Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Deal is a DEAL!

I've been on a craft frenzy. I got a NEW sewing machine, and purchased probably $150 worth of craft supplies and second hand books. I"ve moved my craft desk up to a sunny spot, and getting it all organized.

I've got some pieces at a few different places locally (Inner Bliss and Karma Marketplace) and I have just a tonne of little things to put online... If only the rain would stop! I take all of my pics on the front step, and Sunday is "picture taking" day, and the last few Sundays have been RAINY.

This is all about the "Trusting in the Universe" thing, I'm SURE. So, I'm carrying on with making new items until "picture day" presents itself.

I'm having ALOT of fun with it. Vintage Witch is almost ready to go (again, waiting for picture day) And from there... who knows! All I know is that when I think of my crafty businesses, I feel SUCH excitement and joy.

I have SO much material to work with, I shouldn't have to go shopping for a very long long time.

However, a deal is a deal......