Jill of All Trades - How Do I Afford This Rock and Roll Lifestyle?

What I do:
As you can see, I do a lot of different things! I do so many, because these things are what drives me. My Home businesses are based in health (natural foods and products.), healing, and creativity.

Juice Plus

Because I was looking for a healthy and all natural alternative to the OTHER shake I was taking in the morning. Found out the OTHER shake had sucralose in it, among other things. I did a big research on Juice Plus. My kids get the kids chewables for free, too. Ask me about that. Work from home with this one - you get THIS business AND the Tower Garden business for a $50 start up. Contact me if you'd like info on this. Available in 24 countries - lots of room for growth!

Tower Garden

I grow food outdoors AND inside. This is an amazing alternative if you want organic and gmo free food, but don't have the space outdoors, or the time.


I am a Reflexologist. It's a lovely thing to help people relax and be well! I heal with my hands, using Reiki or Healing Touch. Reflexology for me is a big part of being an energy worker.


I make dolls, paintings, jewellery, sculpture. My "Jill of All Trades" REALLY comes out in artistry! During the summer months, I sell my dolls and goodies at the Farmers Markets and various shops in the area. During winter, I have a booth inside at an indoor marketplace. But you can see what I have online, too. Online sales for me mostly happen after Christmas and into spring.

Tarot Reader and Psychic

Yup. I see dead people. But only when you are ready to hear what they have to say.
I hear messages audibly for you, as well as seeing. 
20 years with this.. is it a skill? A gift? Just an extension of who I am?? I dunno.
I do readings for people all over the world.


This page only has my poetry books on it. There will be some fiction here soon. You can get the ebooks as well as hard copies here.