Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black and White and Shades of Gray

Not last night but the night before, there was a skunk in the yard. I left garbage on the back step and forgot about them, and he did his best to break in. We were under the gazebo listening to him, and in a giggling fit, I ran into the house, grabbed the cam, and opened up the back door window. The flash scared him away, but I was full of nervous laughter. Thinking about how SCREWED I'd be if I got sprayed, or if he sprayed the back door. Hahaha..

Good times.

I'm SO close to finishing the first miniature doll house furniture set, it's painful. They've been assembled, paper mached, painted. I'm waiting for the paint to dry before I inspect them to make sure they are ready for varnishing. The box with the skull is going to be their gift/storage box. I was thinking of putting something across the top. "my mini goth" or "my creepy dollhouse" or maybe I'll wait and who ever buys it can give me the name of the intended recipient, or their doll's name. This set has been a total LABOUR of love! SO much time to assemble and actually get the paper mache around all the little corners. I have no idea what I should price for it. Any ideas??? I'm not sure what scale they are exactly... 1/24 scale, I'm pretty sure. The bed is 3 3/4" from headboard to foot board. The dining table is 1 and 3/4" tall

My fingers are cramped up from all the miniature work!! Oh, and mowing the lawn :)


Friday, August 29, 2008

Half of What I Say Is Meaningless (but I'll say it just to reach you.)

Today is hella-yeah gorgeous.

It is gray and damp outside. It is warm and well-lit inside. The girls and I are paper macheing our puppets (they take many layers) plus I'm working on the little furniture sets (I think they are 1/24 scale, but I'll have to double check. They might be smaller...)

It is a "White Album" morning, fer sure bye. Melty peanut butter and toast morning. Luke-warm Coffee and Juice morning . Mommy, you're the best mommy morning. Gooey fingers and brain buzzing morning. Creative juices over-flow morning. Listen to the pixies bungle through "Bungalo Bill" morning.

September is a lick and a promise morning.


The double bed heals all.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cruising Through $100

For those of you who know me, you know that I don't blow $100 on anything at once ever. (Groceries are the exception. Although even then, I'm sure I'm getting at least $150 WORTH of groceries for that $100...and sometimes it's more like $175 or $200.)

Anyway, got some GREAT DEALS today in Elmvale.

*Bought 3 boxfulls of mason jars from Lea today for $10 plus a jar of chow chow when it's done (thanks Lea)
*Admission for my mom and myself to Rounds Ranch $20 (girls got in free, we won tickets)
*Assorted toy goodies from the Elmvale Farmers Market (or sales barn or whatever you call it.. I'm gapping on the name.) $20
*Plus food and drinks ($12), some Kolbasa and pepperettes from the meat vendors we like ($25), and some cheese curds from the cheese vendor dude. (4.50)

I am EXHAUSTED. Rounds Ranch left something to be desired, but that's mostly because we missed the wagon ride, and I wasn't hanging out in the sun for another hour to wait to feed the animals.

I am excited about the table and chair set I got, though. It's hand made from tin cans. I'm going to fix it up, ofcourse. Also all the dollies I got to fix up and dress and resell with some doll furniture I'm making.

(I swear, I've got about 10 projects on the go, or the wish list. I figure If I don't get to them all, there will be stuff to do in winter.)

Ok, I need hydration. Or a nap.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winter Festival Ornaments for the Shopping Diva

I've been on a folding frenzy. Itty bitty shopping bags. My original intention was just for use with dolls and dollhouses (Blythe or Barbie sort of thing) but it occured to me that these would make the CUTEST ornaments for the tree. They would also be a perfect gift for the shopping diva on your list. You know the one... the girl who loves to shop, and therefore has EVERYTHING already so is impossible to buy for. These are going to come in a decorated box for gift giving and storage. The box will have the face of a bag on the front, plus it can be personalized to suit who you are giving it to. Their name, "born to shop", or some other sassy phrase or inside joke.

Small box will have 10 ornaments: $10.00
Large box will have 30 ornaments: $25.00

You can also choose a variety of colours, or a set of uniform colours. I'll let you know what I have on hand when you inquire.

As soon as I have the whole package together I'll be listing it on etsy for you to actually SEE. Pre-ordering is always helpful, and then you'll be sure to have them in your hands for your Winter Celebration parties (which are always at the beginning of December, catching us off guard!)

Email me. I promise I won't tell your girlfriends what you got them :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

beezy beezy beezy... AAAAAAMMMMEEENNNNNN.

I have been keeping my hands busy with crafty projects this week.

*Made a hat with a knitting round, (which was promptly claimed by the littlest pixie. *Now I am working on one for the elder sister.)
Did the first layer of some paper mache heads. These will be puppet or doll heads. We have to see what they have to say about it.
*finally made the dang zucchini bread. (mmm.)
*Figured out how to fold little gift bags for my miniature listings
*Also, some little gift boxes. (these are too much fun.)
*cleaned nothing but the bare minimum required, for clean spoons and cereal bowls.

I have SO many ideas, and I get all excited and want to work on them all at once.

OOOOHHHHH YEAH. I ordered something very special from another etsy seller from Ireland for my step father for christmas (he's so hard to buy for.) yes, I am completely starting my Winter Solstice Surprises now. Because all the little prezzies will be well thought out and appropriate for the recipient. All my family already knows I'm "frugal" (although they tend to use the phrase CHEAP.) but it's more of me taking an active roll in reducing the crap grab at that time of year. If it isn't thoughtful, loving, and special, I want no part of it. I prefer a handmade something-or-other than a mass produced, over priced something-or-other.

And that is my sermon for the month. I swear. ;)


Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have NEVER EVER been so excited for school to start EVER. All the kids are in full time, and I will have Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm to MYSELF. fort he first time, in 10 years or so. It's no dang wonder I've been singing since the full moon on Friday. Somehow this sense of jiggly giggly sense of wonderment is tied in to me finishing the Tom Robbins novel I was working my way through...I'm not exactly sure how, but, Yum.

I've got a whole list of projects that are earmarked for September. A Bride of Frankenstein doll, A couple of East Coast Old Guy puppets, some other Little Scotia Ladies dolls, Hallowe'en miniature doll house doolallies, my sexy little witch painting that needs finishing, etc etc etc...Oh, and a wallet for my son.

As well as writing. I've got a massive collection of stuff that I want to put together for an anthology of sorts. Needs some attention. (My house needs some attention too, but, uh, that's not as fun is it???)

The tarot readings have been going well, and I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting. I really do need to learn to reign it in however. I've been on psychic overload for about a week now (again, since the full moon on Friday) I'm absolutely buzzing all the time. My dreams have been hilariously wacky.

Also, here we are, with 10 more days left of August, and I've got 17 tomatoe plants with at least 6 tomatoes each, that just won't go red. So, I've purchased some mason jars, and am going to pull off some of the smaller green guys to make "chow chow"... which is a special relish that we used to have all the time at Grampa's Nova Scotia dinner table. I'm pretty happy about that. Yum.

I have to go brush my teeth. They are totally distracting me. And get the pixies in bed, as I have an in person reading in about half an hour in my kitchen...and giggling pixies above my head make for a distracted Little Witch.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Tarot Readings - 1.99 for 10 minutes.

Yes, I am a tarot mama.
Once apon a time, I did tarot readings over the phone, online, and in person. I did parties and individual readings.
I took a little break for the last year, but I'm back at it again.

The company I use to read through (they are pretty much a middle man) is most suitable for my needs. They don't demand a minimum call length, and they don't demand that I log on even when I'm not feeling the reading vibe. They let me give free minutes to my callers when ever I want, they have an internal email system so we can communicate with each other, and their system is really easy to use.

I have worked on this system for YEARS. My youngest is going to be 6 this year, and I started just before she was born. I have NEVER had a problem with them having my credit card info EVER, and never gotten unwanted spammy emails.

All my calls are COMPLETELY confidential. I never discuss readings with ANYONE else. I've been a reader for 14 years, and you can ask anyone...they've NEVER heard me talk about my calls or appointments. I take what I do seriously, I respect my clients (and friends who are clients, and clients who become friends!) and have had the positive feedback to prove it.

They've got a really good special on right now for new callers... 10 minutes for $1.99. Super cool. Please click through the banner to get the new deal. (and after we use our 10 minutes, I can always send you free minutes. I also always do follow up emails.)

Once your there, you can look me up. I'm LoriGrace. And if you find another psychic there you feel you connect with more, that's ok too! You can't beat 10 minutes for under $2!

10 Minutes for $1.99

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Little Magick.

Today was a pretty exciting day!

I got my ISBN for The Purr of the Mattress! Got that put on to the back cover, likedy split Barba-Trick! Yayyyyy!
I also got word from a website that they like my writing style, and have hired me on, on a probation period. I always wanted to blog for pay. Happy Day.

Just as exciting... I actually got 3 loads of laundry washed and dried. We've had rain so many days, I haven't put anything on the clothes line in probably two weeks. And in summer, if I can't use the clothes line, I DON'T DO laundry. (It's a good thing we all have lots of undies.) I also had the Big Tall Boy mow the front and side lawns, and the girls took out the pile of recycling, walked up to hit the dollar store and bring Marc some lunch, AND I managed to make a real dinner. whew!

I started a painting today. A little witch, on an 8 x 10" canvas. It's been FOREVER since I've painted anything larger than ACEO size. I hope I can finish it! I'll post the results when she's finished.


Monday, August 11, 2008

For Halloween, I Want To Be Lenny Bruce

This is what happens when I get up at 6am, put on Metric, and start painting. (I went to their official web page, and it looked screwed. So, instead, check out their Myspace)

"For Halloween, I Want To Be Lenny Bruce"... ACEO. Ink and acrylic paint.

It reminds me of a high school project where we had to carve out and make prints. I did Jim Morrison.

There may be a Jim Morrison ACEO soon, now, too.



Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Tomatoes

Despite the wet weather, we have our first two tomatoes! From the plant my daughter brought home from school, the first tomatoes are her plum ones. Purdy!

The ones I planted are big Box Car Willie ones, they get up to a pound. They're still green, but hopefully soon they'll start turning. I have lots of little Watermelon babies starting, and the Zucchini is also getting picked tomorrow for our dinner. (Also from the Zucchini plant she brought home from school. )

Today was rainy and damp and cold. Come on summer! A little more sun and heat! The garden needs it!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Look Awaaaaay From The Dry Bread....

Yesterday, my baking attempt as a 50% success.

I made a beautiful banana bread. And a not so beautiful Challah Bread.

One of the wonderful things about banana bread is that you can buy speckled skin banana's at 25% of their regular cost. Occasionally, markets have just given their not-so-pretty bags of banana's to me for nothing. It makes the cost of the final treat minimal. And, when you call it "Banana Cake" the kids think it's a big deal. (I could go on an on about the virtues of the "yukky banana, but I digress.)

So, the banana bread was a hit. Soft, moist, yummy.
My challah bread on the other hand... not so nice.

I think the addition of 2 cups of whole wheat flour, replacing 2 cups of white, threw the whole recipe off. Generally, I "ad-lib" my bread recipes, go by feel so to speak. But, it had been some months since the "bake a loaf every day" habit, and I thought for a change I would actually READ the directions. Mistake.

It was dry. As much as I'd LIKE to throw the braided loaf out for the birds, you KNOW I'll end up putting it into a casserole dish and make some pudding. (I'm frugal with food, after all!)

I'll keep you posted about how the pudding goes.

For now, would you like butter on your banana bread?


Friday, August 8, 2008

Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah

Today... well, I showered, managed to get the Big Tall Boy to have one, and got both of the pixies in, too. That in itself somedays is some sort of miracle.

Right now the bread dough is on it's first rise. The girls and I will punch it in an hour. Then an hour after that, we'll braid it. Then an hour after that we'll bake it. I also have a peach brown betty thing to do with the "too bruised" peaches. (one little bruise, and the kids go squeamish. I bake all fruit that gets that review, into SOMEthing... Disguised so they'll eat it.)

After speaking to a former high school teacher of mine (he's a friendly face, and always good to talk to.) I have applied for an isbn for The Purr. All this time I thought it had to be paid for! A big thank you to him! Now, it sure would be nice if I could figure out how to make a proper cover... I have no photoshop or any design stuff on my computer. The image has to be a certain size, and I just can't get it. I have an image I'd like to use, and keep my font... if anyone can help???

With a little support and cheerleading from my step sister, I've purchased a USB relay drive. So, now there's no excuse to not start submitting my work to publishers and contests. Thanks for the "Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah", sista!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Books Arrived Today

My "Purr of the Mattress" copies to sell, arrived today. Yay! I've already got half of them booked as "sold"...(I already sold one... giggle. Thanks Girl!) so I might only have a few to take down to the book store. Yay!

I'm not entirely sure I should put one on my etsy store...But, hey, you never know.

This morning was HOOOOTT and muggy, and now it is Dark And Rainy! The kids and I were going to go for a walk.. I guess it's bored games instead :)

I COULD clean the house... but, naaaaaahhhhh.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Daughters of Super Dork

The girls came home from the weekend away, and the first thing they saw (among the total mess of the livingroom... my sewing machine out, material everywhere, craft bin and bags all over the place..) was my new Barbie. (Who's name is Teresa... but I'm going to change that to I-don't-know-what-yet.)

So, today, we walked up to the mall, looked through the dolls, and found them some Top Models, too. It was a HUGE production to get them out of the packages (isn't that always the way?) These girls usually get mom-refurbished Thrift Store barbies, so this was sompin-sompin.

We took some glamor shots with the newest doll bedding I made. Unfortunately, the super sassy models drowned out my bedding... hehe.

See em on etsy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Super Dork! (giggle-snort)

I am a Super Dork, and so proud. I bought myself a friggin Barbie. MINE. hehe. Equipped with new bobbins, a sewing machine cleaning kit, and a 10 pack of mens razors (yeah, me with the hair again) I got sucked into the toy department at Zellers. An arseload of toys were marked down. 40% off previously reduced items. Well, the Barbies didn't have yellow tags on them, but after checking on the little machine thingermajigger in the isle, the $29 doll told me she was a little over $7.

I now have a new doll model. The girls will be upset that they can't play with her. (have you SEEN what they do to their dolls? yikes!) She's taller than normal Barbies, so I'll have to explain in my doll house listings that my super model is going to make things look a little smaller.


And, instead of ripping her right open to PLAY, I actually opened the sewing machine cleaning kit. With the help of the sewing machine manual that came with my machine some 10 years ago, and the help of (
I took my machine apart and cleaned it for the first time ever. (I've had it serviced once before, four years ago, at T & G fabrics. Alas, the fellow who used to do that sadly passed away, and no one else in town does it anymore.) I took out an enormous amount of dust and lint (oh, for shame!) oiled all the oil-needing bits, and even figured out how to realign my damn needle... which was the ENTIRE problem I was experiencing. (I kept having stitches skip, after replacing the needle, the other night. duh.)

And yet, I'm so proud to have actually done it. It took me 15 minutes. I also can't believe I paid $7 for the kit... when my own tools here that would have worked. ugh.

Anyone need their machine cleaned and oiled?


Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday is the NEW Saturday

The pixies have gone with their father for the weekend. The big tall boy has been at his dads all week. With only the Cats and Crafts here, it feels like a Saturday.

I was looking in the mirror this morning, and wondered why I continue to torture myself in the name of hair removal. My "White Tom Selleck" gooey mustashe was making my nose run and really stinks. Is it not natural for a woman who's ancestors are a mix of Jamaican, French and Bulgarian to have a little upper lip hair? Probably. Yet, I continue to slather chemicals there, or hot wax and a rrrrrrrripping strip, and the occasional poke with the tweezers in an effort to hide the fact that I'm a hairy beast. And if i'm such a freak about my upper lip, how is it that my Gorilililila arms don't bother me hardly at all? funny that.

Made some pillows for the doll house and mini collection. Some Halloween throw pillows, and some reversible strawberry flowered ones. There are matching bedspreads on my etsy store, too.

Ok. The residual smell of "pleasant scented hair creme" is making me nauseous. I'm going to have a tea.