Thursday, July 21, 2016

Midland Ontario Art Studio

Have I mentioned that Little Scotia is all set to have it's own little room in September?
Yes. I'm excited. And freaking out. I don't feel very organized. My crafts and are supplies are currently all over my house.

The Little room is down the hall from my Tarot office. And it's sort of a glorified closet. But it will work for what I need. To get the stuff out of the house, and organize it so I always know where the glue sticks are.

I'm still producing, and doing markets and some shows. The producing is small scale and slow though. I'm so excited for my new room. It means getting busy!!!


Georgian Bay Renovations

Georgian Bay Renovations

I met a down to earth fellow last week, and he runs a local contracting company. He's the contractor that's been working on the office building where I have my office, and where Little Scotia will be in September. I was surprised to learn how well rounded his business is.

The renovations they do in Georgian Bay (and even further south) include kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement renovations, and office or work renovations. But they also do brick laying, and will build houses from the ground up. Small renovations to the whole house. I was impressed!

His website has some photos on it, showcasing his company's former jobs. There are some great pictures of the dream house exteriors, as well as some fantastic interior kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The website is simple, but you can call and ask all the questions, get quotes, (with no obligation) and meet this Midland Ontario contractor who is also the project manager.

check it out!


Georgian Bay Renovations
522 Elizabeth Street BOX 9, 
Midland , Ontario
L4R 2A1

(705) 243-0604 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Midland Ontario Reflexology, Massage, Waxing

It's been a busy summer. Already.
I'm sneaking in levity when I can! But, still there's work.
Wanted to share some of my Summer relaxation links in Midland Ontario.

Midland Ontario Reflexology

That's me, ofcourse. it's very relaxing to give Reflexology, believe it or not!

Midland Ontario Massage - This lady knows her stuff! And RMT in Midland that absolutely rocks.

And then, this.

Midland Ontario Waxing  - so... Midland Ontario Waxing helps me look nice and smooth all summer long. As relaxing as waxing can be... really, it's more about not shaving everyday. Now THAT'S relaxing. hehehe.

There you go!