Monday, August 15, 2011

Stickers! Now, go make dinner.

Everynow and again I get lost in the internets in a REALLY cool direction. This was a super fun find, on so many levels.

I'm thinking logo stickers for packaging, or to varnish right on some of my pieces. There's also BERNARDIN canning labels on this site. Can you imagine getting a jar labelled "Mama's Rock N' Roll Chutney" or "Hands of My Cherry Jelly."

I could go on.

Ok, I've got to make dinner. Go peek. It's all drag and drop, and you can drag your own logo into it, and they die cut them too! For small business, this could be a LOT of fun.

oooh, you could make stickers to resell, too!

Upload any image and create Custom Logo Stickers

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