Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All the Moves Like Jagger

ooooh, We Live Excitement :)

It's all coming so soooon! Studio! University Agriculture Course! My Tarot course going live! SQUEE!

This week at market, we are having baking and Watkins on our table - a few special dolls will be on the table, but for the most part we are focusing on food till Thanksgiving weekend.

We'll have - Biscotti, in 8 different flavours
Breads: Banana, Zucchini, Green Tomato bread, and possibly carrot cake.
Oatmeal Cookies!
WHOLE WHEAT BEER BREAD MIX. oh yes. You know you wanna....

Oh, I'm also going to have my display in the local Kelseys for the month of September - I need to put that together so that I can set it up quickly!

The only bummer - kids are back in school soon. I'll miss them. We've had a good summer, though. It's really nice to be with them all day. Even if we did spend a good many days in jammies, with toys all over the floor.

Well... I guess I had better start thinking about dinner... and possibly getting dressed...


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vicariously Through the Belly Dancer, Miss Rio

I try to make her eyes
through the pictures
of all the sunsets she rides off into
Tell me how she keeps
her face free of blemishes
While on the road with a
troupe of gypsy's
Tell me how she keeps her tummy
so flat and smooth
When getting only 3 hours of sleep and
Eating chocolate cake for breakfast.
And how she trained those
Eight feet Snakes
to behave while she dances.


A friend of mine, who stitched and bitched with us once, posts
pics of Facebook of her on-the-road adventures. It makes me
poetic in the morning.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kijiji, I Wuv You.

I just listed a pile of stuff from my house - it's a bit amazing to me how much stuff we have, that's just sitting around, virtually brand new. My teenager when through his closet, and there were 8 pairs of brand new jeans in there, that he's grown out of and never worn.

Oh, they SO went on Kijiji this afternoon. Along with a pile of DVD's, and an armful of crafty books.

The De-Stash has begun. And the De-Stash feels good.

Is there a secret to cutting fat quarters for quilting? I think I'll have to get Google on the case, because that's my next mission. I have a better selection than Walmart currently, and there will be a sale at my new Studio, shortly after I get in there.

I'm very excited.

I've always loved the look of cutsie pie aprons. I always think "I could make that" and then I DON'T. Check this little number out from Flirty Aprons.com. They are on sale, too!

Go check out their pretties!

We are having garden wraps this evening. We have 2 handfuls of the little heirloom peppers, some green beans, some red tomatoes, and we're going to steam up some rice, see what else there is to toss into the wrap, and call it dinner.

Life is Good!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I totally skipped Market today - my pillow had a grip on my head and wouldn't let go. The blankets were in on it, I'm sure, pinning me down. The mattress was absolutely magnetic.

So, I stayed in.

And already, it's almost noon! Dark days for relaxing! Woot.

I ended up surfing the Sears Warehouse sales. At some point, there is going to be a proper bed in our lives! It will most likely come from Sears Warehouse... hehehe.

Warehouse Sale now on at Sears.ca - Millions in Markdowns and even more items added!

Pixies should be home soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Stuff For the WIN!

I use Vista Print for every-little-thing. My business cards (which also double as doll tags), I have postcards that I give away on my table at market as freebies (with my links on them.) I've gotten free hats, free T shirts, free pens... Oh, my LAWN sign was a freebie from Vista Print, too.

For the longest time, I was ordering from the US site... not realizing that there was a Canadian site at all. The Canadian site has a deal right now, Save up to 90% + GET FREE SHIPPING which I'm thankful for - I'll need some new stuff with the new Studio address on them - and I'm thinking I'll want some cards to give away for the first open house.

The garden is producing! We picked a whole 5 little sweet peppers (an heirloom plant - the peppers are sweet, but long and thin.) and yesterday I blanched and froze all the beans that came off the little pixies monster bean plant. We also blanched and froze all the swiss chard I felt we could pick and still keep the plants alive. They reduce down so much! But, they'll keep producing, so I know there'll be more.

Tomorrow I'm aiming at making some green tomato chow.

I've finished reading "The 4 Hour Work Week." I think I need to own a copy of this book. Inspiring and opened my eyes to so much.

So, that's what's new. Today, I napped, after a trip downtown where I ran into a friend I haven't seen in a year! The elder pixie got her retainer adjusted, and we totally ended up skipping the library today, in exchange for a visit on the church lawn.

Life is Good!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stickers! Now, go make dinner.

Everynow and again I get lost in the internets in a REALLY cool direction. This was a super fun find, on so many levels.

I'm thinking logo stickers for packaging, or to varnish right on some of my pieces. There's also BERNARDIN canning labels on this site. Can you imagine getting a jar labelled "Mama's Rock N' Roll Chutney" or "Hands of My Cherry Jelly."

I could go on.

Ok, I've got to make dinner. Go peek. It's all drag and drop, and you can drag your own logo into it, and they die cut them too! For small business, this could be a LOT of fun.

oooh, you could make stickers to resell, too!

Upload any image and create Custom Logo Stickers

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Do We Want? ORGANIC BEAUTY! When do we want it? NOW!

Lots and lots is shakin' around Little Scotia!

*The new studio is getting CLOSER!
*The Tarot business is keeping me busy!
*I'm starting a course with the University of Guelph this fall -Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate.
*I'm working on getting my online tarot course together. (so! close!)
*Zucchini have taken over the garden
*There are actually green peppers out there!
*Tomatoes galore, Egglplant doing it's best to become FOOD!
*Farmers and Artisans Market has been good to me this year.

What else... sweetheart is having fun with his culinary course (and feeding us well!). The kids have been enjoying summer (we've not done a lick of homeschool, which is always my intention at the beginning of summer, and here it is August 13th...)

Got some advertising sponsorship for my websites - they'll be rotating every week. Mostly they will be Canada or US based (but will service Canadian addresses happily.) This week, my sponsor is ORGANIC BEAUTY NOW. Lots of organic and non toxic choices for mom's AND kids!!!

Free Samples at Organic Beauty Now Start shopping now

I've been busy making some new dolls that I'm super excited about - I just need to talk nicely to my camera and see if it will let me share with you!!!

Today is Artwalk downtown... I don't have a booth, because I have a wedding to go to this afternoon. But, I'll be at the market tomorrow like always!

Have an awesome day :)