkers... all the little corners and crevaces to cover up. HOURS.

Go see go see!!!


Monday, September 8, 2008

A Helluvalotta Work.

The pixies are home sick today, and since they were sick last night (and I was stuffy, too.) I got about 3 whole hours of sleep. shortly I'm going to send them back up to bed so that I can command the couch for a nap.

I've painted the spots on my doll house furniture I've been working on, and am going to add the rhinestones, and then hopefully get to the varnishing today. I'm painfully eager to get this little set finished. After that, I just have a little mattress to figure out, and maybe a little spooky bedspread and pillows to go with the whole bunch, and then I can get it on etsy. I figure I'm going to ask $40 US for it. (It's been a helluvalotta work.)

Also, a friend has contacted me, and we are going to chat about some costumes he needs for a movie project he's working on. The actual sewing that I'll need to do doesn't look like it's going to be that difficult (pretty straight forward stuff) but it will be a whole lot of fun brainstorming together with everyone on all the other aspects of the costume design and costume props. Yum.

Enough hokey pokeying around already... (oh, Hokey reminds me of Hockey... First leafs game is on Sept 22, I believe.... FAAAAAANTASTIC!)

(I just attend for the hungry man dinners, chips and dip, and Arizon Iced Green Tea) hehe.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All Over the Map.

Yesterday I tidied up most of the basement. (There is that little area that is a laundry mess... that never seems to diminish in size regardless of how much time I spend down there.) I'm pretty excited about it, because I'm finally setting up an area for my etsy business. Ooooh yeah, I've discovered another online sales site that is similar to ebay but without all the damn fees. So the boxes of gear that have been in the basement in bins that are not allowed on etsy will go and live there, too... anyway, I digress.

So, I'm trying to get prepared for the winter season, because it is ofcourse the busiest selling season. As soon as the basement is organized and I get my table in place I'll feel so much better. (I have to go through all the toys down there, and decide what is staying and going. That reminds me, I have a vintage dresser down there that will be in need of a home. )

I'm all over the map today. I ate a bowl of stew and a flakie today and I don't think it's doing it for me. I forget to feed myself when I'm the only one around. Having the house all to myself all day is WEIRD. I'll need to keep in mind to make a little extra dinner so that there's left overs at lunch time, so there's no excuse not to feed myself.

I canned Chow Chow all day.
You can read that adventure here
because I'm not writing all that out again !


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black and White and Shades of Gray

Not last night but the night before, there was a skunk in the yard. I left garbage on the back step and forgot about them, and he did his best to break in. We were under the gazebo listening to him, and in a giggling fit, I ran into the house, grabbed the cam, and opened up the back door window. The flash scared him away, but I was full of nervous laughter. Thinking about how SCREWED I'd be if I got sprayed, or if he sprayed the back door. Hahaha..

Good times.

I'm SO close to finishing the first miniature doll house furniture set, it's painful. They've been assembled, paper mached, painted. I'm waiting for the paint to dry before I inspect them to make sure they are ready for varnishing. The box with the skull is going to be their gift/storage box. I was thinking of putting something across the top. "my mini goth" or "my creepy dollhouse" or maybe I'll wait and who ever buys it can give me the name of the intended recipient, or their doll's name. This set has been a total LABOUR of love! SO much time to assemble and actually get the paper mache around all the little corners. I have no idea what I should price for it. Any ideas??? I'm not sure what scale they are exactly... 1/24 scale, I'm pretty sure. The bed is 3 3/4" from headboard to foot board. The dining table is 1 and 3/4" tall

My fingers are cramped up from all the miniature work!! Oh, and mowing the lawn :)


Friday, August 29, 2008

Half of What I Say Is Meaningless (but I'll say it just to reach you.)

Today is hella-yeah gorgeous.

It is gray and damp outside. It is warm and well-lit inside. The girls and I are paper macheing our puppets (they take many layers) plus I'm working on the little furniture sets (I think they are 1/24 scale, but I'll have to double check. They might be smaller...)

It is a "White Album" morning, fer sure bye. Melty peanut butter and toast morning. Luke-warm Coffee and Juice morning . Mommy, you're the best mommy morning. Gooey fingers and brain buzzing morning. Creative juices over-flow morning. Listen to the pixies bungle through "Bungalo Bill" morning.

September is a lick and a promise morning.


The double bed heals all.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cruising Through $100

For those of you who know me, you know that I don't blow $100 on anything at once ever. (Groceries are the exception. Although even then, I'm sure I'm getting at least $150 WORTH of groceries for that $100...and sometimes it's more like $175 or $200.)

Anyway, got some GREAT DEALS today in Elmvale.

*Bought 3 boxfulls of mason jars from Lea today for $10 plus a jar of chow chow when it's done (thanks Lea)
*Admission for my mom and myself to Rounds Ranch $20 (girls got in free, we won tickets)
*Assorted toy goodies from the Elmvale Farmers Market (or sales barn or whatever you call it.. I'm gapping on the name.) $20
*Plus food and drinks ($12), some Kolbasa and pepperettes from the meat vendors we like ($25), and some cheese curds from the cheese vendor dude. (4.50)

I am EXHAUSTED. Rounds Ranch left something to be desired, but that's mostly because we missed the wagon ride, and I wasn't hanging out in the sun for another hour to wait to feed the animals.

I am excited about the table and chair set I got, though. It's hand made from tin cans. I'm going to fix it up, ofcourse. Also all the dollies I got to fix up and dress and resell with some doll furniture I'm making.

(I swear, I've got about 10 projects on the go, or the wish list. I figure If I don't get to them all, there will be stuff to do in winter.)

Ok, I need hydration. Or a nap.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winter Festival Ornaments for the Shopping Diva

I've been on a folding frenzy. Itty bitty shopping bags. My original intention was just for use with dolls and dollhouses (Blythe or Barbie sort of thing) but it occured to me that these would make the CUTEST ornaments for the tree. They would also be a perfect gift for the shopping diva on your list. You know the one... the girl who loves to shop, and therefore has EVERYTHING already so is impossible to buy for. These are going to come in a decorated box for gift giving and storage. The box will have the face of a bag on the front, plus it can be personalized to suit who you are giving it to. Their name, "born to shop", or some other sassy phrase or inside joke.

Small box will have 10 ornaments: $10.00
Large box will have 30 ornaments: $25.00

You can also choose a variety of colours, or a set of uniform colours. I'll let you know what I have on hand when you inquire.

As soon as I have the whole package together I'll be listing it on etsy for you to actually SEE. Pre-ordering is always helpful, and then you'll be sure to have them in your hands for your Winter Celebration parties (which are always at the beginning of December, catching us off guard!)

Email me. I promise I won't tell your girlfriends what you got them :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

beezy beezy beezy... AAAAAAMMMMEEENNNNNN.

I have been keeping my hands busy with crafty projects this week.

*Made a hat with a knitting round, (which was promptly claimed by the littlest pixie. *Now I am working on one for the elder sister.)
Did the first layer of some paper mache heads. These will be puppet or doll heads. We have to see what they have to say about it.
*finally made the dang zucchini bread. (mmm.)
*Figured out how to fold little gift bags for my miniature listings
*Also, some little gift boxes. (these are too much fun.)
*cleaned nothing but the bare minimum required, for clean spoons and cereal bowls.

I have SO many ideas, and I get all excited and want to work on them all at once.

OOOOHHHHH YEAH. I ordered something very special from another etsy seller from Ireland for my step father for christmas (he's so hard to buy for.) yes, I am completely starting my Winter Solstice Surprises now. Because all the little prezzies will be well thought out and appropriate for the recipient. All my family already knows I'm "frugal" (although they tend to use the phrase CHEAP.) but it's more of me taking an active roll in reducing the crap grab at that time of year. If it isn't thoughtful, loving, and special, I want no part of it. I prefer a handmade something-or-other than a mass produced, over priced something-or-other.

And that is my sermon for the month. I swear. ;)


Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have NEVER EVER been so excited for school to start EVER. All the kids are in full time, and I will have Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm to MYSELF. fort he first time, in 10 years or so. It's no dang wonder I've been singing since the full moon on Friday. Somehow this sense of jiggly giggly sense of wonderment is tied in to me finishing the Tom Robbins novel I was working my way through...I'm not exactly sure how, but, Yum.

I've got a whole list of projects that are earmarked for September. A Bride of Frankenstein doll, A couple of East Coast Old Guy puppets, some other Little Scotia Ladies dolls, Hallowe'en miniature doll house doolallies, my sexy little witch painting that needs finishing, etc etc etc...Oh, and a wallet for my son.

As well as writing. I've got a massive collection of stuff that I want to put together for an anthology of sorts. Needs some attention. (My house needs some attention too, but, uh, that's not as fun is it???)

The tarot readings have been going well, and I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting. I really do need to learn to reign it in however. I've been on psychic overload for about a week now (again, since the full moon on Friday) I'm absolutely buzzing all the time. My dreams have been hilariously wacky.

Also, here we are, with 10 more days left of August, and I've got 17 tomatoe plants with at least 6 tomatoes each, that just won't go red. So, I've purchased some mason jars, and am going to pull off some of the smaller green guys to make "chow chow"... which is a special relish that we used to have all the time at Grampa's Nova Scotia dinner table. I'm pretty happy about that. Yum.

I have to go brush my teeth. They are totally distracting me. And get the pixies in bed, as I have an in person reading in about half an hour in my kitchen...and giggling pixies above my head make for a distracted Little Witch.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Tarot Readings - 1.99 for 10 minutes.

Yes, I am a tarot mama.
Once apon a time, I did tarot readings over the phone, online, and in person. I did parties and individual readings.
I took a little break for the last year, but I'm back at it again.

The company I use to read through (they are pretty much a middle man) is most suitable for my needs. They don't demand a minimum call length, and they don't demand that I log on even when I'm not feeling the reading vibe. They let me give free minutes to my callers when ever I want, they have an internal email system so we can communicate with each other, and their system is really easy to use.

I have worked on this system for YEARS. My youngest is going to be 6 this year, and I started just before she was born. I have NEVER had a problem with them having my credit card info EVER, and never gotten unwanted spammy emails.

All my calls are COMPLETELY confidential. I never discuss readings with ANYONE else. I've been a reader for 14 years, and you can ask anyone...they've NEVER heard me talk about my calls or appointments. I take what I do seriously, I respect my clients (and friends who are clients, and clients who become friends!) and have had the positive feedback to prove it.

They've got a really good special on right now for new callers... 10 minutes for $1.99. Super cool. Please click through the banner to get the new deal. (and after we use our 10 minutes, I can always send you free minutes. I also always do follow up emails.)

Once your there, you can look me up. I'm LoriGrace. And if you find another psychic there you feel you connect with more, that's ok too! You can't beat 10 minutes for under $2!

10 Minutes for $1.99

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Little Magick.

Today was a pretty exciting day!

I got my ISBN for The Purr of the Mattress! Got that put on to the back cover, likedy split Barba-Trick! Yayyyyy!
I also got word from a website that they like my writing style, and have hired me on, on a probation period. I always wanted to blog for pay. Happy Day.

Just as exciting... I actually got 3 loads of laundry washed and dried. We've had rain so many days, I haven't put anything on the clothes line in probably two weeks. And in summer, if I can't use the clothes line, I DON'T DO laundry. (It's a good thing we all have lots of undies.) I also had the Big Tall Boy mow the front and side lawns, and the girls took out the pile of recycling, walked up to hit the dollar store and bring Marc some lunch, AND I managed to make a real dinner. whew!

I started a painting today. A little witch, on an 8 x 10" canvas. It's been FOREVER since I've painted anything larger than ACEO size. I hope I can finish it! I'll post the results when she's finished.


Monday, August 11, 2008

For Halloween, I Want To Be Lenny Bruce

This is what happens when I get up at 6am, put on Metric, and start painting. (I went to their official web page, and it looked screwed. So, instead, check out their Myspace)

"For Halloween, I Want To Be Lenny Bruce"... ACEO. Ink and acrylic paint.

It reminds me of a high school project where we had to carve out and make prints. I did Jim Morrison.

There may be a Jim Morrison ACEO soon, now, too.



Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Tomatoes

Despite the wet weather, we have our first two tomatoes! From the plant my daughter brought home from school, the first tomatoes are her plum ones. Purdy!

The ones I planted are big Box Car Willie ones, they get up to a pound. They're still green, but hopefully soon they'll start turning. I have lots of little Watermelon babies starting, and the Zucchini is also getting picked tomorrow for our dinner. (Also from the Zucchini plant she brought home from school. )

Today was rainy and damp and cold. Come on summer! A little more sun and heat! The garden needs it!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Look Awaaaaay From The Dry Bread....

Yesterday, my baking attempt as a 50% success.

I made a beautiful banana bread. And a not so beautiful Challah Bread.

One of the wonderful things about banana bread is that you can buy speckled skin banana's at 25% of their regular cost. Occasionally, markets have just given their not-so-pretty bags of banana's to me for nothing. It makes the cost of the final treat minimal. And, when you call it "Banana Cake" the kids think it's a big deal. (I could go on an on about the virtues of the "yukky banana, but I digress.)

So, the banana bread was a hit. Soft, moist, yummy.
My challah bread on the other hand... not so nice.

I think the addition of 2 cups of whole wheat flour, replacing 2 cups of white, threw the whole recipe off. Generally, I "ad-lib" my bread recipes, go by feel so to speak. But, it had been some months since the "bake a loaf every day" habit, and I thought for a change I would actually READ the directions. Mistake.

It was dry. As much as I'd LIKE to throw the braided loaf out for the birds, you KNOW I'll end up putting it into a casserole dish and make some pudding. (I'm frugal with food, after all!)

I'll keep you posted about how the pudding goes.

For now, would you like butter on your banana bread?


Friday, August 8, 2008

Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah

Today... well, I showered, managed to get the Big Tall Boy to have one, and got both of the pixies in, too. That in itself somedays is some sort of miracle.

Right now the bread dough is on it's first rise. The girls and I will punch it in an hour. Then an hour after that, we'll braid it. Then an hour after that we'll bake it. I also have a peach brown betty thing to do with the "too bruised" peaches. (one little bruise, and the kids go squeamish. I bake all fruit that gets that review, into SOMEthing... Disguised so they'll eat it.)

After speaking to a former high school teacher of mine (he's a friendly face, and always good to talk to.) I have applied for an isbn for The Purr. All this time I thought it had to be paid for! A big thank you to him! Now, it sure would be nice if I could figure out how to make a proper cover... I have no photoshop or any design stuff on my computer. The image has to be a certain size, and I just can't get it. I have an image I'd like to use, and keep my font... if anyone can help???

With a little support and cheerleading from my step sister, I've purchased a USB relay drive. So, now there's no excuse to not start submitting my work to publishers and contests. Thanks for the "Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah", sista!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Books Arrived Today

My "Purr of the Mattress" copies to sell, arrived today. Yay! I've already got half of them booked as "sold"...(I already sold one... giggle. Thanks Girl!) so I might only have a few to take down to the book store. Yay!

I'm not entirely sure I should put one on my etsy store...But, hey, you never know.

This morning was HOOOOTT and muggy, and now it is Dark And Rainy! The kids and I were going to go for a walk.. I guess it's bored games instead :)

I COULD clean the house... but, naaaaaahhhhh.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Daughters of Super Dork

The girls came home from the weekend away, and the first thing they saw (among the total mess of the livingroom... my sewing machine out, material everywhere, craft bin and bags all over the place..) was my new Barbie. (Who's name is Teresa... but I'm going to change that to I-don't-know-what-yet.)

So, today, we walked up to the mall, looked through the dolls, and found them some Top Models, too. It was a HUGE production to get them out of the packages (isn't that always the way?) These girls usually get mom-refurbished Thrift Store barbies, so this was sompin-sompin.

We took some glamor shots with the newest doll bedding I made. Unfortunately, the super sassy models drowned out my bedding... hehe.

See em on etsy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Super Dork! (giggle-snort)

I am a Super Dork, and so proud. I bought myself a friggin Barbie. MINE. hehe. Equipped with new bobbins, a sewing machine cleaning kit, and a 10 pack of mens razors (yeah, me with the hair again) I got sucked into the toy department at Zellers. An arseload of toys were marked down. 40% off previously reduced items. Well, the Barbies didn't have yellow tags on them, but after checking on the little machine thingermajigger in the isle, the $29 doll told me she was a little over $7.

I now have a new doll model. The girls will be upset that they can't play with her. (have you SEEN what they do to their dolls? yikes!) She's taller than normal Barbies, so I'll have to explain in my doll house listings that my super model is going to make things look a little smaller.


And, instead of ripping her right open to PLAY, I actually opened the sewing machine cleaning kit. With the help of the sewing machine manual that came with my machine some 10 years ago, and the help of (
I took my machine apart and cleaned it for the first time ever. (I've had it serviced once before, four years ago, at T & G fabrics. Alas, the fellow who used to do that sadly passed away, and no one else in town does it anymore.) I took out an enormous amount of dust and lint (oh, for shame!) oiled all the oil-needing bits, and even figured out how to realign my damn needle... which was the ENTIRE problem I was experiencing. (I kept having stitches skip, after replacing the needle, the other night. duh.)

And yet, I'm so proud to have actually done it. It took me 15 minutes. I also can't believe I paid $7 for the kit... when my own tools here that would have worked. ugh.

Anyone need their machine cleaned and oiled?


Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday is the NEW Saturday

The pixies have gone with their father for the weekend. The big tall boy has been at his dads all week. With only the Cats and Crafts here, it feels like a Saturday.

I was looking in the mirror this morning, and wondered why I continue to torture myself in the name of hair removal. My "White Tom Selleck" gooey mustashe was making my nose run and really stinks. Is it not natural for a woman who's ancestors are a mix of Jamaican, French and Bulgarian to have a little upper lip hair? Probably. Yet, I continue to slather chemicals there, or hot wax and a rrrrrrrripping strip, and the occasional poke with the tweezers in an effort to hide the fact that I'm a hairy beast. And if i'm such a freak about my upper lip, how is it that my Gorilililila arms don't bother me hardly at all? funny that.

Made some pillows for the doll house and mini collection. Some Halloween throw pillows, and some reversible strawberry flowered ones. There are matching bedspreads on my etsy store, too.

Ok. The residual smell of "pleasant scented hair creme" is making me nauseous. I'm going to have a tea.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does This Mean I'm Going To Be Famous?

Today I got my first copy of my book in the mail. I opened it, and tried to savor the moment completely. The girls were waiting in chitter chattery anticipation, not knowing WHAT was in the box, but mummy is awfully and obviously beaming.

I read through it and felt it and pat it and smelled it and read through it again. The girls saw my pic on the back, and the littlest one said "Does this mean you're going to be famous?"... I giggled and said not likely, but it's mine and I'm happy I made it.

This also means that my copies that I'll be toting down to the Cottage Books and pleading with Bryson to carry should arrive in a few days. (I'm sure it won't be that difficult to persuade him, he's a lovely, kindred, book loving spirit. It's just sometimes I feel unsure of my mouth and it's ability to say things gracefully, and I'm afraid I'll flub my request. My fingers are SO much more sure of themselves when it comes to this "language" thing.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday's Little Dilemma.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. (It took me half the morning to figure that out today... I was CONVINCED it was Monday today.) It will be a week since the cut off date the library set for applications.

Has anyone heard anything yet? It's one of those you-aren't-contacted-unless-we-want-an-interview... and do-not-call-please...

One of the librarians said to Marc that there were over 200 applicants.. and so... I'm searching the job bank once again.


To keep my hands (and therefore, my mind) busy, the girls and I made some mini's yesterday out of clay. (real clay. The wet, air dry type. Veeeery messy, but soooo worth it.) I made apples, oranges, peaches, bananas and a watermelon. I made challah bread and pumpernickle bread and french bread, and cinnamon buns and cookies. All are almost dry today, and ready to paint. And then, I list them and hope for the best.

I listed some small "j-cloth" type cloths today. It was fun, and they are so cute. A nice miniature doll house touch, I think. (Doesn't the Ken doll sort of look like that strange dude on the commercial for those cloths that suck up lots of liquid?? He's Cool for Cats in that jacket...Swears on Hows-Your-Father... hehe.)

I also bought some hallowe'en printed fabric the other day at Fabricland. I want to make a Raggedy Ann dress with it. Maybe a comforter or some pillows (miniature, of course.)

I need a proper work space. Right now, all of my craft supplies live in various inconveinient spots in the living room and kitchen. The basement is the only logical space.. but I HATE the basement. There's no WINDOWS. And it's DARK. And COLD. But, if I ever want my sewing machine to have a permanent home, that will have to be IT.

I've got SO many ideas for things that I can't start on, because they are involved and need the space to stay out for days while I work on know?

I'm sure there a a dozen other crafters in the same spot. What do you all do to solve the small space dilemma????


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Non Stop Vinyl Cafe.

All day with no kids, no hunny, and no interruptions. It was non-stop vinyl action. LOUD.

I listened to (in no particular order):

Blondie, "Eat to the Beat" and "Parallell lines"...
The Vapors, "Clear New Days",
Talking Heads, "Speaking in Tongues",
The Cars, "The Cars",
Thomas Dolby, "Blinded by Science",
Squeeze, "Singles",
Pretty In Pink Soundtrack,
David Bowie, "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust",
and a Uriah Heep album I can't remember the title of.

OVER AND OVER AND OVER again (because my creepy vintage record-player-in-a-cabinet has ghosts, I think. Randomly plays over again, only sometimes though.) And I was so happy!

I did a few new paintings, finally finished my Rockabilly Raggedy Ann's undies and listed her (even though I haven't painted her eyes on yet...) Listed a few paintings, and some frames to sell as supplies.

What I did NOT do this weekend, however, was clean anything. My house is in an EMBARRASING state. seriously. I managed to run the dishwasher today between jumping up to change the record, painting, and peeing, ... but I haven't done much else.

Marc will be home soon to collect me and get busy doing some Saturday Bizniz... So, I gotta wake up out of my artist fog, and get beeeeautiful.


Friday, July 25, 2008

That's a DAM good mini!

So, being 5-foot-nothing, with the nickname "Little Lori", and a store called "Little Scotia", does it not seem natural that I should gravitate more and more into the world of miniatures? (This is my reasoning behind something that is quickly turning into a bit of an obsession...)

There are some amazing artists out there doing some CRAZY stuff in miniature. You look at the pics, and you think you are seeing full sized items.. THAT'S how good they are.

My first "blog fav" in the new DAM blog... (DAM.. now I've got Sophie B. stuck in my head.. YOU know the song...)

(hey, can you see my money line there??? How's it looking?? hehe)

If you are regularly reading the Little Scotia blog, and have added ME to your fav list... shoot me a message so I can add you to ours too.

And on that note, the day begins!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sure For The First Time I'm Wearing The Right Clothes

Stripped myself naked with a Mental Health Clinician today. (with a B.A, my luvs) Bore all, with my sense of humour to lessen the pull of tears. (That is my way. I know this about myself.)

"Oh, the enigmatic puzzle that is Lori Petroff." he said, after 2 hours of questions, answers, talking, and tests... He said it with a chuckle and I took it as a compliment. I came out feeling way better than I went in. Sure of myself.

Felt one hell of a lot better after being told he wouldn't change a thing about me. I was also paid a compliment in regards to how I view my mood changes as having balance. How I feel that someone who has such incredible highs MUST be balanced out by incredible lows, and that I understand it completely when I'm at one end or the other. There was alot said. Mainly, I do not need drugs, I am not in need of a psychiatrist, I don't have any personality disorders, and there are no underlying things from my past that I need deep therapy for (because I've handled it well and have it in its' place.) Just a little talk therapy to learn to communicate when I am emotional. He remarked, how can a person such as myself not be a little emotional and dramatic? A writer, and artist, a mother, the compass of this family.

I know myself.

I thought so.

One most awesome thing was just the talking about my past... and what a damn good story it's going to make when I'm old, and can add a few chapters to the current ones.


I sold a little painting today on etsy. That was fun! Painted about 3 more.

Tonight, I think I'll quilt.

And maybe Eat Cake!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blame it on the Breeze

Time stands still today.

I'm still working on the incredible mini quilt. I think I'll have it done in a few days. I purchased some great fabric for some more quilts, and some Raggedy Ann dresses.

I have a painting I have to get to. (a miniature also.)

I cleaned off the kitchen table and took out the leaf. Marc's theory is, if there's less area for me to cover with stuff, there will be less stuff hanging around... right??? My thoughts are with him today.

I'm all chuffed up about publishing my book of poetry.

Thoughts are random.

My dreams haunt me.

Today time stands still.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Purr of the Mattress

I've been working on this chapbook for what feels like a long long time. Every time I would re-read, my heart would quicken... Is it ready yet? Is it perfect yet?

Well, very much like the experiences that shaped the books creation, there will probably be some imperfection within. This poet takes certain liberties with words. (and usually those words leave blushing and happy to visit again.)

I'll be ordering some extra to put in the local book store, to list on etsy as signed copies, and ofcourse for my own bookshelf.

I felt a little naked and vulnerable when I finished the publishing process... I mean, these are my own personal experiences I've just put out there! I've become accustomed to the idea that I am a hermit and anti social. But, I had to share the words.

Because, if a writer writes in Cottage Country, and nobody reads it, is the writer a writer after all?

My book is available to order... look to the right margin. Hard Copy or download.

Don't forget to leave a review after you read it.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


The things I do for money... I swear.

Today I did a "contract" job. $60 to stand outside of PartSource for 3 hours and ask people questions they don't want to be asked, about customer service. Really, being who I am, it took all that was in me to not take it personally when people wanted no part of it. BUT, I've BEEN the person who wanted no part of it as many times as I've been the person who happily did the survey (and there were a few of those, too.) Mostly, I was just hoping I'd get enough people within the three hours to make it a viable submission. I bucked up and put a smile on, swept my social disfunctions aside and completed the job.

Jumped right out of myself, tried on someone else's personality for a bit, and completed it.

Tomorrow, I'm doing the same thing outside of Canadian Tire Gas Bar. That should be fun.


I've been feeling spacey, all in tune with nature and my dreams and listening to the secret psychic messages...and then, over chinese food at the food court, the question "Have you been taking your suppliments lately???" is posed. And I thought, no.. I have not been.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? My stomach has been very very upset the last couple of mornings, and I can't bear to think about putting anything in it at all until sometime later. By then, my morning routine of popping pills has past, and I get on with my day. I take iron suppliment (a natural, non constipating type... cause, YOU KNOW.... ) I was taking a "one a day for women"... and a suppliment called "Eight"... which was the Health and Bulk Food's solution to "apparently people around me think I'm cranky and crazy about two days before my period." This little number contains white willow bark, hops flowers, wood betony herb, passion flower herb, ginger root, chamomile flowers, capsicum fruit and schizandra fruit. (Yes, I had to get the bottle out to remember all the ingredients. )

So, this Eight is all about MELLOW and RELAX and FOCUS. But, is it getting in the way of my Spidey Senses? Is it making me numb? Is the whole painful stomach actually more a symptom of NOT taking all that mellowing herb into my guts every morning??

Umm... where was I going with this again?(just kidding.)

But what's the trade off? I get my dreams and astral travel back and be the emotional person I know I am? Or take the suppliment and be stoned silent on hops and camomile?

All together, no matter how you slice it... It's ALL Too Much Information. And the lesson of this blog is, be nice to the survey lady. She might be on a mission from Gawd.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's A Lot Like You (The Dangerous Type.)

Damn Miniatures. I'm doing a 1/12 scale quilt from some vintage material my stepmother gave me. (at one point a few years ago, she cleaned out her basement and hidey corners of a hellofalotta vintage gear. TREASURE! I've had them in MY basement ever since,and go through them when I'm inspired.) Pillows and all. (I'm drawing the line at a fitted sheet.... for now.)

This is the little number so far. A hundred million little stitches. This is why non-mini loving people think that mini-loving people are dangerously obsessed. I'm friggin hooked. (uh. I've been assimilated. hahahah.) I am going to have to invest in a leather thimble, though.


We went to the beach the day before yesterday. Completely lost track of time, ended up there for about three and a half hours. We would have stayed longer if we had brought real food. (Iced tea, water, grapes, crackers and cheese don't qualify.) You can watch the sun set over the water, if you're patient enough, don't bring the kids, and have some blush wine to sip on. The private beach we go to, goes for ages and ages, without anyone around. Fantastic.

I took some crocheting, and didn't take it out of the bag once. It was gorgeous. This is why I love to live here. Winters suck a$$, but it's SO worth it in the summer time.

Back to it!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Stalking Alchemy

Last night and this morning I began work on some EXTREME miniature paintings. I've been stalking the Alchemy at Etsy, and there was a woman looking for mini art. So, I've come up with some fun stuff. The only problem I'm having is actually getting GOOD pics of them! I may have to scan to get all the details the way I want to see them. These ones are copies of the large pieces that Marc and I have on our walls (Marc is the artist.) They are too much fun, although they take longer to finish then you would imagine!

I ate an entire 65g chocolate bar while listing stuff this morning. Ugh. (It was good in the moment...mmmmm. Now, I think I need some water or something.)

It's 2pm. I'm still in PJ's.

I'm good with that.


Oh, my tomato plants are finally getting tomato "babies"... It's another overcast day. I sure do hope we get some regular sun over this summer, or my garden is gonna STINK. My tomato plants are more leaf and stalk than anything else. Yesterday's weather was mostly good. I got 4 loads of laundry washed and lined dried over the course of the day. Now, if we can just have those days steadily, it'll feel like summer before fall gets here!

Back to painting.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Auto Start. Push to Begin.

Cabbage Patch Figurines listed on Etsy today. I squealed when Marc and I found them!

Yesterday was a family party. My Uncle and Cousin from Nova Scotia, Aunts and Uncles from Toronto, and Cousin from "almost moving to near Oshawa" came. (sorry Heather, I can't remember where you are now, just where you're going...) It was FREEEKIN AWESOME.

It was pretty laid back, and my beloved arrived right after work which was gooood. (It was the first time he's met them - Poor guy, getting ki-boshed all at once.) It left me with a nice sense of belonging and bonding...I hermit up a lot, deeper and deeper into myself and my house, way past the point of reason sometimes.

This morning I woke with a renewed sense of energy. Before the goober was even out of my eyes, I had the fabric markers out and was carefully putting my Rockabilly Raggedy's eyes in place. I put her little almost-finished dress on her, and today I'm going to finish her little "pantaloons" (Is that a word you can pluralize? Not sure, but I'm using my poetic license on that one, folks.) I feel kick-started back into myself.

I watered the tomatoes, strawberries and herbs, put a load of laundry on (first sheets, then towels) and it's a perfect clothes line day today.

There is a quiet excited energy in the house and in our yard today. It beams down from the sun and soaks into the ground at our Little Scotia. I'm soaking it up too. (At about 2am, the truck started on it's own last night. The truck is parked outside our window, and there was no one around. Not sure if the auto starter is fritzing out, but my half asleep self chalked it up to some extra energy buzzing around the two of us and our home. Although it completely wigged me out last night, this morning I'm satisfied with the confirmation.)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Extreme Frugal Lori - Doesn't go anywhere near a theatre near you, cause it costs money.

Big Weird Changes at Little Scotia.

I am no longer doing daycare. Daycare lady no more... Too small a space, too many kids, too much stress. This leaves me with my creative force and optimism to make money.

I've been facing the last few days (my first ones without the daycare kids) in a bit of a haze. A "what do I do with myself" haze. The kids paid the bills, allowed me to stash some cash for the house I've been dreaming of since I was 19, and filled my days.

Of course, there's my crafting. It keeps my hands busy, makes me feel creative. There's my writing. Realistically, I know that if I ever actually get more than my collection of poetry down, it will still be years before seeing any pay off from that. (If I were more organized, I'm sure I could get a magazine article or two here and there... but I'm not. I'm a flipping mess.)

The plan was in September to get an out-of-the-house job, and that was mainly because I thought I had one lined up. Management, good money, worth the time and effort. I'm pretty sure that has lost it's momentum. (I haven't given up completely on it yet... we'll see what happens in September.) Until I figure something out, it's back to Extreme Frugal Lori.

(In that deep, gravelly theatre-dude voice, you hear:)

Meet Extreme Frugal Lori. She bakes from scratch, because it's cheaper, she monitors what every one is eating and when. She's crazy about turning off lights and unplugging appliances, and never ever dines out. Extreme Frugal Lori's hobbies include reading books and borrowing movies from the Midland Public library, taking the children on aimless walks, reselling every thing and anything she can get her hands on to make a buck, praying for guidance and calm, and cancelling the cable. Subscribe to Extreme Frugal Lori's blog to get Extreme updates on the wacky shit she's doing for a dollar today, and make sure to stop by her etsy shop. The Landlord will thank you.

Yeah. Good times.

I got a couple of 3 hour tours for next weekend, from a shopping site I have worked for in the past. I'll be standing outside of businesses taking survey answers. Saturday and Sunday will be $60 days each. That's a bonus. The pay doesn't actually come in until next month, but whateva...

I've also been thinking about dusting off my tarot cards. I'm not completely convinced yet that that's what I should do. It's been so long, (2 Years.) that I'm feeling hesitant. It was fun work but also hard work. It takes a lot out of a person to do it. Yep, I see stuff and sometimes hear stuff and feel stuff and dream stuff. The Goddess works in cycles, and I've got to listen. If you have a talent, it should be used for good and light things. Nothin to be afraid of, folks. We all dream, after all.

Ok, the pixies need to be tucked into bed, and I've got a Rockabilly Raggedy Ann that needs her dress finished.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Save the Bunnies!!!

This morning Marc and I saved a wild bunny.

We saved it from the evil clutches of our most cuddliest cat. She was decidedly uncuddly chasing this poor, palm sized baby around the yard. Poor thing was scared silly.

We put him in one of the old milk crates kicking around here (read: Little Scotia Lawn Chairs) lined it with a quilt hand made for me by my step-mom when I was 10. (The carrot slices and cleaned out chip dip container (read: Little Scotia Tupperware) with water were my sorry contributions to saving baby bunny.

OSPCA took him in for some TLC. (I wanted to love him and hug him and call him George. Marc didn't think my version of TLC was entirely appropriate. C'est La Vie.)


Actually got a few new things on to today. An ipod cozy with clip, sporting a Volkswagon Beetle Button among other things.

Put together a Featured run that actually made sense when it was all lined up together. Thanks, Subconscious!


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin.... saywah? huh?

This gorgeous double rainbow appeared yesterday evening, while Marc and I were hanging out in the gazebo.

So, yeah. Usually Celebrity deaths mean a whole lotta nuthin to me. But, George Carlin? Really? He's one of those guys you'd figure would live FOREVER. He had his perspective in place. He never-minded the bollocks. (Sort of interesting to think on his perspective of death. That, that was that, and don't expect angels to come-a-callin', cause it was all bullshit.) Wouldn't it be the ultimate punchline if he actually FOUND himself at some pearly gates? Yeah, now THAT would be an insane idea for a film... (THE IDEA IS MINE! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!)

Other than that, I've just finished destroying my basement, while pulling out STUFF that's not needed down there. (2 extra kitchen tables, a bitchin' heavy card table, miscellaneous chairs, a couple of area rugs that disagree with my alleriges.... there's still a dresser down there that I want out... I just can't do it by myself. ) Now, I gotta clean down there. I'm gonna need a few garbage bags. I've got 3 giant boxes filled with styrofoam doolallies for shipping (when I was doing alot of shipping on ebay.) None of my etsy items are fragile and don't need the pellets (PELLETS! THAT'S THE WORD!) I counted 4 totes of material... there may be one or two more hiding. I should go through that, too.

GUESS WHAT? It's dinner tiiiime!
(do do do do
do do
do do
can't touch this..


sugar low. Whaddaya want.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today was THE DAY. It's always a big hullaballo getting prepped for these things, and then BAM... it's over.

I brought a little bit of everything, and sold a little bit of everything. Now is the part where I get to go through the bins that came home, and sort them out. There are some things left that I made specifically for this sale that didn't go, so I'll be taking pics sometime today (when I rehydrate, and maybe do a little gardening.) Oh, and clip my nails.

I broke a nail right at the end of the show. Which is sort of funny, because I grow them purdy maybe twice a year. The grand opening of Marc's work was about 10 days ago. I polished them and everything. They've been driving me bonkers the last 2 days... so, this nail bustage is a little cosmic poke.

I put the strawberries in the ground (finally) and a few other mystery flowers in the front box. (the seedlings were all nice and labelled when we began this mess in March. I think I may have planted Scottish Bluebells, but who can be sure?) Also, I need to find a good bunch of places for all of the Morning Glories that came up. (I'm not sure I have enough sunny spots!)

My house is a mess. 2 or 3 evenings of intense getting-ready has left our Little Scotia a bit of a Little Write-Off.

Some pics of my packed display. (I had more stuff than I realized.)


Friday, June 20, 2008

etsy-head to dinner-head in 3 easy steps.

There's a lot of crap in my basement.

I'm getting my gear together for the sale tomorrow, and the deeper I dig, the more I find. Some stuff I forgot about, that I want to put on etsy. Some stuff that is just plain embarrasing (a few knitted purses from my first knitting attempts. They are all crooked and screwy lookin'.) Oh, and alot of dust. My lungs are not happy with me, and the sneezing isn't cute anymore. (I was also going through the bins of material I have down there... tomorrow, I sew! I swear it!

I was just on etsy chat, taking a little break from the ready-getting. Making the transition from etsy-head to dinner-head. (It's Friday... should we do pizza and a movie??? yeah, it's 5:22pm, I have a bowl full of left over stew, half a bbq'd steak, and home made fruit salad in the fridge. (as well as 5 bricks of cheese, a couple of eggs, carrots and lettuce.) Did I mention the counter full of dishes I'll have to do to make room to prepare a dinner? Yeah.... I think it's pizza night..

(I've noticed my blogs lately all mention FOOD. I'm not food obsessed. It just always seems to be right before dinner time when I write. )

I sold a "Copping A Feel" print today. It's a really cute one. I framed one up to take to the sale with me. The woman I sold it to is going to put it in her kitchen (appropriate.) The nice thing about ACEO's is that you can rotate them so easily in the same frame. So, there's always new art on the wall. I like changing mine seasonally.

Ok. Time to double check I've got everything I need for the sale, and call the pizza place.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

When The Appliances Start Talking, It's Time To Eat.

Impatiently waiting for the Crock Pot to do its thang. It's hissing at me. I must resist the urge to open it until 6:30...

Finishing up some loose ends for the Mom to Mom sale. I still have ACEO's to get ready, and some cards to put together. (I'm having a fly-by-the-seat-of-ma-pants sort of time with it. It'll all work out... as long as I don't forget the float!)

I'm taking my entire current inventory from etsy (plus all the new stuff I've been working on that I haven't bothered to take pics and list, incase they sell.) the COOL thing is that Sunday, I'll be spending the day taking pics of the new stuff and making the store beeeeeautiful with new goodies.

OOooohhh, I bought a pattern at Fabricland that I've been dying to get into. Stuffed animals, that I'll put a Little Scotia spin on. Right after I get the tote bag started and finished for a friend's request. My sewing machine has been sitting on the kitchen floor for a few days. If it had eyes, it would be giving me the big round wet weepy ones. And a pouty lip.

"Why don't you love me? Don't you wanna play?" It would say to me.
"Ofcourse I want to play, sweetie. I love you so much, I can't bear to put you away, and that's why you're on the kitchen floor. We'll play on Sunday, ok??" I would reply.

(I'm either having a sugar high from a scarfed chocolate, or I REALLY need to eat something. Or, I could blame the Crock Pot. It talks too....)

Yeah. Good times. :)