Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fairies, Owls, and a Sassy Pin Up Mannequin.

Crazy photo day! I'm home with a sick pixie today, and home remedy-ing the heck out of her. This also means I'm having a home-day... and guess what I got into? More cards! Using my coloured sheet (that I've got on etsy.)

The celtic owl one, I'm particularly proud of. With textures cardstock, I created a tree branch. Using my NEW (yummy) gel pens, I made little snow circles on the branches and the owl's feathers.

The whole "get the cam out" started with me wanting to take a pic of the manniquin MOSTLY dressed. While cleaning, I found a half made apron (I started it in summer.) I never attached a button and loop at the neck, so it's safety pinned on. I also never stitched the belt on.. It's hanging on with a loop in the back. She's pretty sassy now... plus, she's covering up the UGLY off yellow door bell box.

It's been a fun day. Now, I have to clean it up.

Tomorrow, it's dismantle a table to go to the dump, find a place to put all the STUFF that currently lives on the table, and do a pile of running around.

Obviously, I'm going to need a LOT more chocolate.


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