Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I want to say in... get things done!"

I"ve finally got my workspace arranged in a way I'm happy with, but it never fails. The coffee table always ends up being my workstation of choice. Which is more about being able to curl up on the couch while sewing/crocheting/knitting, I think!

Oh! Here he is! Felt boots n all!

I"m not sure why he took so long to create. I put him down and LOOKED at him for a week before getting around to boots. Which I made, while at the coffee table....

Last night I got ONE step away from a new little doll. Right now she's done, but for a face, which I'm hoping to paint today. She's on the bookshelf with little man here. He's watching out for her so she doesn't stumble - no eyes, you know. (At least he's got sockets.)

I got pics of all the monkeys hanging around here and put them on Little Scotia yesterday. I also got some pics of the 2 Kameez I had here for etsy, plus a super sweet vintage dress for Autumn. (I think the measurements for it are 44,38,48 or something close to that. It's in the listing. I get exctied about getting work done. There's a box here that is earmarked "waiting to get listed" that I'm putting a lovely dent in.

The day begins. This head cold won't shake. It makes me wonder: "Who caught this first? And why didn't they stay at home until it was completely purged from their system, instead of sharing it with the rest of us?"


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Jaques Skeleton and The big Whiner.

I hate being sick. I turn into the biggest whiner, and need a nurse maid. Someone to feed me soup and orange juice and say "there there" when I complain.

With back to school, comes back to germs. The elder pixie brought "SOMETHING" home, in the form of a sore throat and runny nose. Despite dosing myself with garlic and Rezist, It caught me.

I don't do "rest" very well, and I definately like "relaxation" on my own terms. There's so much I've got my hands into, I hate taking a break from it. There are orders! Meetings! Watkins catalogues to deliver! Bah.

The couch is full of pixies who are also complaining about the ailment. I think I need to carve myself a spot and learn to relax.

The little skeleton pal will have to wait to be finished...I've hand sewn him completely. But he needs boots....


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bump It!

So, in a giggling fit this morning, I've agreed to take some pics of me in a "bump it". yes, I bought a set. And, I love them. hehe. These 2 pics are how I normally wear my hair. and , Normally, I would roll a piece of my hair , and brush the front layer over.

this is the smaller bump-it. (and, I've just thrown it in, it took 2 minutes, didn't fuss much.)
I took pics of my hair up with the bigger bump it, but I'm having issues trying to get it off the memory card (clearly, I need more coffee) Which is too bad, because DANG that's some big hair!

I'm sitting here in my sweater and jeans, waiting for the mail man to peek through the front door like he does every day, and laugh at my big hair.

Anywho, I know they sell them on TV for about $20, but I got mine at Claires for $13.95, and they had a special, buy one get one half off. So, ifyou go in with a girlfriend, you can each get them for less.

There's the giggle of the day! (and when I can figure out what's going on with my pics, I'll post the BIGGER hair. hhahah.)


Friday, September 4, 2009

A Lady Who Makes Dolls from Etsy

"The house is full of my stuff....It's a big challenge for me to not buy stuff.. that's my rule now, to just use what I've got."