Friday, May 16, 2008

First Craft Vendor Show

I"ve booked our first venue. I haven't done a craft show in YEARS, and I'm pretty excited. It's geared towards Mom's and parents, so I know I'll be bringing a lot of the gear that the Pixies don't fit in anymore, but I'll be sporting a Little Scotia banner, and ofcourse have alot of Little Scotia goodies.

Any one-of-a-kind items that you've been eyeing on our etsy store, now is the time to purchase it. We will be bringing our etsy inventory with us to sell on the table, which will allow me to refill the etsy store with brand new goodies when the old is sold.

The garden is coming along nicely! All the baby seedlings are growing bigger and bigger, and Marc and I spend an awful lot of time taking care of them (talk about a nursery! Out in the sun in the morning, back in at night, watering and checking and and and.....) They aren't quite big enough to bring to the yard sale that a girlfriend is having up the road tomorrow (I've got an extra 50 organic tomatoes that will be needing a home, but they're still only little.) But I'm guessing in another month or two they might be ready, and I'll put them out on tables here.

Here's where you can find us, to come and see our gear and say hello!

Saturday, June 21st, 2008
North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre **(Seniors Room)
King Street, Midland, Ontario

9 am – 12 pm
$1 at the door – Proceeds to La Leche League
Quality, gently used baby and children’s clothing, baby items, toys, books, maternity clothing, ladies clothing and lots more!

If you are local, there are still spaces left. Shoot me a message at etsy, and I'll forward the info.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crochet Hooks and Vintage Vinyl.

I made Mothers Day cards today. I love cut and paste.

I've been contemplating buying a sewing/craft desk, that folds up and hides the machine when your done. (And looks like a side board piece of furniture.) I haven't made the leap yet... because in order to make it fit in my living room, I'll have to relocate my turntable-in-cabinet circa 1965 to the basement. When something gets banished to the basement, that's one step away from the thrift store.

I love my records. I love my record player. I love crafting. I love sewing. I'm so CONFUSED. (Insert Lucille Ball whining cry HERE. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Mothers Day is this weekend. I hope all you mom's out there do something you love.

I might just be sewing on top of my stereo cabinet on Sunday.