Thursday, December 1, 2016

Art Room, Little Scotia, Elizabeth Street Midland Ontario.

I moved 2 more buckets and 2 huge garbage bags of material into the Art Room yesterday. I haven't even begun to create anything! Finding tons of projects that are half finished, or just waiting for some finishing touch. Goodness.

It's a small room. Nothing like the one I had a few years ago. But it's a spot, and I will make it work.

I was having a sugar crash when I took the pictures. The last one is all blurry... I was one foot out the door, and overly eager to get some food into me.

It felt good to be in there, folding up material to fit the cupboards, and laying out finished products. I'm putting a pile of stuff on sale, to make room for new creations. Also, for rent money. heh.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Little Scotia Art Room

So, a tonne of art supplies are stuffed into the new little room that will be where I design and create my little dolls and Badly Behaved Cross Stitches. It's a strange room so far, because I haven't worked out where everything will live.. and the maintenance fellow tried to clean a stain in the carpet with some sort of cleaner, and the smell bothers me. (Not sure how I'll deal with that, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. )

There are no windows. I can live with this, if I can listen to music while there. Mostly my head is down into the machine anyway...

It was SO nice to touch all the things, while loading them up. I STILL have so much here at the house that has yet to make it over there, but I must organize what is there first, you know?

I haven't taken any photos of the space, because it's still a bit of a disaster (it's how I work. I seem to creatively thrive in an environment where there is chaos... or I can SEE everything I'm working with, all at once.)

Pictures soon, hopefully!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Too Hot. TOO HOT

It's been really hot.
Like, stupid hot.

I know, it probably gets hotter in other places in the world. But, Gods. I don't like it.

I'm usually a happy happy person. Joyous. Optimistic, even.

But the head makes me cranky.

What have I been doing for fun lately?

Why, I've been filling the tub with cool water, and sitting in it while playing Making sure my phone is hanging over the edge of the tub so if I sneeze or something, my phone falls OUTSIDE of the tub.

Ain't no stitching happening around here lately.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

House Cleaning Midland

House Cleaning in Midland

Yes yes yes. I designed this site! I'm pretty excited about it. It's for a cleaning service in Midland Ontario. I kept the site clean and neat, and the lady who does the cleaning is getting leads for her business already. We are both excited!

She is professional and on time. She does house cleaning as well as office cleaning.

Check her out if you are looking for a house cleaner, but also just to look at the pretty site I made.

House Cleaning Midland Ontario
522 Elizabeth Street Unit 9
Midland , ON
L4R 2A1

Phone 705-243-7575
House Cleaning Midland Ontario

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Midland Ontario Art Studio

Have I mentioned that Little Scotia is all set to have it's own little room in September?
Yes. I'm excited. And freaking out. I don't feel very organized. My crafts and are supplies are currently all over my house.

The Little room is down the hall from my Tarot office. And it's sort of a glorified closet. But it will work for what I need. To get the stuff out of the house, and organize it so I always know where the glue sticks are.

I'm still producing, and doing markets and some shows. The producing is small scale and slow though. I'm so excited for my new room. It means getting busy!!!


Georgian Bay Renovations

Georgian Bay Renovations

I met a down to earth fellow last week, and he runs a local contracting company. He's the contractor that's been working on the office building where I have my office, and where Little Scotia will be in September. I was surprised to learn how well rounded his business is.

The renovations they do in Georgian Bay (and even further south) include kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement renovations, and office or work renovations. But they also do brick laying, and will build houses from the ground up. Small renovations to the whole house. I was impressed!

His website has some photos on it, showcasing his company's former jobs. There are some great pictures of the dream house exteriors, as well as some fantastic interior kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The website is simple, but you can call and ask all the questions, get quotes, (with no obligation) and meet this Midland Ontario contractor who is also the project manager.

check it out!


Georgian Bay Renovations
522 Elizabeth Street BOX 9, 
Midland , Ontario
L4R 2A1

(705) 243-0604 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Midland Ontario Reflexology, Massage, Waxing

It's been a busy summer. Already.
I'm sneaking in levity when I can! But, still there's work.
Wanted to share some of my Summer relaxation links in Midland Ontario.

Midland Ontario Reflexology

That's me, ofcourse. it's very relaxing to give Reflexology, believe it or not!

Midland Ontario Massage - This lady knows her stuff! And RMT in Midland that absolutely rocks.

And then, this.

Midland Ontario Waxing  - so... Midland Ontario Waxing helps me look nice and smooth all summer long. As relaxing as waxing can be... really, it's more about not shaving everyday. Now THAT'S relaxing. hehehe.

There you go!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chipmunk Loose in Stackers Pancake House, Midland Ontario.

Seriously. This is how I'm spending my time.

It's The Most Silly Fun. YOU TUBE!

I am creating like furious for the Buttertart Festival. But these little gems happen.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Seven Hour Gaps.

I do this thing. I've always done it. I'm feeling like I MUST catch the reigns on it soon.

So, this morning I had an appointment at 9:45am. That took me to 10:30. I was out of the office before 11am.

My NEXT appointment isn't until 6pm.

It's currently almost 4pm as I write this. Now. Ask me what I did all day.

To be fair, I did pop into the office to change my window display from Winter to Spring, took stock of what linens I needed there. I popped into the bank. I came home and put a load of laundry on.

Other than that, I've been sitting here, in my work clothes, surfing, listening to music... and watching the clock. Waiting till it's time to leave for my next appointment.

I have always done this thing. I feel like I can't get into anything at home, because I will miss my next appointment. Even though today, there was SEVEN HOURS between appointments. A seven hour gap with nothing in my dayplanner.

I could have sewn something up. This money, for example, took me 2 hours yesterday. I could have been sewing this whole time.

But no. I managed to make a tea. To peek in the cupboards. To do a few dishes.

I have an entire work space to move into my bedroom. (This is a long story for another time.) And I am sitting here. Waiting.

What is UP with that?

The answer could easily be that I put in my dayplanner: "Sew monkeys."

I wonder if it would make a difference?


Friday, March 11, 2016

Gardening update, and Global Warming.

I've been taking a lot of my blogging energy out HERE lately. Quick pictures and commentary of the things I've been creating. Which are badly behaved. But SO MUCH FUN.

It's SO CLOSE to the time where I put up the shelf and start my seedlings. It's actually been quite warm for a few days, and I'm itching to put peas in the ground, and maybe some greens.

This winter however, was bizarre. Every year it gets stranger and stranger. Less snow, for less period of time... maybe that's not entirely true. It stayed fairly mild until about mid January? We got some snow, then we got DUMPED ON at the end of February, and the very beginning of March. And now, March 11th, it's gone mild again.

Climate stuff. Earth rotation. It's all happening. I've noticed the summers where we are, haven't been as hot as they usually are. These things are a big deal for not only farmers, but everyone who relies on the food farmers produce. (So, that's EVERYONE, just incase you were confused.)

Anyway, This year, I'm feeling ambitious. All that I successfully got out of my garden last year, really, were tomatoes. (a handful of carrots, a bowlful of peas, and I don't think anything else really.)

Most of the snow has melted from the dumping we got last week, and if I hoop a raised box, I should be okay to put some greens in. (I've never done a hoop house before.. mainly because in my head, I'm convinced it will cost too much...)

Also, tomatoes go into little pots for me, somewhere around the 20th.

I really to love this time of year.