Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Loaves Inspire the Soul

So, today is all about the little breads. Orange Spice Loaf (a Watkins package), Apple Spice Loaf (also, a Watkins package.) and Banana Loaf (completely home made).

The little loaves are part of everyone's prezzies tomorrow (We're seeing everyone tomorrow, and I wanted them to have the option of freezing them... so I couldn't make them and freeze them myself.)

Making the little loaves leave me thinking about summer time and the Farmers Markets, and what I plan on doing with them this year. And about Planning to Plan... I have a quiet little goal that I"m working towards, that will ultimately continue our happily ever after path. Funny, how a simple thing like baking Little Loaves can uplift one's energy.

Seeing the Sun today doesn't hurt either.

Which reminds me, the pixies and I have some Yule Log we must put a dent in. (They went to bed around 9 on Winter Solstice...which FELT like "up all night" to all of us...)

Happy happy joy joy to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Viking Dad gives Vintage Witch some Solstice Advice... (need a giggle? hehe)

Viking Dad is a new series by some people I adore...

I got a little advice from the "Ask Viking Dad" crew on what to get my boyfriend for Winter Solstice.. hehe. Check it out..

Viking Dad

Enjoy! If you want Viking Dad to answer any of your questions, join the Facebook group. Tell your friends!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Non Stop Creative Weekend (Podge, Parte Deux)

This weekend I've finished a crazy amount of dollhouse furniture. Thanks to the podge. I HAD been using a water based varnish on these little pieces, which was very smelly, very messy, and took forever to dry (which meant I needed a place to leave them to sit for 24 hours, safe from cats and kids.) Needless to say, the time required left many many pieces untouched or unfinished.

I dug out some little rub-on decals that I had hidden in the dresser-of-craft, and embellished some of the cute little pieces. This piece above is finished with a paper backing on the back wall of the shelving. It looks SWEET.

All my pics were taken before I painted the little knobs and feet, and before the mirrors were added. I've also got a few little mirrored vanities that are drying, as I type, and some beds.

I'm hoping that there will be some sun out tomorrow, so I can get some decent pics of the finished pieces.

I DID however get some pics for the little crocheted doilies, and they are on etsy right now.

Podge covers the acrylic paint and decals so nicely, and doesn't muddy up the images, either.

I've been considering selling the bases for these little pieces, plus mirrors and decals as a kit. Do you think it would be worth it? And what would you price them at, in comparison to the finished product? I think I'll have to flit around etsy and find out...


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Old Box, New Box. How to Jewellery Box with Paper and Podge.

Boxes for Yule... funny story, before you see the pics. I had been working on them secretly for a while, hiding them before pixies arrive home from school. Yesterday, during the day, I left them on the table to dry - and played some online game while they were drying. While playing the game, I looked at the time, realized it was time to get pixies, got ready and LEFT.

While at the school, I remembered they were on the table... So, longish story short...The pixies think I'm making them for ETSY. (They're used to seeing me working on etsy stuff all the time.) So, yay to etsy for saving Yule. hehe.

Here are some pics of the old nasty jewellery boxes that I've revamped and made GORGEOUS. I have a new found appreciation for PODGE. (I didn't buy Mod Podge by name - just some generic stuff from Minds Alive, a local store that specializes in toys and crafts and books, etc, for kids.) These jewellery boxes were those nasty orange-brown, probably from the 80's, that I saved from the thrift store. Nothing wrong with them that I couldn't fix, inside or out!

I did them both at the same time - while paint dried on one, I worked on the other. Same with the paper and the podge. (Podge can be finiky. ) to do both of them, I'm guessing I worked about 20 hours total. (sanding, layers and layers of paint, etc.)

This box is actually a tan colour, but with no sun out this morning to help me take my pics, I'm stuck with the light in my kitchen that makes EVERYTHING look yellow.

What you need:

Old jewellery box!
Podge (Glossy)
Scrap booking paper (not cardstock, but not cheap thin paper either.)

A light sand of whatever finish the nasty jewellery box has on it, will help adhere paint and papers.

I had to do many layers of paint to cover the dark colour of the jewellery box. I also hand painted everything, to make sure I didnt' make a mess. I did not paint the surfaces that I knew I was going to paper. Let the paint dry between coats. (I just used acrylics.)

Podge the painted surfaces! Be sure to put your brush in water immediately. Podge dries quickly, and it'll take forever for you to clean a dried brush.

The paper application was tricky. You can cut out the shape of the paper beforehand, or trim off the excess after, with a craft knife. Either way, you've got to be fast with the podge. Apply the podge evenly, and somewhat thinly. Press your paper on, starting at one end, moving to the other, to cut down on bubbles. (If there's too much podge, it will bubble, too.) On the big flat surfaces, I used my heavy duty marble rolling pin to help press down. IF your paper bubbles or curves at the edges, get your brush in under there with a bit of podge, and use your clean fingers to press it down.

Give the layer underneath half an hour to dry completely. Lightly sand the edges of the papers. Then, put an even layer of podge on top of the paper, being sure to be gentle with edges but cover all of them.


Be sure to let every layer you do dry completely before moving on to the next step. To see Podge in action, take a look at this video. (I found it helpful.)

Podge Video

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lookin for a Good Crystal.

I went down to Inner Bliss today with Pixie-the-Elder. I love going down there, just to bounce ideas and thoughts around with Rhonda. She's got a lovely calm energy that I just don't seem to feel I possess lately. I mean, I guess I do in moments. Today didn't feel like it, though. The healing energy in there always leaves me feeling like "I should really make time to do some inner work." Soon.. SOOOOON!

I know I need a new crystal. (I say new, as if I have one right now... I don't. My semi precious stone collection has long since dissapeared. Probably the pixies. They like pretty stones, too.) The dream time is fast approaching, and I need one. Unpolished. I just didn't have time to really look and consider today.

I also am thinking it's time to begin studies in earnest with the pixies. They are old enough. And it's not like we'd start with anything esoteric or anything... just a better understanding of the year wheel and festivals etc. I'll have to see if there is any good kid curriculum for such things.

Can't wait until I can share some pics of all the goodies I'm making (and madly trying to finish.)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How is YOUR handmade gift making going???

Have you ever started a handmade project, and half way through thought "What was I thinking?"
I'm currently struggling with some little goodies that are earmarked for Yule/Christmas gifties for my family. There are quite a few of these little THINGIES (I can't even tell you what they are, or I'll ruin the surprise for my family.)

They are fussy little things, that are taking an AWFULLY long time for me to get through. They were supposed to be easier than this. The pattern and directions SEEMED easy enough.

I've already got them half finished, and so I CAN'T stop now. And it's a bit late in the game to be rethinking gifties. And I HATE the idea of all these... THINGS... being left undone, in the bottom of my craft bins.

So, I'm going to plod on with them. And hope the reaction is "Wow, these are awesome!" Rather than "Oh, gee.... thanks..."

I can't even take pics for you to see... but, to my family... remember : "Wow, these are AWESOME!" hehe

How is your handmade gift making going?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafters Choice, 3 books for 3 bucks. Cool.

It's the time of year where I madly go through my crafting books looking for quick, last minute ideas. I was realizing how many of these came from the Crafters Choice Book Club. (You know, with the swingin' deal when you sign up, then the sales that keep you hooked?)

I've already done quite a few projects from these books over this year, and I'm REALLY looking forward to January and February, because they really ARE condensed crafting time for me. I'll list the creations on etsy, until the weather gets nicer, then sell them at market or on consignment at local shops.

If you want to have a peek at their deals, or pick up a new craft to get you through winter, Find books on beading, sewing, knitting, and more! Get 3 Fabulous Crafting Books for only $3! !

This is for the Canadian Version of the Crafting Book Club. I'm sure there'll be a link to the U.S. one there, though.

I'm pretty sure the deal is you only have to buy one or two books at their club prices, and then you can cancel. 5 books of crafts is enough to keep ANYONE busy till spring!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Life of Anne Rice

Stumbling around snippets of
the life of Anne Rice
I'm surprised at how saddened and
pulled by emotion I am
In front of this cold clackety clack
keyboard and screen.

His image saved forever in
faded browns and creams
His voice as crisp, young, persistant
in my ears as if mine were hers though
She reminded me this week of
The anniversary of his death.

My eyes and heart drink in these digital
moments and it strikes me that they
Should belong to her alone.
His voice in my ears as if mine were hers,
Drink in every drop and my heart
hurts with the words of her Stan.

Written by Lori Petroff, after stumbling across footage of Stan Rice reading poetry.


Our First Snowday! Busses are cancelled, and that means stay in jammies day!

Yep, we're in walking distance of the school, BUT... Snowdays are for baking and staying warm and playing in the snowdrifts before coming in to drink hot chocolate! So, here we are!

There's a special magic in the air, and I fully intend to harness it for GOOD.

There's a list of crafts I NEED to get to! I think I have the brain space to do it today :) If I can manage to stay away from browsing on etsy, and all the blogs I've recently found. ehhe.

I haven't even got a pic yet to stick here... But, I will! Snowdays are productive days! :0)

What are you doing today?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fairies, Owls, and a Sassy Pin Up Mannequin.

Crazy photo day! I'm home with a sick pixie today, and home remedy-ing the heck out of her. This also means I'm having a home-day... and guess what I got into? More cards! Using my coloured sheet (that I've got on etsy.)

The celtic owl one, I'm particularly proud of. With textures cardstock, I created a tree branch. Using my NEW (yummy) gel pens, I made little snow circles on the branches and the owl's feathers.

The whole "get the cam out" started with me wanting to take a pic of the manniquin MOSTLY dressed. While cleaning, I found a half made apron (I started it in summer.) I never attached a button and loop at the neck, so it's safety pinned on. I also never stitched the belt on.. It's hanging on with a loop in the back. She's pretty sassy now... plus, she's covering up the UGLY off yellow door bell box.

It's been a fun day. Now, I have to clean it up.

Tomorrow, it's dismantle a table to go to the dump, find a place to put all the STUFF that currently lives on the table, and do a pile of running around.

Obviously, I'm going to need a LOT more chocolate.


Waldorf Man and a Question for Etsians...

A new little man! He stands 5" tall (which would make him a small boy for a 1:6 scale, a 5 foot tall dude for a 1:12 scale, and a GIANT for a 1:24 scale dollhouse.)

I was going to finish him off with face etc, like the "Grim reapers day off." and the victorian ladies... but a girlfriend of mine suggested I leave him just as he was. And the more he sat with everyone on the shelf, the more he grew on me, just as he is.

I listed him on etsy this morning.

Although, I'm thinking Friday will be the last day to ship out for Yule and Christmas delivery.

So, take a peek at the store. Many items from the store together will qualify for reduced shipping (I can refund through PayPal.)

I'm thinking of putting the store on holiday after Friday. For those of you who have an etsy store, do YOU close it down during the holidays?


Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Yuletide Greeting Card PICTURES.

Look! I had to post some cards I made with my own art. I printed them off on cardstock, because I knew I was going to want to use them raised, BUT they could be printed out on paper too. When I go to the printers, I always ask that they print my work photo quality, and usually on a matte paper, but you can get some nice results on glossy, too.

These cards will be available at Inner Bliss for purchase, or contact me if you are long distance and interested in having them mailed to you. OR, you can visit my etsy store and purchase the sheet of images and make some yourself! I email the digital file to you, and you can have it printed right away at home, or take it to a printers.

What do you think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Celtic Fun and Fairies For Scrapbooks and Cards!

I spent the day colouring. Here was my thought process:

I've spent the last WEEK drooling over these fancy handmade cards featuring (generally) stamps of cute little kids etc, that the artist will colour in. Then I thought, why in the heck would I buy stamps when I can DRAW? So, I did a page full of drawings. And as I'm drawing, I"m thinking "I should get this photocopied, so I can use them again and again."

Initially, Iwas thinking I would colour them in each time for each card, and then my arm got sore today COLOURING. And I realized how LONG it was taking to colour. And then thought "Why don't I photocopy the coloured page?"...

So, now I have a page fully coloured, that I can cut out the figure again and again for use on these cards that I'm making... THEN I thought.. "Why don't I put this on etsy, and sell the image, so OTHERS can use them in their card making or scrapbooking too?

Now, I'm thinking I might colour a sheet once a week. You know, around all the cardmaking I"m doing :)

In other news, my handmade cards, as well as my scrabble and glass tile pendants, and some paintings are in a local shoppe called Inner Bliss. I went down today with a pile of new stuff, and had a wonderful time absorbing and healing in the fantastic energy of the shop, and chatting with Rhonda.

Today has lasted FOREVER, in the best way.

Happy Friday! Dont' forget to check out my etsy shoppe with the images for scrap booking!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pagan Yule Cards.

More Cards! With a Pagan-Twist, ofcourse.

The pictures on them are little ACEO's that I made last year. I was looking at the stamp pictures that some of these ladies are using, and thought "Why in the world would I buy those when I can draw?" And then stumbled apon the ACEO's while getting paper out of the craft dresser.

It makes me happy that my cards are truly UNIQUE, because no one else will have these images.

My plan was to head down to Inner Bliss (Midland Ave, Midland Ontario) with these, and a pile of other items for consignment... but the weather isn't luring me out to walk (with a container of jewellery, these cards, and canvasses...) So, I've arranged a play date with a friend of mine down the road. I'm bringing my scrapping stuff and she's gonna get her stuff out, and there will be MORE cards.. ehhehe...

This is addicting. I understand it now!

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In An Effort to Make More Money on Crafts Than I Spend (is it possible?)

So, last night SOMEHOW I ended up on some blogs where some lovely ladies were making CARDS using stamps and ink and sparkles and all sorts of yummy goodness. My brain almost exploded with the possibilities, and the desire to create. And the momentary impulse to buy an entire kit just to learn how to do it...

This is NOT the month to start a brand new craft, and folks, I have a wall-o-craft that has enough goodies in it to make many many projects...ALSO, after a before-bed budget scribble for December, It is clear that I need to MAKE more money then I spend this month, in order to pay off the dentist AND have a few gifties under the tree.

So, I started messing around with what I've already got on hand today. And on hand means more like "piled up and stashed." The dresser is full. The boxes are overflowing. There are a tonne of wood projects ready to be finished. And just look at my poor nekkid mannequin... You'd think I could take a moment to sew up an apron or something....
But, I knew I had a handful of plain green cards and envelopes. Got out the stampers, some decorative paper from last year, cheapie ribbon, pencil crayons, and designed a few (all the while singing VERY loudly all by myself in the kitchen.) I'm pretty pleased with the results, for a first go, and a bit of time floating around blogs and youtube looking at tutorials... however....

The incredible mess I made going through my stuff, fiddling and finding new stuff, will probably take an hour to clean up.... I wish I had a ROOM so I could just leave this stuff until I'm finished with a project. Alas, dinner demands the dinner table!