Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do You Know The Way to Fabricland?

Yesterday I got a happy call. I won a $40 gift certificate from Fabric Land. Oh happy day! When we picked it up today, the lady told me that it had to be spent all in one go (I couldnt' carry a balance.) Umm, NO PROBLEM. Marc and I have talked about making a comforter cover (similar to what you would put on a duvet) in a nice material. (Please please please don't let me spend it on wacky stuff that will end up a bag on etsy...)

I haven't put anything new on etsy in about 2 weeks. (bad bad bad!) My bit o spare time has been filled with a few new books. I finished Mary Modern in about 3 days, and now I'm reading Wicked. (oh, it's good.) I've only got about 20 projects that could use some attention. Sigh. Such is Spring.

The new tat is about half done. The colour is taking a long time... I'm impatient, which probably isn't the best thing to be when it comes to art that will live on your body forever. (I'm just excited. )

And now, there are pixie's to be bathed, and potatoes to be scrubbed.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

400 Seedlings

This weekend Marc and I got nearly matching sunburns. It was too nice to stay in, so we didn't.
I spent nearly all day sitting with a bag of organci dirt, and Arizona Iced Tea, and my heritage organic seeds and seedlings.

I really didn't think about the logistics of 400 seedlings... like, where the hell are all the peat pots going to go???

Tomatoes and Watermelons got planted today, and I babied the Butterfly Weed, the Black Violets. The Goatsbeard, Anemone, Scottish Bluebells, Wild Strawberries, and all the rest got some time in the sun too, before being dragged back in.

The crocheting is sitting idly by for the upcoming rain. (In the perfect little ottoman Marc bought me for my short legs.) There will be more craftyness...

Just Not Today.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Etsy Excitement!!!

I was up early Thursday morning (with my daycare kid's) and was browsing around Etsy's Alchemy. I put two bids in on some requests, logged out and got about my daycare day.

I was up early Friday morning (hang on if it's getting too repetitive!) to find that one of my bids had been accepted. I was SO excited! An ACEO that will be used for a personalized invite for a woman graduating from college. Super Cool. I am so excited! ( Ok, THAT was repetitive...)

I've also been working on some new crocheted items. I've got a few gadget cozy's listed in our etsy store, but I've got a matching purse and cozy in blue and orange, an summery ipod cozy with clip, and a camoflage purse or camera cozy that I want to list. (I've been waiting on the sun, to take some pics of them... Oh, now I have the Doors song stuck in my head....) Ofcourse, we do requests with these things... sizes, yarns, colours, etc.

Marc and I went to Fabricland the other day, looking for ideas for a lampshade, and I ended up lost in buttons... (drool.) Funny how such a little thing can spark me into overdrive with creativity.

Oh, and lastly, but not least! I collaged together my "Map" for the year. I love it. It includes a fire engine red washer and dryer, a new digi cam, a vehicle that we ALL fit in at the same time, a beautiful garden, and a housefull of smiling happy friends and children.

Ah. I love April.


P.S. I went and got the beginning of my new tattoo on my left arm... The outlines of a viney Morning Glory. I'm so excited to get it finished! Okay okay, that's all, I swear. In the pic, I'm standing in front of one of Marc's pieces.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Etsy Advice

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to stumble into the etsy labs, while they were doing a store critique. Quite by accident, I seated myself in "critique row", and got a little store advice.

So, on the advice of the team, I am beginning to take more pics of our ACEO's. Previously, I had only scanned in and watermarked the cards, and uploaded that result as the etsy image. Today, using Marc's camera (because mine is a piece of garbage...) I began to take pics of a few. (Green Fairy, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Tattoo Girl.) Using our typical Little Scotia backround, that we used to use for ebay (a creme crochet doily on a wood table, naturally lit.) I think I easily got the result I was hoping for. Now, I'm in for quite a bit of work, currently having 30 ACEO's in our shop at Little Scotia.

The advice I received when something like this:

*Too wordy. Condense our descriptions.
*Take pics of the ACEO's, and use natural lighting instead of the flash.
*Be sure to make shipping "worldwide" on the options.
*List something everyday.

That was pretty much the gist of it, and I'm so happy I fluked into the lab.

I hope this advice has helped you in your etsy craft endeavours!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blog the First!

Well, here we are. After being convinced that we NEED a blog, I did a little research and ended up here.

I'm still trying to navigate. There's an awful lot of clicky tabs to keep count of.

I've been filling Marc's ears with my thoughts of doing some trade shows/craft shows, and thinking about how to put things together. And now that the sun is starting to melt all the snow, I'm thinking "Maybe next year." For now, all of our goodies live at etsy.

Ok, off to figure this baby out.