Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Do We Want? ORGANIC BEAUTY! When do we want it? NOW!

Lots and lots is shakin' around Little Scotia!

*The new studio is getting CLOSER!
*The Tarot business is keeping me busy!
*I'm starting a course with the University of Guelph this fall -Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate.
*I'm working on getting my online tarot course together. (so! close!)
*Zucchini have taken over the garden
*There are actually green peppers out there!
*Tomatoes galore, Egglplant doing it's best to become FOOD!
*Farmers and Artisans Market has been good to me this year.

What else... sweetheart is having fun with his culinary course (and feeding us well!). The kids have been enjoying summer (we've not done a lick of homeschool, which is always my intention at the beginning of summer, and here it is August 13th...)

Got some advertising sponsorship for my websites - they'll be rotating every week. Mostly they will be Canada or US based (but will service Canadian addresses happily.) This week, my sponsor is ORGANIC BEAUTY NOW. Lots of organic and non toxic choices for mom's AND kids!!!

Free Samples at Organic Beauty Now Start shopping now

I've been busy making some new dolls that I'm super excited about - I just need to talk nicely to my camera and see if it will let me share with you!!!

Today is Artwalk downtown... I don't have a booth, because I have a wedding to go to this afternoon. But, I'll be at the market tomorrow like always!

Have an awesome day :)


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