Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have NEVER EVER been so excited for school to start EVER. All the kids are in full time, and I will have Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm to MYSELF. fort he first time, in 10 years or so. It's no dang wonder I've been singing since the full moon on Friday. Somehow this sense of jiggly giggly sense of wonderment is tied in to me finishing the Tom Robbins novel I was working my way through...I'm not exactly sure how, but, Yum.

I've got a whole list of projects that are earmarked for September. A Bride of Frankenstein doll, A couple of East Coast Old Guy puppets, some other Little Scotia Ladies dolls, Hallowe'en miniature doll house doolallies, my sexy little witch painting that needs finishing, etc etc etc...Oh, and a wallet for my son.

As well as writing. I've got a massive collection of stuff that I want to put together for an anthology of sorts. Needs some attention. (My house needs some attention too, but, uh, that's not as fun is it???)

The tarot readings have been going well, and I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting. I really do need to learn to reign it in however. I've been on psychic overload for about a week now (again, since the full moon on Friday) I'm absolutely buzzing all the time. My dreams have been hilariously wacky.

Also, here we are, with 10 more days left of August, and I've got 17 tomatoe plants with at least 6 tomatoes each, that just won't go red. So, I've purchased some mason jars, and am going to pull off some of the smaller green guys to make "chow chow"... which is a special relish that we used to have all the time at Grampa's Nova Scotia dinner table. I'm pretty happy about that. Yum.

I have to go brush my teeth. They are totally distracting me. And get the pixies in bed, as I have an in person reading in about half an hour in my kitchen...and giggling pixies above my head make for a distracted Little Witch.


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