Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm ready for Dec 2.

A quick note to give you the heads up!

TUESDAY, Dec 2, I will be taking Tarot Reading phone calls for a few hours. (from 12pm to about 2pm EST) sooooo.... if you want to get in on the deal-e-o...

Click through my little purple Keen banner, down to the right...
Scroll to the bottom of that page, and click Site Map.
From there, you can REGISTER for a keen account. (this is where I do all of my phone readings. I can send you free minutes, plus if you are new, you'll get a few free minutes from Keen. Between the minutes I can send you and the minutes from keen, I can get a whole reading out for you for free.)

I'm sure I've said it before, but I've been using keen for a long long time to do my readings. I like it because it keeps your info and my info private.

If you want more info, check me out at

Good Vibes for December 2nd!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

When ELSE would I get to say VAGINA and DIAPHRAGM in my blog title???

So, whaaaa's happanin?

I've shifted my artistic efforts from "making for sale" to "making for keeps"... getting the families Yule surprises together, and hoping for the best.

I feel terribly unorganized this year, and the ONE thing I really wanted to get to, I just can't seem to wrap my brain around how to complete it... and that's all I can say, because it's for someone who is SURE to read this blog... crappity crap.

I have felt completely stunted in my artistic growth and joy the past few weeks. I'm glad there are a number of things for sale in the store to see me through this...

In an effort to release myself from this madness, to open doors, to feel creative and alive again, I am auditioning for a local presentation of The Vagina Monologues. It would be a very cool thing to get into... because I think it's only a few speaking parts needed to get into ACTRA... and wouldn't that be fun? Anywho, it was a sign to me when a good friend AND my mother said that I was the first person they thought of when they saw the Call to Audition. Hehe. We'll see how it goes, and there WILL be a blog, you better believe it. (giggle-snort.)

Must practice speaking from the diaphragm (no pun intended.... well, maybe a little.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

There Be Clouds But, No Rain.

Today I got a rather gorgeous chunk of writing done. It was a good day. A Yummy day. A pretty day.

I mailed some etsy sales off, which made me happy. Somebody, somewhere, is getting my creations for Christmas.

After the vigourous walk home, that translates into my work out for the day (the walk down is about 15 minues in this weather. The walk home about 20, due to the hill) so, hopped in the bath with a book to think think think with the lights off.

Think about where my story is going (and where it definately should NOT go... it's too easy for me to write in gory detail. I have to keep my audience in mind before I let the love scenes run wild. hehe.)

Think about why I can't think about the future. Every time I try, I see BLANK. Each day is more than enough. I'm running with it, and immersing myself into my fantasy world. It helps me write, if nothing else...

Think about why the Powers that Be INSIST on PERSISTING with the Crappy Apple Pie, even though I had a very serious conversation with them that I was QUITE FINISHED with the Crappy Apple Pie, thank you, and would now like a nice big helping of Easy and Simple Stew.


The Purr of the Mattress needs cover art. I had a very specific idea in my head for it, black and white and partial nudity. Alas, a girl on a budget gets what she gets.

Today is today.

I look for adventure in my sleep.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Crafty Idea?

I had a brain wave a few days ago, but unfortunately too late. I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a house craft party? Everyone has a little corner to set up all their crafty goodies, everyone gets a chance to do a little chat about their favorite items, serve some food and do a little shopping/bartering for last minute goodies.

There may be time to do this yet. I would have to get a group of names of some ladies who would be interested (hint) and find a nice place that was big enough to host it in (hint)

How can I make this happen? I've got so much stuff that ISN'T listed on etsy, that I"d really like to get out there.

Anyway, that's my thoughts today. Have you done anything like this before?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Torture Me (with all I wanted.)

New computer, new printer, new SPEAKERS. Now, to figure out the business of how it all works. (I am feeling like a spoiled princess, even though I bought it myself. I'm so proud.)

I put the desk together myself, messed with all the wires myself and played with all the buttons. The only thing that stumped me (for no very good reason) was the speakers (of all things) but, luckily The Big Tall Boy and I stumbled through it somehow, and got that working too. (Thank Heaven for lit-tle boys!)

All I've been managing to work on is a little cross stitch pattern for winter... my painting, sculpting, doll house, doll making, weaving, etc etc etc has all had a little break. Even my sewing machine. (The cover has been on it for a bit...) I'm cyclic. (And this is also why It takes all I have in me to work on commissions. I've ALWAYS been a go-by-feel kinda girl. If I don't feel like it, I don't do it. I allow myself that freedom, without guilt. (Guilt; BAH HUMBUG!)

I saw "Masters of the Universe" today in Walmart, and SO wanted to purchase it. But resisted the urge. hehe.

I'm so so so so pleased with my energy, so pleased with my heart, so pleased with everything. I AM the master of my universe. (Everything I wanted....)



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brr. Cold.

Brr Cold. Shovelling sucks. It's a great work out though.

I've been M.I.A. for, oh, I dunno... Two weeks? I HATE that. But now, we're back online and ready to rock!

I figure there's about two more GOOD weeks to shop at our store if you are in the US, and probably 3 if you are in Canada (unless ofcourse you are in Ontario, then your very last minute to shop would probably be about 7 biz days before Christmas.. but I wouldn't leave it that long if I wuz yous!)

My home has never been as incredibly unorganized as it is right now. That drives me crazy, but I need three of me to take care of all that's going on. Messy house, lots of different art pieces, meals, laundry, boring boring boring, good stuff with my pixies and big tall boy, and the all important coffee-with-girlfriends. (or coffee all by myself and my journal. That's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh uh-huh.)

The new computer ushers in a new work from home dealeo. Bated breath and all that. The energy is out there, the money's gettin' spent, so this has GOT to work. Just GOT to. And the Universe provides when I need it most. Always.

So, I guess that's the update.

oh, wait, have you seen The Darjeeling Limited? Hellofa Great film. Made my mind race, my brain work, and I wanted to write a whole thesis on the hierarchy of siblings and the symbolism in it. Watch it, we'll discuss.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sound of Silence.

Today...hmmm, today is Thursday. It feels like Monday. And therefore tomorrow's Fridayness is redundant due to my inability to process the days of the week. Most likely tomorrow will be my Tuesday, but it's very possible it could end up another random day.

Full moon tomorrow folks, and you know what that means!!! Lori will be writing her regularly scheduled EEORE blogs! Doom and Gloom! Woe is Me! Rot rot rot. (it only lasts a few hours, so, y'a know, grit yer teeth.)

However, I logged on to find a sale made at etsy, and that always makes me feel a little cheery! I'm drinking my sisters coffee, and that always makes me happy, too. Plus, after not having regular access to My Favorite Drug (da innanet, folks!) today is I guess aaaalright.

I've been working on WAY to many things at once. Started two new paintings (small square canvasses, I think they are about 10 x 10") worked on the torso's for two new dolly's, have been working on a page full of celtic designs (that will turn into bookmarks, or possibly cards, or whatever else I decide to throw the design on...) There are more projects I haven't looked at in a while, because I can't bear (bare?) to sit in the basement. (So much for the new work station. )

Anywhoooo... All this energy, and no attention span to channel it properly.


(and there you have it folks, my monthly Eeore blog. Next blog should be a little cheerier...)

Nyuk nyuk...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Hullaballoo.

Oh la la, look at these little kitty cat pillows. They are itty bitty though.. the big one is about 1.5" in diameter.

Today I started three new dollies. (I cut the pieces all at once. I figure, if I've got the iron going, I may as well make it worth while.) One will be Mari-Mac's mother. The other two haven't let me know who they are yet. I'm sure it wont' take very long before they start talking to me, though.

I also have finally finished a pile of new itty bitty bags. They are for tree decorations, but could also be used in a miniature doll house, or lined up on the mantel. They could also be used for at each place setting, stuffed with a little chocolate or mint. (yum!) It's dark out NOW. (Thanks, daylight savings!) but tomorrow I'm going to get some pics of them on. They come in a pretty holiday decorative box, too. Nice and sturdy for gift giving or storing.

I"m freaking out JUST A LITTLE... even though all the holiday hullaballo won't happen for nearly 2 months, all of the shopping for that craziness happens NOW. I have so many projects, and so little time! Oh well... I'm going to work on all the cross stitching and bag folding all year long this year, so when it comes time for sales and shows, I'm be REALLY prepared.

There are lots of goodies at our etsy shop ( I've got over 100 listings.) and we will gladly combine shipping so you will save!

OH, and one more thing! I'm working on gift certificates! (The gift certificates are a little piece of art themselves. Handmade! )

Super cool.

I gotta go eat dinner now...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, it's November already???

So, I finally got Mari-Mac and Heather on etsy. I also listed Nanny, a pillow doll. I have pics of the little snowmen pins, and the new kitty cat pillows (mini's) but just haven't listed them yet.

I also took some new pics of Tori with her orange knickers, because she's been sitting here too long and needs a home.

Ohhhh, I commissioned another etsian to make some tags/labels for my dolls, with on them, and a place to sign and put the dolls names. I is so perfessionel. (hehe.)

OOH YEAH! Marc got the turn table all hooked up to the new speakers, and YAH HOOO! I can listen to my records again! (the old cabinet turntable kept skipping and jumping and I don't know how to fix it.. although I'm sure my inner DIY hoser could fix it, but I don't think duct tape or crazy glue would do it...) If I ever figure out how to fix it, I'll be able to listen to records in the basement in my "studio" too... Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (Night Moves) and Chicago Transit Authority got the first play today.

Life is going to get insanely busy this week. I'm nervous, and hope I can juggle everything. (the crock pot is going to get a work out, that's for sure!) And I hope I can handle the early mornings.