Monday, July 11, 2016

Midland Ontario Reflexology, Massage, Waxing

It's been a busy summer. Already.
I'm sneaking in levity when I can! But, still there's work.
Wanted to share some of my Summer relaxation links in Midland Ontario.

Midland Ontario Reflexology

That's me, ofcourse. it's very relaxing to give Reflexology, believe it or not!

Midland Ontario Massage - This lady knows her stuff! And RMT in Midland that absolutely rocks.

And then, this.

Midland Ontario Waxing  - so... Midland Ontario Waxing helps me look nice and smooth all summer long. As relaxing as waxing can be... really, it's more about not shaving everyday. Now THAT'S relaxing. hehehe.

There you go!


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