Friday, October 24, 2008

Well I'm Going To Marry Mari for When Mari's Takin' Care o' Me

We'll all be feelin merry when I marry Mari-Mac!

This song has been stuck in my head while I've been working on these dolls. In white, with the blue eyes and the blonde hair, is Mari-Mac. I have lace to add to her drawers yet, and some lace for her cuffs, collar and hem. She's also getting an apron, and I'm aiming to be finished by tomorrow (if I can find the right lace... I've been digging through my treasures and haven't found the RIGHT one yet...

And then we have the doll in yellow paisley, who's name is Heather. ( Up among the heather in the hills of Benifee!) She's got a gorgeous messy bun and brown eyes. Her little secret is her red knickers underneath! (Because it's in the heather in Benifee that the boys and the girls are makin out so free!) I'm I finished her dress trim today (a vintage lace) but I've not found the RIGHT trim for her saucey knickers. She's also got to have an apron made, too. Again, aiming for tomorrow to complete.

And until they're done, this celtic tune will be swirling around in my brain while I finish all the hand sewing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Love to Laugh! Long And Loud and Clear!!!

I'm having an enormous amount of de ja vouz going on this morning, and I"ve only been up for half an hour. There is some intense magic swirling around me, and I'm good with that. There's magical work for me to do, and I am gathering this energy for when it's time....

I had dreams that Holly and I and some other friends I don't know (dream buddies) were hanging out in a bar, playing pool, and having great idiot fun. Then some feathered hair, 70's wanna be, macho arsehole came up and was challenging the players on our table, and trying to intimidate us. He was strutting and growling, until he looked me in the eye, and like the cocky SOB I can be, I started to sing "He's a pin ball wizard! There's got to be a twist! He's a pin ball wizard! Got such a sup-ple wri i ist..."

All my friends lost their minds laughing at the dude, that he gave up and walked away. (Then there was something about me giving my brown cords and new belt and belt buckle to some blonde girl and showing her how to do them up, which was weird....and then the lights all went out in the bar, and we were sitting in complete darkness laughing, and then the alarm went off...)

Anywho, it was nice to see my sense of humour was good for something, and there was no violence (or ability to intimidate me... hehehe.) In the dream I kept thinking (and I could SEE it) that I could totally take this jerk down and really hurt him, but I chose NOT to. It would be a last resort. His threat was completely to stroke his ego. )

There were more dreams... something about waitressing at a beach restaurant that was owned by bikers, and a yellow refrigerator, but it's lost to me now...

Must make lunches now! The day begins :)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friends and Faith

It's been a busy week, and it's only Wednesday!

I started and finished the shirt for my Viking friend (Goddess, I hope it's ok for what they need.) I did an awful lot of painting and varnishing in my "basement studio", a pile of little mini thingers for etsy. (it makes me so happy to work away on it.)

Yesterday I visited with my little sista friend Sarah, and got to feed her baby. (I bought her lunch.. the baby's not due until February hehe.) Today I got to visit with my kindred spirit friend Alison and her daughter Forest (who is the MOST amazing little girl you'll ever meet. I swear, she'll blow your mind, brilliant genius level. ) We had an incredible conversation (it's always comfortable and fun and we learn things from each other.... it's such a good thing...)

I've also been still reading alot... I'm working on two totally unrelated books, that as synchronicity would have, ended up being related. (spiritual pursuits.) Plus ofcourse "The Secret" sits at the side of my bed for me to take little snippets from. (Alison and I ofcourse chatted about the books we were reading, and amazingly but ofcourse! Our books were also along the same lines.

I've been thinking about money, and having to talk myself down from worrying about it. Because the money ALWAYS comes, and I SO have enough money to pay all my bills and groceries and have some left over for things like coffee shop coffee, so REALLY there's nothing to worry about. Put an order in with the Universe, and it always provides... FAITH!

There's alot of interesting energy swirling around me lately, and it makes me joyful and thankful that I am on the right path. Life is good. I feel good.

Love is the answer...


Monday, October 6, 2008

My Winter Solstice Shopping

It's been a big thing on my mind... making the winter solstice festival at our house a special one, and not doing that by "buying" my kids. As they get older, I'm making the festivities more about food and family, rather than gimmie gimmie.

I want everything to be made or chosen with love, but I realize that my skills only go so far. I've taken the Handmade Pledge and for the environment, for better gift giving, and for a better Winter Celebration (what ever yours might be) I hope you will consider it to.

I've been busy making HUGE messes in my little studio (and all over the house) getting ready with stuff to gift and list so you can buy handmade too!

Make sure that the money you decide to spend this upcoming season goes to real people rather than through the mass production retail system. (for more on this idea, read this etsy article.)


Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Gotta LISTEN To What She's Saying...

My sewing machine and I have made up. We have been friends for far too long, but sometimes when you spend so much time with someone, they just need a break.

I put my crazy glued sewing machine aside for about 10 days... This morning I put it back on the kitchen table, the iron already hot and the patterns ready to be cut... and we had a little chat.

I listened to what it had to say when I asked why it insisted on skipping stitches and losing tension on the bottom. I changed the top thread and rethreaded it. I took out the bobbin casing and blew into it. Checked all the little bobbin casing screws, and got it all back in place. I gave it a pat, a little love and attention, and gave it a try.

After monkeying around just a schmidge with the top tension, we got our groove back.

I went as far as I could on the tunic for a Viking (This took the better part of 3 hours, cutting and all.) and then I did some new little doll blankets.

Sweet Sweet Sewing machine.

Even if you hate me sometimes, I still love you!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Than This....(Who can say where we're going.)

Helloooo everyone! I've been getting a lot of different visitors from a lot of different places, how much fun is that???

There's been a non-stop, Roxy Music cafe in my head today. I'm floating around in this dreamy other-world that may or may not be make believe (but either way, I'm still completely immersed and joyous in it.

Unfortunately, the pace of the music makes me slow the pace of my movement, and everything that was accomplished by me today was REALLY accomplished by my pushing buttons on a machine. (Dishwasher and Dryer, Thank You, I Love You.)

I SERIOUSLY need a T-Shirt that says "I'd Rather Be Dreaming."

Which reminds me the girls on the school yard, in response to my "I don't have a hell, I'm pagan" said that should also go on a T-Shirt. (I said something horrible, and horribly funny at the same time, and they laughed but STILL told me I was going to hell. nyuk nyuk. )

Any artists out there willing to make me some shirts?

Ummm, I'm such a space cadet today, I can't even remember what witty "sum-it-all-up" ending I had planned for this blog. There was More than This!

(As free as the wind... )