Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pics of Some Studio Stuff!

A crazy busy season has passed! Next year I start WAY sooner, that's for sure. (Which means I should probably be starting the SPRING AND SUMMER Market stuff NOW. ) But I can't think of that just yet... Here are a few of the things that came out of Little Scotia Studio and Gallery for Christmas/Yule celebrations.

These gloves I made for my daughters. They each got a long sleeved pair, and a short pair, decked out with lace, crocheted flowers, buttons, fun stuff!

I made gift certificate cards for people who came through and wanted to buy Tarot Reading certificates for people on their Christmas list.

These ornaments were store bought, but I was asked to embroider on them. There were 13 of them. It was an honour to be asked to do them :)

There were 5 monkeys like these - all hand made, with felt hearts or ovals, and the names of the recipients on them.

And a jewellery box was commissioned this year!

Elvis Monkey was commissioned - he was a labour of love! You can't quite see his swirly hair in this - And his belt buckle is a painted huge button, with a jewel glued on.

This painting was a commissioned piece that I didn't think I was going to finish in time. It wasn't to be given as a gift, the person who got it was keeping it for themselves, but I really wanted to have it done before Christmas holiday. I had the HARDEST time getting the circle ROUND, but finally figured it out, and after that it finished up VERY quickly. This is a large canvas, with a value of $350.

So, today has been a lazy day. The first day I've really had to get some of the images off the camera that I've been taking all month, and a moment to write a few words about it.

I'll be going into the studio tomorrow, but only from Noon till 1pm. I expect I'll have some cleaning up to do!!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is Reiki?

by Rev. Jason Storm

Reprinted with Permission.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a modern version of an ancient healing art that utilizes the intrinsic ability of one to heal him/herself by activating it with the energy of the Universe. The energy that comes from the source of all consciousness, The Creator, "God", or whatever for you might identify with it. During a Reiki treatment energy is passed from the Practitioner or Master to the person (or animal, or plant, etc.) that wishes to be healed. The energy does not come from the practitioner as the healer is only a vessel for the transfer of energy. A Reiki practitioner has had a special attunement or series of attunements that open his/her energetic system to receive and transmit the flow of energy. The Reiki Master has achieved the highest level of potential openness that a person can receive on the physical plane. A master is also given the ability to pass attunements to others and thereby becomes a vessel for the Divine consciousness at work in our Universe.

Reiki is not and cannot be harmful, it is the substance of life. The healee must have the intent to be healed for the energy to be transmitted. It doesn't matter whether or not they believe that subtle energy such as Reiki exists, they simply must want to be healed. No matter what the dis-ease is, Reiki will bring healing (but it should be noted that the healing may or may not be in the form expected or desired -- Reiki does the work, not our desire.)

When a practitioner accesses Reiki energy is drawn through the crown chakra at the top of the head, flows down to the heart chakra, then out through the hands. As the energy flows into the practitioners body it quickly fills him/her with energy as a kind of battery to buffer the flow into the recipients body and any excess is grounded out through the root chakra at the base of the spine. For some people the direct flow of energy from the universe may be a little much for them to handle all at once. The Reiki practitioner has been opened gradually so that their energy body can safely accept, maintain, and transmit the energy where it is needed. So whenever energy is given, the practitioner is also healed.

In Reiki there are three attunements, one for each level of healing. First Degree Reiki opens and clears the physical body to the Reiki circuit. The crown, third-eye, heart, and palm chakras are opened and the spinal vessel is cleared to allow a consistent, constant flow of energy to be initiated and maintained. There is commonly a period of clearing or cleansing in which the physical body begins to release the toxins built up within, and this is quite normal, it happens to us all. Some of the physical manifestations of this clearing can include diarrhea, runny nose, sweating, increased urination, nervousness, loss of apetite, and mild mood swings. The symptoms are only temporary and will pass within a couple of weeks.

Second Degree Reiki is a deepening and squaring of the energy of the First Degree, and three special symbols are tuaght to amplify and more specifically direct the flow and type of energy transmitted. At this level, distance healing and healing of situations is taught and mastered. There is also a clearing period at this level, but this deals with emotional/mental toxins. Many people report finding themselves re-addressing old unresolved issues, some find their belief structure being refined and in some cases even redeveloped. Again, this is temporary and will pass within two-three weeks.

The Master Level of Reiki involves one or two attunements and intensive training. The energy level is again doubled and squared, all of the chakras are aligned, and the Master symbol is transmitted to the new Master. How to give an attunement at all three levels is taught and must be mastered, the structure of energy, the energetic body, the aura, and the levels of being are taught and must be mastered. The clearing at this level is frequently fully experienced during the attunement itself. Many students report out of body experiences, visions, flashes of memory from previous incarnations, premonitions, prohpecy, etc, the experience is almost always mystical and ecstatic. Tears are very common.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today only - No shipping, No Tax, through Sears!

So, if there was something you were looking at from Sears.ca Today is an awesome day to get it!

Free shipping (I think when you use a credit card to confirm your order.) AND use promo code 941612532 and they'll also deduct 16% off your order.

Go browse!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dear Universe part deux

Oh, Hey Universe. I was thinking we'd like some of this too! Puttin' it out there!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Universe.

The voices said "Write the Books." And so, I've been plugging away at them. I'm convinced this will deliver the abundance. I'm pretty good at manfesting exactly what we need...so, until the books bring big residual cheques, we will have:

*Groceries for the rest of the month, and into the next would be lovely. Universe, please deliver $300.

*Yule is coming, and although I've made or bartered for my art some gifties for the pixies, A few extra bucks for chocolates and little things for stockings would be awesome. Universe, please deliver an additional $30.

*I walk nearly everywhere. Some warm snowpants for myself would be helpful this month. Universe, please deliver an additional $100.

*All the monthly bills are coming due. Rents, power, phone, bills. Universe, please deliver and additional $2500. Lets do this one monthly, shall we?

*Littlest pixie needs dental work. LOTS of dental work. Her front 4 teeth have all come in absolutely WRONG. Oh, and there is that thing about my 9 year old nearly being ready to have her wisdom teeth taken out. Universe, please deliver and additional $5000.

*Our family is too big for this house (which is a rental.) This house has done it's duty, and we've made a deal that our time is up in Autumn of 2012. Universe, please deliver an additional $150,000 before that time.

So, $2930 in the next, say, week would be awesome.
And $2500 each month there after.
And, and additional $5000 sometime before spring.
Aaaaand and additional $150,000 well before Autumn.

Great! That's awesome! Fantastic working with you!
I'm looking forward and am excited!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker. (or, an inventory of being.)


I'm a writer,

An artist in many mediums (paint, art dolls, sewing, jewellery making, upcycling stuff to new treasures.),

An actress (theatre and small independent films.),

A business owner (wearing all the hats!),

A weight loss consultant,

A psychic reader (everyone raises an eyebrow at that one!),

An Online Marketing Coach,

An Urban Farmer,

An online marketer,

so many things!

I have in the past been an Office Administrator, A Customer Service Rep (in person and on phone!), A chocolate shop manager, an ebay auctioneer, an artist model (live classes.), a fry flipper, a tarot teacher, a teachers aide, a baker, a newspaper columnist, a coffee barista, a cocktail waitress, A gift shop clerk, A giggling greasy spoon waitress.

What's coming? A paperback novel, pole dancing classes, belly dancing practice, home ownership, a business manager, ... ADVENTURE!


It's not always easy, but it's always good. ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Venting. Feeling stuck in a corner, and my usual sense of optimism is cowering in a corner up there somewhere, giving some crabby ass bully free reign.

So far, all goes as planned. (with a few minor allowances for my own personal sanity.) I have my studio, I'm doing shows, getting readings, getting commissions. I'm doing my course online, getting some writing in and it's showing promise. I'm getting social time in, I'm getting alone time in, there's balance. Kids and Boyfriend are doing well in school.

I'm feeling a teeter totter balance that is about to go ass over tea kettle however. The stasis that has been is a precarious balancing act, and I'm not sure I'm going to make it all the way over to the other end of this wire. Because things are changing.

The Law of Attraction says we must not say "need", because then it makes you NEED what you are telling it you NEED. I DO appreciate all the little magics that we've captured the last 7 months. And the crux is this.

Financially, We can maintain this way in this little wee house, where the kids have no room to play, there's no room for privacy, where we are all crammed in this small space. But it's becoming stressful. It's becoming urgent.

The house is pushing me out. It's been at it for some time. And I've done my best to allow a new place to come to us. The reality is that in order to make that happen, We'll have to trade our time for money. Give up the artists life. Give up life as we know it.

I'm not saying this was never going to happen. I just always assumed it could happen after the kids were grown up. I like being the one to pick them up and drop them off, and be here. Now it seems the kids need more room, and I can't provide it without becoming absent, full time somewhere else.

So, the bully that's been storming around in my temples all day is pointing fingers and saying I'll have to give it all up, sell my soul and all the lessons I've learned and everything I hold important for the pursuit of the dollar, in order to provide more space for all of us.

And the little whimpering Optimism is doing this whiney-crying thing, curled up into itself, while protesting weakly "No."

Is this just today? Is this just because I'm tired? Because I'm feeling cornered? Because I'm unfocused? Where did this come from?

In this moment, I'm feeling powerless to change this thing, without permanently fixing myself to a punch clock and kissing all the magics so far goodbye.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


All packed and ready to go. This show didn't require the lugging of my heavy tables - although I did take some pretty heavy Watkins stuff!some of my handmade bags! As you can see, I had a table in front of a windowsill, which was excellent, because I needed the extra space for all of the sock monkeys!

A hand finished upcycled jewellery box sits with froggy and foxy fox.
the sun didn't stay out long - this pic was taken around 3pm...

My craft shows are done for now, and I'm back into the studio, with all the commissions that came from the shows. For the next week I imagine I'm going to be VERY busy finishing them up! And then, to get through the list of things I want to make for my own kids for Yule!

The one thing I cannot get in town I'm going to be ordering from Sears.ca as they've got some good deals on, some free shipping, and the clearance items to browse through. We don't buy much new retail stuff for Christmas, and this year is going to be all about the food anyway!

Gotta fly! I imagine I'll be here more after the big rushes are over! With lots of crafty pics.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MDWBA Dinner

I am JUST home from a dinner I went to with my good friend Rebecca Searles (from Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Midland) It was for the MDWBA (Midland & District Women's Business Association.) I've been wanting to get involved with the MDWBA for ages, but have felt hesitant and shy. (yes. Me. I'm shy sometimes.)

Rebecca is a member and invited me to come to the dinner as her guest. She suggested I bring some business info to hand out to the ladies tables, and also mentioned that there was an auction table that I could donate something to. She was bringing some of her travel specials offered by Carlson Wagonlit Travel Midland.

I wanted to bring a gift certificate, and wanted it to be something that would bring ladies into my art studio. (I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I have a cozy studio space downtown that I create my art in and invite clients to for readings.) I had considered bringing a sock monkey or dolls, but I ended up making a gift certificate - in much the same manner as I've made scrap book type greeting cards. Glitter pens, fancy papers, a ribbon, some star stickers, and a business card attached. I should have taken a pic of it, but I'll do that when it comes back in.

When Rebecca and I arrived at the MDWBA dinner, with trepidation did I hand over the One Tarot Reading Certificate. I half expected I'd be taking it home with me. This was a room full of business women after all! Bankers and business owners and lawyers and number counters!

It was nice to see some familiar faces that I felt comfortable talking to, and Rebecca did a wonderful job of introducing me around before the dinner started.

Then, it happened. We sat at the second table, and they passed around a Mic for everyone to introduce themselves. I figured being a guest, that I was getting out of this one.


so, with echo-ey mic in hand, I intro myself as a lady who make dolls. Heirloom, playable and displayable. Then I made a joke that I had better just say it, because I brought a gift certificate for it, and that I'm a psychic tarot reader.

That's when things got interesting! Suddenly, I felt like the Belle of the Ball. I have a hard time approaching people "cold"... but after I let the cat out of the bag (not being sure how it would be taken) I had lots of ladies come up to me to meet me - which made it WAY easier to make connections at the MDWBA ladies!

I was so pleasantly surprized. This town is a small one, and I figured that If I had a cold reception after letting people know what I do when I'm NOT making dolls, then I just wouldn't be a part of their group. But, Rebecca and I ended up closing the place down!

I made connections with people who were INTERESTED in connecting with me and my skill. And because I was so busy talking with ladies who were interested in talking to me, I missed the opportunity to approach some business ladies that I was hoping to introduce myself to. (some ladies in the community who are artists, etc.)

And, I think my hand crafted gift certificate went for face value in the auction.

Validation. On so many levels.

Thanks MDWBA. You've just gained a new member.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Sock Monkeys in Midland Ontario

Where to find Sock Monkeys in Midland Ontario? They seem to be a very HOT gift this season. Going through the flyers and advertisements, I saw sock monkeys in the Minds Alive flyer, and I know that the Little Monkey's Tree House downtown Midland has them.

And who else downtown Midland has them? Little Scotia, that's who. The Little Scotia sock monkeys are hand made right in Midland - not manufactured in china and shipped here. More of the dollars spent stay in Midland!

The Little Scotia Sock Monkeys are one of a kind personalities - not mass produced. They also cost the same amount or less than the monkeys made in China.

So, if you are looking for Sock Monkeys in Midland Ontario this holiday season for a one of a kind gift, that you can purchase downtown Midland, come and see what Little Scotia has to offer first!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Universe. I'm Listening.

I feel so empowered. I'm not sure why.
Maybe I thrive in the face of diversity.
Maybe I shouldn't be telling the Universe that so much, though.

I thrive, because I know abundance is coming this month!
There, fixed.

This month is busy -with projects due for school, 5 (and possibly 6) days of craft shows to do, my ViSalus business going full steam, Tarot readings... I'm feeling like I have to book family time in. (This busy month, and part of the next, will all settle down in January and February...)

But, I'm super pumped. So much so, that I figure I could take on NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I've sat on this BOOK thing for SO long. I'm writing a little bit in the evening, and a little when picking up the kids from school. (seriously, taking a notebook with me while I wait, I scribble.) It should be interesting.

I think I feel so good, because my partner is so amazing. Really, he handles things. Very well. I'm so glad he is exactly who he is. He keeps me level.

I had a whole wack of things I was going to write about. But now all I can think of is going to bed...


Holiday Open House Craft Shows in Midland Ontario

Listed below are some Holiday Open House Shows in Midland Ontario for November 2011.

Saturday, November 12, 2011:
Little Scotia Studio Gallery
540 Elizabeth St, Back Door
10am to 5pm
Take a sneak peek before all the big shows!

Tuesday, November 15thm 2011:
Quota International of Huronia
Holiday Open House
North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre
2pm to 9pm
I will have Watkins items as well as Little Scotia dolls, toys, jewellery etc.
Also in attendance will be Alouette Cosmetics, Epicure Selections Spices, Partylite Candles, The Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Silpada Silver Jewellery, Usborne Books And Wildfire Jewels.

Thursday, November 24th, 2011
Friday, November 25th, 2011
Saturday, November 26th, 2011
Sainte Marie Among The Hurons
First Light

5pm to 9pm each day
This is an incredible experience for the family, with over 3,000 candles lit and family activities through the night!

Put it in your datebook, and see you at the Holiday Open House Craft Shows in Midland Ontario!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Food foodfoodfoodfood....

Today I feel particularly abundant. I spent all day in the kitchen. (ok, all day after about 10am-ish.)

I'm used to baking FAST - one recipe is ready as the next is coming out. So, today I had a few goals - snacks for the kids for school, and getting some of the garden and farmers market produce dealt with.

Made little zucchini bread and banana bread, a whole pile of oatmeal raisin cookies, and some bran and chocolate chip muffins. (just enough chocolate chips to get them to eat the whole muffin! lol.) I froze a bunch of them, and I'm hoping it'll get me through at least 2 weeks of lunch snacks (I'm erring on the side of "Teenager Appetite.")

The few sweet potatoes and beets left have just come out of the oven (sweet potato buscuits are in my future, and the beets are going to end up for dinner.) But there are about 15 little tomatoes, 2 big zucchinis, 3 acorn squash, a bag of dirty dirty potatoes, some shrivelling peppers and an enormous amount of carrots that need my attention. Not to mention what ever might be out in the garden left out in the cold... (a few eggplant, MORE chard, renegade tomatoes, and ofcourse BEANS!)

Right. After. This. Tea.

My brain is full of FOOD. Filling up the freezer, making casseroles, filling the crock pot. Is it just the time of year? Harvest and getting ready for winter? Am a channelling squirrels?

I'm pleased with how tired my legs are from standing all day in the kitchen. (again, 'all day' translates into about 4 hours.)

What else is new?

*I'm playing with my own radio station - for my tarot. How much fun is that??
*I got accepted into the First Light Craft Show - this is a big deal for me! I'll be
sewing dollies like mad for the next month.
*The Urban Agriculture course is AWESOME. It makes me so HAPPY!
*This week, my business partners Tara and Ed are getting their BMW (27th) This means I'll be skipping Stitch n Bitch this week. (Ladies, bring your stitching to the car dealership! lol.)
*My own Vi business is picking up momentum, fast! I love check delivery Mondays!
*Oh, and I think I'm not even going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year. So sad.

I think that is all of the updates... I think.
Oh, I did have a big rant about abundance... but I think I'll save it for another blog.

Lori :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Publishing my own Kids Books...

I've been thinking about What to do for the pixie for FESTIVUS! Every year is getting more and more of a challenge. Because we don't purchase a tonne of retail things, (generally one new thing each.) it's something we must THINK about.

I never wanted Christmas/Yule to be about the money grab. And so, we must think.

And, I've been thinking, that I might publish a book for each of the girls. Complete with my own illustrations/paintings. Now, the hardest part is to probably sit and think about WHAT the story will be for each of them. THIS is going to be the fun part.

And, I think it's a better alternative than putting a new guinea pig in a box with holes under the tree at the in-laws/loves house on Christmas morning.

This will require me to really have a GOOD THINK about who they are, what they like, and how to interpret it in book form.

Because what do you give to 2 little girls who have one of everything? (We clearly don't need another Polly Pocket or Barbie in this house.)

So, any ideas on how I should approach this??


Sunday, October 16, 2011

At Kings Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene

SO rainy and windy the last few days, it's a bit like living in a Stephen King novel.. you know, just BEFORE the monsters come out.

I went out with 2 girlfriends to a show at King Wharf Theatre in Penetanguishene. "Abba Mania" with some performers doing Bee Gee's (oh yes, all of them full dress, tribute bands.) There was a peculiar man doing spot-on voice impersonations of TOO many famous people to recall, even. It was silly fun, and it was really nice to have a night out.

One of the Abba Mania performers is from Midland/Penetanguishene (Monica Teitz) and when I did a little research, it seems that she does quite a bit of work in things like this - other tribute bands, (I'm guessing with the same entertainment company. Nice gig!)

So, the ladies had choreography down for each song, and I found it SO distracting, in a giggly way. Can you imagine that being your job, for years and years and years - knowing those routines and steps and lyrics by instinct?

I forgot my camera. Which is too bad, because the Bee Gee performers were all yummy. (*giggle-snort*) but I don't want to know what they have to do to hit those notes. (What happens at Kings Wharf Theatre STAYS at Kings Wharf Theatre?? lol.)

Yesterday I had a tarot house party. This group of ladies always make me feel so welcome and comfortable. They invited me last year around this time, too. It made me remember why I love doing house parties, especially when the people attending know each other well enough to sit in on each others readings. The time flew by, and somehow I stayed on 'schedule' (half hour for each querent.) Without having to watch the time or set the alarm on my phone.

Today is going to be relaxed and stress free. I love Sundays.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whaddaya Mean it Ain't Friday Yet?

Because it sure feels like it.

Although the date book has been kept full, with all the things I insist on juggling. DO ALL THE THINGS!!!

*Got an assignment due for the Sustainable Agriculture course next Sunday - but it's quite involved, and I should probably have started it already.

*Got to do some laundry for the pixies.

*Got appointments this weekend for my ViSalus Business

*Got a tarot party on Saturday

*Got to figure out something for dinner tonight.

*Gotta have something awesome to wear to an Abba Tribute concert on Friday (OMG that's tomorrow...snap.)

*Gotta sew lots of babies for the upcoming shows!

Life is Good. All I want to do right now is get in the tub, though. I might just indulge. And hope that the laundry doesn't interfere.

If you are interested in info on how you can get some cheques like this, see: http://incanada.myvi.net

U.S, Canada and Jamaica!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Zumba My Ass... Please.

Went to Zumba for the first time ever this evening, with a girlfriend who was SO cool about me tagging along.

I only felt uncoordinated about 30% of the time - 20% I made up as I went - and the rest I think I followed along OK. (or was that just in my mind?) However, most of the other ladies there were just about as uncoordinated as I was, so I didn't feel bad.

An hour long - that's it. I've danced longer and harder on a Saturday night in street clothes and a drink in my hand. However, this was FUN.

No posterizing, no scrutiny, no jerks to spill drinks on you or try to take you home during the last dance. (although, if I give it time, I might pick SOMEBODY up. ahhahahaha.)

There were about 100 women there tonight - and at $6 a head, it makes me wonder what she's paying for use of the room - because GIRL, that is not a bad wage for an hours work. And she had a small class before us, which I assume was probably also about the same and an hour long. Makes me want to shake my money maker on the stage under the lights to loud music. (again, back to Saturday nights, circa 1997ish.)

(Why does it always come down to the "business" with me? Ah well, can't deny who I am...)

My ass is AWARE. My thighs are AWARE. My waist WANTS to be aware, but mostly right now it wants me to put water and possibly boiled-eggish in there.

I have now said Aware too many times and am not sure I'm using it correctly. Pulling out the Poetic License on this one.

It was fun. I might jump around in front of my computer monitor this week to try to get some of those hoochie-machoohcie moves down for next time. (again, just like Saturday nights.)


Love Love Love.

So, I'm taking a course for the Sustainable Urban Agriculture certificate. And I have time to sit and think today. I'm going over in my head, my goals, my dreams, the things I am creating.

A sustainable and permanently affordable home. Green (although not necessarily in the COLOUR green - hehe.)

I want gardens - to grow lots and lots of our own foods. Ideally, I'd love to take part in a co-op, and help others' use THEIR land for growing food, too! Teach and train others to discover the joy and pride in taking control of what they eat, how it's grown, and their own nutrition.

A little place for us to process food for ourselves and others.

Helping my kids reach for their dreams!

Which hopefully won't involve skydiving, but if THAT'S what they want to do, I'll be there cheering them on! (and making uncomfortable whining noises in the back of my throat.)


Whatcha Doin?

Today, I'm home. The littlest pixie got sick in the night, so I got to stay home in jammies! Today was a first day to be 'open' in the studio - but, that's what working for yourself is for - to be able to be home for sick pixies.

So, what am I doin'? I'm surfing, answering business questions, listening to Mulan (the sick pixie chose it, because I love it. lol.) , and putting off the dishes.

I forgot that today was commission day! All the notifications have arrived for my work from home commissions. Life is Good.

Without my crafts here, I'm going to be forced to clean. Sigh.

Ah well, Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Classic Hollywood Figure

It is a dark and gloomy afternoon. I did a tarot reading this morning in the studio, worked on some wands, wished I had my large canvasses, put some faces on some soft dolls. I packed it in early (12:30ish) as it looked like rain, and I had no umbrella with me. I am going to have to remember one tomorrow.

I'm so happy in my new space. It is an amazing space for readings, I'm discovering. Plus, it really is perfect for the creative me!

When I got home today, though, I poked around online, got a strange message in a strange moment from a friend, and then gave up and crawled into bed, setting the alarm so I wouldn't be late for school collection. I haven't had a day like this in a while, and I'm wondering why I feel so sensitive - but I had to honour it anyway. When tears sneak up on a body like that, you just have to let them come.

And then, they are out.

I can't wait to get back into my regular clothing. I'm down 7 pounds total (in the 2 weeks) and 3" off my waist, and 1" off my hips (I'm sort of surprised by that one.) I"m afraid to measure my bust - mainly because ideally I'd like to NOT lose any of THAT. hahaha. I had a dream when I started this, that a woman told me I had a "Classic Hollywood Figure." I was hiding it under a big sheet, draped to pretend it was a dress. She handed me white corsettes to try on, insisting I should stop hiding...

I haven't been exercising - do you think doing crunches or sit ups would actually help with the waistline? It's odd, because i'm currently at my 'ideal' weight, but my waist is still a 34, and for my size, I'm normally a 29 or 30. what up with the extra inches at the right weight?

Yeah. I'm still not measuring my bust.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

E.L.F. Mineral Makeup 25% off Coupon

Hey Gang, I just ran across this deal from E.L.F. makeup. (yeah, not make up for elves, but if that helps, then ..Ok!) Eyes Lips Face, silly.

I checked out their prices, and they are nearly half price before the discount, from the mineral makeup I can find here in town.
Foundation for $5,
eye shadows and eyeliners for $3, an eyeshadow set (including brushes and eyeliner) for $12,
Lip tint and gloss for $3 and lipstick for $5.

And they are 100% natural - no parabens etc etc. So, here's a link for the coupon:

All Mineral makeup 25% Off! Use Coupon Code EGMINERALC With Any Order Of $25.

Shipping to Canada is $14.95, however there is also a free shipping coupon on the go (not sure if it's valid in Canada) If you are reading this and you're from the states, shipping is only $6.95 for you. (Free shipping code is SHIP25)

Happy shopping! If any of my local friends want to go in on a purchase with me, let me know!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Scotia Studio Gallery OPEN HOUSE!

Little Scotia's Studio Gallery is almost ready for our Grand Opening! I've very excited about this thing! The space is in an old house, that in the 70's was owned by a man who himself was an artist, and his family members too! I met the daughter this week, who was on a 'pilgrimage' going around to all the places she remembers. Her family used to also own one of the big old hotels in town.

All the shelves are filled with material and dolls and soon jewellery boxes. I've been working like mad to finish all those little projects I started for Friday, Sept 30th - which is the day of my first Open House.

I'll be open for guests from 9:30am to 2pm and then again from 5pm to 8pm. (There's more info at the Facebook Fan Page - Click Here.) I'll be doing a door prize gift certificate (so the winner can choose what they like.) and there will be some munchies. Come on out and meet some people, and chat with me!

It's been so much fun being down there during the day - uninterrupted creativity. I spend the day sewing, painting, sanding, dancing and talking to dolls. Good times.

Here are a few more pictures of what's happening so far:

This corner is now FILLED with stuff!

This is the table I sew on.. and stack stuff on... and under.
Some Monkeys and Dolls trying to stay out of my way! Ready for Adoption!
Stacks of material on the old kitchen cupboards. I was so excited that 8 bins of fabric FIT when folded nicely.

So, if you can come on out, I'd love to see you! It's a smallish sized space, and that's why I've divided up the day, too, so that you can wander in and not be smooshed in like sardines. hehehe. It's COZY.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eleven Days Out To SEE.

So, I've been doing this Body by Vi 90 day challenge for the last 11 days. What have I seen so far? Here's the skinny: (haha, see what I did there?)

*4 days ago I stepped on a scale (that was after being in for 7 days.) I had lost 5 pounds in my first 7 days, and 2" off my waist. Ooooh yeahhh..

*I have four ladies who have joined the challenge with me, 2 ladies who are just about ready, and 10 more people who are terribly interested but for some reason want to think about it. This is just with Facebook and talking to people in my day to day life.

*I have met some WONDERFULLY positive and supportive people! I'm really impressed how the focus of this has been on health, taking care of yourself, finding the fit for the individual, and educating oneself. I'm usually quite the loner - this group has been so easy to make connections with.

*I'm already feeling positive enough to do parties on my own - the system is pretty automated, they give you a DVD to play, and our upline is happy to come to help and answer party questions either in person or over skype if they can't be there.

*I've made money already. I've almost made the cost of my kit back. I can't believe how easy this is, it's a little mind boggling.

So, so far, that's what's happening with me and this BodyByVi challenge. I thanked my girlfriend the other day for showing me this - Since it launched in Canada last week, it's spreading like wildfire.

So, what would your 90 day challenge be? Get toned? Lose weight? Consume healthier? I'm happy to help, let's do this together!

bodybyvi, Body by vi, In Canada, 90 day challenge, Midland Ontario, Hunts Fitness, Fast weight loss, work from home

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is the Opposite of "Abundance"???

What I am not interested in is being HUNGRY all the time.

Today is the first day of my weight loss challenge. (Do you know how weird that is for me to say?)
This morning when my sweetheart picked up some of the information that came in my weight loss challenge kit, the first thing I said was. "oh, you're looking at my stuff..." and then "I'm embarrassed."

I had to stop and think about that for a bit. What is it that's embarrassing me?

Well, I'm used to NOT struggling with my weight. But, I haven't been as physically active in the last 7 months, and I DO love treats and heavy dinners the same as when I WAS active. So, having to admit I need some help feels a little embarrassing.

I think also because I'm not used to focusing on myself physically, this seems a little awkward. I'm used to pursuits of the MIND and pursuits of the HEART. It's taking me a little while to process the "your body is a temple." thing. If my body isn't functioning up to par, I won't be mentally alert enough for all of my "mind" pursuits.


Back to the hungry thing.

This morning is the first day of my weight loss challenge. I have the details posted HERE. (in terms of my measurements , goals, and how I'm doing, etc.) I made an "orange cremesicle" shake for breakfast (because that's what I had in the house - although there's a coffee latte shake you can do, too, as well as a tonne of other shakes you can have - I just don't have the fruit in my house!) and I'm NOT hungry YET (It's 11:30 - almost lunch.) I can have snacks and stuff, but I have still to really read through the papers that came with my kit.

So far, though, no hunger pangs. This is good. Because I don't do well with ... what's the opposite of "indulgence." ?? or "abundance"???


P.S. If you want to do this along with me, get the details HERE.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I've been feeling like spam-er-saurus the last 24 hours. Ever feel so excited about something you don't know when it's time to STOP talking about it for a minute? Yeah, that's me.

It's so crazy, that I woke at 2:30... and got out of bed around 3am... It's now 3:45am, and I don't see sleep coming anytime soon.

You may (or may not) know that I am in business and marketing. Been with a solid company for over 2 years, and have built it up quite nicely. I have a reputation for being able to sponsor! A close girlfriend came to me with HER biz opp. This happens quite a bit to me. I asked her about her comp plan, and she showed me. Showed me her back office (and her $1200 earnings for 6 days of work!) and I tried the product.

My current company is a compressed comp plan. You can go as far wide on your first level as you want, but only paid on 4 deep. This has it's advantages.

Her comp plan is a different plan completely. You get 3 on your first line, that's it. then, Your 3 get 3, and so on. Eventually you are placing people with the people you've sponsored. And the people above you are placing people with you. So everyone wins.
You get paid down 8 levels (which equals 6561 people in your plan if it's FULL. Your upline has to fill in your spots eventually.

Her upline is a local business couple who own a Fitness Club downtown. Knowing who her upline was, and seeing how fast she was putting this to work, I wanted to be as close to them as possible. I think they both wanted me on their team, too, knowing that I know how to sponsor.

Between the three of us, we'll be filling up that matrix pretty fast. I've been in this for less than 2 days, and I've already had lots of inquiries - I have some pretty fantastic internet marketing in place - I'm hoping my friends who are interested will get on it with me fast, so I can help them build their earnings, too!

Anyway, you can see my head is full. I've only got 2 more spots left on my FIRST line, and after that, I'll be filling up THEIR teams. With my other business, I filled it to over 40 people in a matter of 3 months - If I had done this with THIS company, my front line and I would have been earning BMW's in those first 3 months.

Ok... SEE. I feel like spammy spammer, but It's pretty exciting when someone who's been involved in this sees something SPECIAL in something new... Usually I'm pretty jaded.

Ok. Click here to Go Look. I'm going to try to go back to bed!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All the Moves Like Jagger

ooooh, We Live Excitement :)

It's all coming so soooon! Studio! University Agriculture Course! My Tarot course going live! SQUEE!

This week at market, we are having baking and Watkins on our table - a few special dolls will be on the table, but for the most part we are focusing on food till Thanksgiving weekend.

We'll have - Biscotti, in 8 different flavours
Breads: Banana, Zucchini, Green Tomato bread, and possibly carrot cake.
Oatmeal Cookies!
WHOLE WHEAT BEER BREAD MIX. oh yes. You know you wanna....

Oh, I'm also going to have my display in the local Kelseys for the month of September - I need to put that together so that I can set it up quickly!

The only bummer - kids are back in school soon. I'll miss them. We've had a good summer, though. It's really nice to be with them all day. Even if we did spend a good many days in jammies, with toys all over the floor.

Well... I guess I had better start thinking about dinner... and possibly getting dressed...


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vicariously Through the Belly Dancer, Miss Rio

I try to make her eyes
through the pictures
of all the sunsets she rides off into
Tell me how she keeps
her face free of blemishes
While on the road with a
troupe of gypsy's
Tell me how she keeps her tummy
so flat and smooth
When getting only 3 hours of sleep and
Eating chocolate cake for breakfast.
And how she trained those
Eight feet Snakes
to behave while she dances.


A friend of mine, who stitched and bitched with us once, posts
pics of Facebook of her on-the-road adventures. It makes me
poetic in the morning.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kijiji, I Wuv You.

I just listed a pile of stuff from my house - it's a bit amazing to me how much stuff we have, that's just sitting around, virtually brand new. My teenager when through his closet, and there were 8 pairs of brand new jeans in there, that he's grown out of and never worn.

Oh, they SO went on Kijiji this afternoon. Along with a pile of DVD's, and an armful of crafty books.

The De-Stash has begun. And the De-Stash feels good.

Is there a secret to cutting fat quarters for quilting? I think I'll have to get Google on the case, because that's my next mission. I have a better selection than Walmart currently, and there will be a sale at my new Studio, shortly after I get in there.

I'm very excited.

I've always loved the look of cutsie pie aprons. I always think "I could make that" and then I DON'T. Check this little number out from Flirty Aprons.com. They are on sale, too!

Go check out their pretties!

We are having garden wraps this evening. We have 2 handfuls of the little heirloom peppers, some green beans, some red tomatoes, and we're going to steam up some rice, see what else there is to toss into the wrap, and call it dinner.

Life is Good!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I totally skipped Market today - my pillow had a grip on my head and wouldn't let go. The blankets were in on it, I'm sure, pinning me down. The mattress was absolutely magnetic.

So, I stayed in.

And already, it's almost noon! Dark days for relaxing! Woot.

I ended up surfing the Sears Warehouse sales. At some point, there is going to be a proper bed in our lives! It will most likely come from Sears Warehouse... hehehe.

Warehouse Sale now on at Sears.ca - Millions in Markdowns and even more items added!

Pixies should be home soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Stuff For the WIN!

I use Vista Print for every-little-thing. My business cards (which also double as doll tags), I have postcards that I give away on my table at market as freebies (with my links on them.) I've gotten free hats, free T shirts, free pens... Oh, my LAWN sign was a freebie from Vista Print, too.

For the longest time, I was ordering from the US site... not realizing that there was a Canadian site at all. The Canadian site has a deal right now, Save up to 90% + GET FREE SHIPPING which I'm thankful for - I'll need some new stuff with the new Studio address on them - and I'm thinking I'll want some cards to give away for the first open house.

The garden is producing! We picked a whole 5 little sweet peppers (an heirloom plant - the peppers are sweet, but long and thin.) and yesterday I blanched and froze all the beans that came off the little pixies monster bean plant. We also blanched and froze all the swiss chard I felt we could pick and still keep the plants alive. They reduce down so much! But, they'll keep producing, so I know there'll be more.

Tomorrow I'm aiming at making some green tomato chow.

I've finished reading "The 4 Hour Work Week." I think I need to own a copy of this book. Inspiring and opened my eyes to so much.

So, that's what's new. Today, I napped, after a trip downtown where I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a year! The elder pixie got her retainer adjusted, and we totally ended up skipping the library today, in exchange for a visit on the church lawn.

Life is Good!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stickers! Now, go make dinner.

Everynow and again I get lost in the internets in a REALLY cool direction. This was a super fun find, on so many levels.

I'm thinking logo stickers for packaging, or to varnish right on some of my pieces. There's also BERNARDIN canning labels on this site. Can you imagine getting a jar labelled "Mama's Rock N' Roll Chutney" or "Hands of My Cherry Jelly."

I could go on.

Ok, I've got to make dinner. Go peek. It's all drag and drop, and you can drag your own logo into it, and they die cut them too! For small business, this could be a LOT of fun.

oooh, you could make stickers to resell, too!

Upload any image and create Custom Logo Stickers

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Do We Want? ORGANIC BEAUTY! When do we want it? NOW!

Lots and lots is shakin' around Little Scotia!

*The new studio is getting CLOSER!
*The Tarot business is keeping me busy!
*I'm starting a course with the University of Guelph this fall -Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate.
*I'm working on getting my online tarot course together. (so! close!)
*Zucchini have taken over the garden
*There are actually green peppers out there!
*Tomatoes galore, Egglplant doing it's best to become FOOD!
*Farmers and Artisans Market has been good to me this year.

What else... sweetheart is having fun with his culinary course (and feeding us well!). The kids have been enjoying summer (we've not done a lick of homeschool, which is always my intention at the beginning of summer, and here it is August 13th...)

Got some advertising sponsorship for my websites - they'll be rotating every week. Mostly they will be Canada or US based (but will service Canadian addresses happily.) This week, my sponsor is ORGANIC BEAUTY NOW. Lots of organic and non toxic choices for mom's AND kids!!!

Free Samples at Organic Beauty Now Start shopping now

I've been busy making some new dolls that I'm super excited about - I just need to talk nicely to my camera and see if it will let me share with you!!!

Today is Artwalk downtown... I don't have a booth, because I have a wedding to go to this afternoon. But, I'll be at the market tomorrow like always!

Have an awesome day :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Gettin' a STUDIO!

So, it's hot, and I've been keeping the "miserable" at bay by NOT moving or doing much by way of thinking today. It's nearly 9pm, and I think it's paid off. Or something.

I wanted to share a bit of magic with you!

Did I tell you about the "Studio Space Hunt"?

So, I was looking for a studio space. Because there IS no family room in my house. There is a cluttered room, and underneath material, beads, miniatures and piles, is a sectional couch that, once apon a time, my family used to sit on and watch Friday night movies on. My sweetie and I used to nap on it together. He used to read to the kids on it. The entire livingroom has been a no-go space.

And it's all my (art's) fault.

Now that I'm supporting the family with my businesses (sweetie is going to school, which was a bit of magic in itself.) I need the space.

I wanted something for September, when Market gets quieter. And cooler. And sometimes wetter, which is no good for stuffed dolls and monkeys, etc.

I wanted something with it's own bathroom, wireless internet, lots of shelves, lots of natural lighting. Something affordable. I visualized, I "ohhhhmed" the heck out of this one. Then, I started looking at spaces.

The first one I found was perfect - right down to the colour of the walls. The rent, however, was far too dear for me. I pouted for a day, I "ohhhhmed" some more, and called the manager to day "I love it, It's perfect, but it's out of my budget." I oohmed for another week.

She called. She talked to the owner, and came down half the price - right in my price range. A bit of magic. Oh yes, I'm taking it...

So, in September, I'll have a place to work, display my creations, do tarot readings, and put all the stuff currently in the livingroom!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Wish for a Studio

I have been SOOOOO absent.

My brain has been FULL to the brim with all that I have going on. So, it leaves not much time for bloggedy blog blog.

My current thought has been to find some studio space. I'm not sure how to make it happen. My livingroom is a disaster - hardly usable - because I cannot work in my basement. My basement stores my crafting STUFF (I could fill a room.) and I would really like to give my family back the house.

I'm cheap though.

There IS a cheap office available downtown - the building is clean and bright, but the actual space is in a BASEMENT! lol... it's a mini mall type set up, under a bank. (ooooh money!) and I'd like to be able to have clients in to the studio. And, I'd have to do 10 tarot readings just to make the rent. What I'll pay in rent will not end up in our bank to pay our bills.

I"m still chewing this all over.

But my family would really benefit from having a livingroom again.

markets are going well. I had a booth at the Canada Day celebrations, and that was pretty awesome.

I need space to make more Monkeys and dollies!!!


My criteria:
Must be inexpensive. Really don't want to pay more than $300 a month.
Must have access to a bathroom and sink!!!
Brightly lit, clean.
Be convienient for clients to come to.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Epicure Selections

All the information about Epicure Selections.

So, my beloved is taking a cooking course. I already sell baking at The Midland Farmers Market on Sundays. Together we were going to put together some spice mixes to sell at market - get little baggies, print up how to use them, put recipes together...

And I thought "This is exactly how Sylvie Rochette started with Epicure Selections!" And the thought that followed THAT was "Why should we do all this guess work when Sylvie and Epicure Selections has already done it for us?"

I contacted the Epicure Selections lady I knew, asked her a tonne of questions through the week, went to her monthly coaching meeting... and signed on as an Epicure Selections Consultant myself.

Epicure Selections requires you to do parties - This is definately a "get out of the house" business, unlike my other work from home business, which is similar in that it's green and natural, but I can work it completely online.

I'm guessing I'll be staying fairly close to home with my business - Midland Ontario, Penetanguishene Ontario, Port McNicoll Ontario, and the surrounding areas. But, I can help anyone across Canada get started with this business - and what's beautiful about that is that there are still local meetings you can attend, even if you and I are far away.

I'm really excited about how much Epicure Selections gives away for FREE and half price to the families who are kind enough to host a party. I had to print up a few pages of the specials just so I'll remember.

My backround is in companies like this one - but Epicure Selections so far is the most generous to hostesses, and supportive with their consultants. Gifts, Prizes, etc etc.

If you are looking for Epicure Selections in Midland Ontario, or area, give me a shout! I'd be happy to help you have a fabulous tasting party that earns you lots of freebies!

And, if you are looking to work from home with Epicure Selections, I'd be happy to chat with you, answer all your questions, and help you get started and keep momentum! (and how to place yourself in the top Google ranks for your area for Epicure Selections Consultants.)

Lori Petroff

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alive and Kicking.

so, haven't been here in a while!

The garden is plugging along. Tomatoes and zucchini and melons doing great. Only half of my lettuce has come up (I think the ants took away the rest of the seeds...) strawberries like gangbusters...

Life is busy! And I'm good with that. My beloved has started school, we're buying a new-to-us car, The farmers market has started in earnest (so I'm baking and crafting in spare moments.)

Oh, and my tarot card site has taken off like gangbusta's. Meeting new people in a private room at the library turned out to be a brilliant idea. Oh, and adding the email option, too.

Kids are done school in a week. It seems late this year, but, whutevah. An extra week to work during the day before the kid-entertainment shuffle begins. (Those kids need to learn how to weave a bracelet, for heavens sake... help a mutha out!)

Today, it feels like I have a lot on my plate. It's a dang good thing I've got myself a shiny new, half hour increment adgenda. I'm going to need it!

So, anyway, still kicking!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's Shakin? (please let it be bacon...)

It's so hot today, my skin feels like it's burning even though I've been inside nearly all day. (Minus the walking of pixies to school and taking laundry off and on the line.)

Today is my beloveds LAST official day at his current workplace, and I am very excited for this! I'm happy he'll have a bit of time off, but I'll have to keep reminding myself to keep to my schedule. I'm getting into a pretty good routine with work, crafting, tarot, and housework. (yeah, I'm definately no Martha, but there are the everyday messes that keep me just busy enough to keep me away from the big messes. Whut Evah. There's always January.

This Sundays market was much much better than the first market day - I'm pleased with the days sales, considering the amount of traffic that was through. I cannot wait for summer to pick up, though! (The only thing I'll be able to write come July is "MUST MAKE MORE MONKEYS!")

Not sure if there's any more to update. Been keeping busy with phone availability for the tarot, keeping up with Watkins orders, and crafting like MAD.

Oh and the garden... Food is coming up! Yay!

Must eat.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Itty Bitty Little Dentist Rant.

I spent the day in the garden. Other than the beginning of it which I spent at the dentist with the pixies.

One is going to see an orthadontist, and they figure what we'll need to do is "Planned Extraction." Over the next months and years pull out the teeth that are trying to come out so the adult ones can come. Oh, this is the child with the too small jaw and the monstrous sized teeth, and who's wisdom teeth are already showing. Yes, the 8 year old. They are impacting her adult molars, and THOSE molars are impacting her last baby molars.

It's going to be AWE-FRIGGIN-SOME.

The other pixie (9 going on 18) is getting an "appliance" in a few weeks (and not the good kind that mixes stiff drinks, either... which by the way I feel like I could use after today.)

so, I opted to spend the day in the garden instead of spamming my friends with desperate pleas to go to any one of my business sites so that I can pay the dentist... yeah. Goodtimes.

SO. Got 2 rows of tomatoes in, and some zucchini to guard them. Put my spinich in the garden bed and some containers. Put Eggplant in containers and then later looked at my "garden journal" to see that I had intended them for one of the boxes. Oops.

Banged some former garbage tent poles into the ground to support the tomatoes. (they are all around 5' tall, so they SHOULDN'T fall down this year. )

My melons are getting FLOWERS in their newspaper pots... I'm going to have to uncover the side bed (it's covered in the sides of my old metal shed. Yeah, functional garbage. ) and get those babies in soon. I need to figure out what I'll surround THAT plot with to keep critters out.

blaaaa blaaa blaaa. I'll be reminding my daughter that she HAS to eat the eggplant, and NO there will be no takeout. We have bunches of teeth to pay for.

Thankfully I have exhausted my body today. Hopefully this will let my mind rest.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What day is it again?

So, we went and set up for the first Farmers Market Day. Figured I had to go, even knowing that it was most likely going to rain. It was awkward and just-the-same all at once. Pulling up to "my spot" it felt like it had only been last weekend, instead of 7 months.

It was a dreary day, up until the last half hour. It was overcast all morning and rained till about 11:30 or so. Then, around 1:30, the sun beamed out and it was beautiful.

My sales were minimal. Didn't even manage to share a Watkins catalogue or Tarot business card. But, it was a good practice run.

I so ache for a studio to work in. With summer coming, the idea of having a place anywhere OTHER than my house makes no sense. I'll have 2 pixies to watch after anyway. But, it would be nice to have somewhere other than the livingroom to destroy with crafty goodness.

Today, I am contemplative. I am thinking too fast. I am getting NOTHING done. ehhehe.

Happy .. what day is it again? Dang long weekends make it confusing...


Monday, May 23, 2011

My Honey is Going Back to College!!!

So, the BIG secret that I couldn't blab wasn't really my secret to tell - It was my beloveds. My sweetie has given his notice to his work, and is going to college to become a Chef! We are SO very excited! (He put it out there on Facebook yesterday, so I can say it outloud now, too!)

He's been talking about it for EVER. And everything just fell into place beautifully to allow it to happen. I'm really excited for him to be able to pursue this, because he wants it so badly.

This means some big changes in our lives - challenges that we are both feeling good about facing. This is why I've been pointing to my business websites so frequently lately. I'll be supporting us, for the most part.

I love supporting him in this - He's always supported me 100% with a big smile and a "you go girl!" attitude with all my crazy hair brained ideas, no matter how outlandish they may have seemed to him. My support for him will be as limitless as his has been for me.


I'm also very excited for all the AWESOME cooking that will be happening in our kitchen.

*Squee!* So, that's the big secret news.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rental inspection day

Today I am waiting. I have a rental inspection - I can't take calls while I'm waiting for them, because my luck they'll walk in while I'm reading.

There are a happy little collection of monkeys and critters ready for market on Sunday (pleasedon'trainpleasedon'train) I should probably make a few more necklaces and ..oh, the inspectors are here. Fab.

Anywho, I want to take pics of all the critters, but SOMETHING is wrong with the camera. This makes me cringe. it most likely means I did something to it. My beloved will forgive me. But I still feel bad. Hopefully this will be something that he will take one look at and fix for me.

I'm hoping they'll be through soon, so I can get on with my day!

But now I feel weird because there are 5 people running around my house...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ag arg arg arg arg arghhhh (The Sound of Laughter.)

Little conflicted today. Not in a bad way, really, I guess. More in a "I'm releaved, but What the hell is going on?" sort of way.

Recap: March 3rd, Lori has what is now and forever more to be called "The Big Floppy". If it feels like a stroke and looks like stroke, then it must be a stroke right? Off to the stroke clinic and a bazillion tests.

Today: All the tests are compiled (accept for apparently my blood tests, which are M.I.A.) and the brain scan shows I'm normal (this makes me LAUGH like a horse in the doctors office. I have lost my inner editor. It's partying somewhere with my 20's.) None of the tests showed anything. The doctor turned to me and said: "Maybe you were just tired." Which also made me laugh.

I'm a jerk. (To be fair, the doctor was having a bit of a difficult day - her nurse was a stand in who didn't know how to rightly use the machine to take blood pressure, or the computer system. I felt for everyone there today - despite not getting in to see the doctor until 45 minutes after I should have... I digress.)

So, the GOOD news is everything is ok with my brain (**snork-guffaw**) and if there's anything wrong, the only place left to show it is in my bloodwork. My spidey senses say it's going to be a sugar/dehydration thing.

The other news, I guess, Is that I can stop being afraid and feeling fragile now. Because this whole time I have been. I quit everything, because I was a total mess. I had been taking it so easy that I don't rightly fit into my pants. Now I can feel good about looking a little into the future (no tarot-reader pun intended.) and make some plans.

I really really think this was all about the Universe (in what ever form or name you give it.) telling me I had to slow-the-heck-down, and that I had strayed too far from my path. Things were happening in my life that felt out of control. Taking some time to refocus has put my family on a brand new exciting path - made me open to it and ready for it. (This ties in with the "big secret" that I can't SHARE yet!!! I think sometime next week I should be able to say SOMETHING.)

Life is good. I'm listening.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

test test

this blog is only a test. Because the last 2 have slipped off into some sort of blog vortex in which they may be lost forever.

Happy Saturday.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secret Secret, I gotta Secret! (you gotta sing it like Styx.)

Something VERY exciting is happening RIGHT NOW, but I cannot give details... another week or two and I'll be able to spill ALL.

However, this very exciting thing has me shoving some new life into an old career. Not really old, I just haven't done it for money in a while...

It's Tarot Reading. (what were YOU thinking??? Although to be fair, I can't say I've done THAT for money in a while, either. I digress...)

So, I'm still doing everything else.

My Watkins business is pretty much on autopilot. I do an order once a month, occasionally do a training call with one of my team mates (or help them build their team with calls.)

My Coaching business also almost runs on autopilot. I put some stuffs on Facebook every now and again with it, and do emails and ads.

The Farmers Market is starting soon. So, during the week while waiting for calls, I'll be sewing goodies to bring down with me on Sundays.

that ties in with my etsy stores.

And, to that, for the extra cushion, I've set up my tarot reading business again. It's unfortunate that I have to build my rating up again, but the bonus is that the first people I do phone readings with are gonna get a super low price (and free minutes.) If you're curious about it, you can come by my Lori-Grace Reads Tarot Facebook page.

And that is all! I'm super stoked with all the INSANE energy that has been swirling around here. But AMAZING things are happening, and I STILL have to wait another week or two before I can tell you about it.



Monday, May 9, 2011

I Wanna Be Sedated By Hobbits.

I was having a good hair day on Friday, and wanted to mark the occasion with pictures. Unfortunately, I don't think I was having a good face day. BWHAHAHAHA! Anywho, me with NO glasses. I used to hate my glasses, and when I'd go out dancing at 19, I would take them off and be blind, never knowing exactly who I was dancing with. hahahaha.
And then me with my new Geeky Girl glasses. My scholarly, mysterious woman glasses. I flippin' love these.
I have a problem, and it is that I lust all things geek/nerd. Watching The Big Bang Theory is a guilty pleasure because I find it slightly pornographic. Popping in the disc with the newest episodes of Fringe is secretive dirty, toe curling happy stuff. Watching my beloved type 120 wpm while programming makes me chew my nails. Reading books alone in public is hot. I'm antsy for The Hobbit to come out.

Man, 37 is HARD. (but, the funnest hard EVAR!)


p.s. These posts are really degrading into something alluringly dark. I should go put my seedlings on the front step and get step out of my own head for a bit.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

OVERLORD Award - It's About Flippin Time.

I've just been given the Overlord Award from Andie from over at Inspiration Strikes. In the Kneecaps. (Have I mentioned lately how I adore her words? Really, she's got one of those mysteriously sensual brains that I want to just BE NEAR. Not is a zombie way. We should arrange more play dates. Oh, and I have a bike for your littlest, if you want it, too, btw.)

Three things that are gonna change now that I'm calling the shots:

First order of business:
The recycling guys are going to TAKE the friggin clamshell packages and have a way to RECYCLE those damn things, as well as ALL the other plastic they leave behind in my blue bin. OR, the great conglomerates that be are just going to STOP manufacturing the *bleep bleepin'* things. RECYCLING is one of those things that DRIVE ME MANIC. The house is a flipping write off, but that damn RECYCLING had better be divided correctly or there will be HELLZ to pay! (sometimes I get intense about...things. Mad Hatter Intense.)

Second order of business:
It will be MANDATORY that all children between ages of 8 and 17 will take various and pertinent Home Economic courses. Cleaning and cooking REAL FOOD and learning how to budget are mandatory skills. And although self expression will be encouraged, they will be required to PULL UP THEIR BOY PANTS/COVER THEIR GIRL PARTS appropriately in the workplace/kitchen for health and safety reasons.

Final order of business:
The gathering, amassing, and sharing of Love will be far more important than the gathering, amassing, and spending of money in ALL areas of life. I was going to suggest that maybe love should be replaced as currency - but that could get misinterpreted, and then teenagers may all decide that leaving their pants loose and barely covering their girl parts are the way to get new cars and gadgets... *aherm..*

There, that was pretty simple. I may be adding more to my list of overlordly ideals. But, it's mothers day, and I must shower before making the Tour of Mothers.

SO, here's breaking the RULES:

You wanna be an OverLord? I grand YOU the OverLord Award. Let everyone know where it came from, and what you'd do. Pass it on if you like :)

Have a most fabulous day!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sh*t I Found In The Junk Drawers.

  • A Tampax coupon for $1 off - that expired June 2005.
  • Raffi - Singable Songs for the Very Young cassette tape. No cover.
  • 2 child-don't-put-knives-in-the-outlet safety plug plastic doolallers.
  • A paid reciept from a cartoon the pixies father got paid for.
  • A "Judical Interim Release Order" against the pixies father - July 2004. (Oh, memories of being terrorized by the one you love.***)
  • 2 undeveloped instant cameras.
  • 80 kabajillion rubber bands.
  • A welfare stub from Feb 2005.
  • Many "moist toilettes" with Colonel Sanders smiling face.
  • Many packets of soy and plum sauce.
  • 6 different fairy themed temporary tattoos
  • a little black crawly bug. (uuuugh.)
  • The plastic lid of a toddler sippy cup.
  • 3 books of cheques with my former-married name on them.
  • 26 metal curtain hooks.
  • A handful of penny and nickle paper rollers.
  • Dusty candles.
  • Loose and random batteries.
  • 4 rubber Christmas placemats that I used to be SO proud of.
  • So. Much. More. Crap.
No bloody wonder It's taken me 6 years to get around to cleaning it out. Who knew so much joy and pain and baggage was hiding in there? (Yeah, I probably subconsciously did.) But, as I write, the kitchen table still looks like this:
So I had better get my arse in gear.


*** To be completely fair, he would probably argue that I wasn't particularly loving and that I terrorized him just as much. However, I finished with playing fair about 2.5 years ago. Not bitchy about it. Just indifferent.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Good heavens Miss Sakamoto - you're beautiful!"

Spent the morning outside "dirting". Yes, that's a 'thing' now. I have a poetic license, remember? *snork*

A few nights ago, I'm watering the plants, and see this peeking out of the damp bag of hollyhock seeds: Oh hai! So, I open it up to see all sorts of little seedlings not waiting for me to put them into little paper pots before sprouting. Naughty seedlings.

As I said, these were taken a few days ago. The squash is ALREADY out of control (zucchini.) They are in egg cartons, remember? So, I'm going to have to do something about those this afternoon. This will require me to get covered in newsprint to roll them little potlets.
Again, a few days ago. These are the random sunflower seeds I had in a baggie for, uh, at least 2 years. I had to raise the lights yesterday, I'm worried they are growing too tall, too fast.
The weather has been completely mad, with snow and rain storms - I hope they can wait another 2 weeks before going outside. Below, is the tray of Box Car Willie tomatoes I planted. I hate these little seed starter things, but it was the only tray the store had that I happened to be in.

And, (heheheh) Check out mah new specs:
Because you NEVER know when you're going to have to BLIND someone with SCIENCE! (Or give peace a chance.) Also, Clearly Contacts was having a STUPID sale - They're perscription, and INCLUDING the 2 day shipping, they were $28. So, yeah. I get goofy glasses.

Ok. I've eaten my lunch and chatted on the phone with my bro, so I guess I should sit my arse outside on the step and finish banging holes in the bottom of coffee cans so I can fill 'em with dirt.

Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say "Versatile" 35 Times.

This Award has RULES. (I HATES me some rules, but I guess I'll play. Because playing is funner than rules. Damn, I'm picking up Tucker Speak.)

1. Link back to awarderer. See below! Tucker the Puppy (Through Bruce, who Tucker owns) Awarded me this purdy square.

2. Tell 7 facts that people may not know about you... (uh oh.)

3. Pass this on to as many blogerers as you want to! (I think at one point there was a number attached to this rule.. but y'know. It hates the rules!!)

So, it was Tucker through BRUCE over at JADIP (Just Another Day in Paradise) that decided I was Versatile enough to get a pretty green square that says so. I loves GREEN.

Bruce and Tucker have been on my daily read list for a while now. I think I stumbled on him from Dude Craft... but I know Andie and Bruce read each other too( She is my self confessed Doppleganger, or maybe I am hers? And she is also Goddess of Pickles) So I may have come across him there. Any way, he makes me giggle. I love the internets.

7 Facts People May Not Know About Me.

This one might be a little hard, since I love talking about myself love telling stories... let's have a think...

1. I often forget the simplest things, and will ask my honey 3 times the same question - but I think it's because my head is FULL of 80's music lyrics, that there's no more room for new stuff.

2. From grades kindergarten through 8, I went to 10 different schools. Three of those were in grade 4 alone. It's no wonder I had trouble with math.

3. I'm addicted to love (... Might as well face it!) but it's only because I'm really REALLY good at it.

4. Although I'm friends with LOTS of people, I'm happiest when I'm spending time alone. Think Think Think. Write Write Write. Never been someone who had to call anyone up for company. I go out all the time by myself, and never feel weird about it.

5. I have been 5 feet tall since I was 13.

6. I write a lot of smutty stories under a pseudonym (No, I will not tell you what it is. That's the point of a pseudonym! Baha! )

7. It takes ALL MY effort to walk by a mirror and NOT look.

Whew. That was HARD!

So, now I have to choose somebody to pass it on to??? sHEET.

Ok, so I read my bloglist everyday - here are a few that I particularly enjoy (who haven't already been tagged with being VERSATILE, as far as I can remember. hehehe.)

Fiona at Rowangarth Farm - I love reading her posts. She really is versatile , from what I've learned - and the things she is doing are on my own path. Oh, and she lives in the same province I do, so I can actually use her farm experiences and advice.

Frugal Homesteads (It's not just for hippies anymore...) This family BLOWS MY MIND. I love that they have recorded all of their experiences. I learn best by reading THEN doing. When every they post anything, I jump on it to SEE!

Aimee from New To Farm Life. Aimee's blog was the first farming blog I came across, and I ended up staying up over an hour later than I intended to reading all her posts. She writes so well, that you'll feel like you're learning right along with her. She and her husband do so much on their farm!

Do you see a pattern here? hehe, yeah. I once said to my beloved that my 22 year old self would NOT recognize my 37 year old self. His reply was that he likes my 37 year old self just how I am now. :)

Ok. I need to have a shower BADLY, so I have to get OUT of this chair!!! (Oh, wait, that was an 8th thing you didn't know about me... and probably could have lived without. hehehe.)