Jill of All Trades - How Do I Afford This Rock and Roll Lifestyle?

What I do:
As you can see, I do a lot of different things! I. My Home businesses are based in health (natural foods and products.), healing, and creativity.


I make dolls, paintings, jewellery, sculpture. My "Jill of All Trades" REALLY comes out in artistry! During the summer months, I sell my dolls and goodies at the Farmers Markets and various shops in the area. During winter, I have a booth inside at an indoor marketplace. But you can see what I have online, too. Online sales for me mostly happen after Christmas and into spring.


My facebook page for all the writerly things that I do. 

Tarot Reader and Psychic

Yup. I see dead people. But only when you are ready to hear what they have to say.
I hear messages audibly for you, as well as seeing. 
20 years with this.. is it a skill? A gift? Just an extension of who I am?? I dunno.
I do readings for people all over the world.

Midland Ontario Reflexology 

Midland Ontario Reiki

I am a Reflexologist and a Reiki Practitioner. It's a lovely thing to help people relax and be well! I heal with my hands, using Reiki or Healing Touch. Reflexology for me is a big part of being an energy worker.

Young Living Essential Oils

Independent Distributor # 3371754. Purchased the Starter Kit, because I got results with my family! I really wanted all of the oils and the diffuser for wholesale! Buying the kit saved me a TONNE of cash, and I use the oils for my massage and Reflexology clients, to make lovely things for gifts, as well as keeping our home fresh and clean. The oils go SO far.