Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is What the Voices Want - Everyday Psychic

"The book must be written!" Say The Voices. They are persistant, chirping in my right ear. I normally refer to them as my Guides. Except ofcourse when they show up unannounced and out of context.

I reply outloud "Really? Right now? Could this not have waited until I'm out of the tub?"

"It is Time." They say matter of factly.

"Great. I'm down with this. But can I get through shaving my legs first?"


"I'll take that as permission granted."

This is my life as an Everyday Psychic.

The book, called "Everyday Psychic" is making itself happen, with the insistence of My Guides (Do I need to give them ghost-writing credit? This sentence makes me cackle.)

I am a psychic reader with 17 years professional experience, although not all of those years were spent embracing my skill. In this last year, I've come to an understanding with everything that hearing The Voices and seeing ghosts means, and integrated it into my normal, everyday life. I connect with people all over the world to give them the guidance they seem to so desperately need.

The one thing I need to teach now, is that you all have this skill. It's just a matter of bringing it out. I've discovered along the way how to let it flow naturally, without bells and whistles, and without untouchable mystery. This is what I need to show and share with you.

Because if I don't, they're just going to keep insisting until I do.

Everyday Psychic will include:

  • How to bring out your own psychic intuition
  • How to get your own guidance messages (Yes, you can!)
  • Plotting your own life path & feeling less lost.
  • Contacting Spirit Guides (And assuring your loved ones that "The Voices" work on the side of Good.)
  • Dream-Life, and will I ever feel rested again?
  • Balancing Real Life & Psychic Life.
  • Tools, Tarot, and Touchable 'Magic'.
  • Going Public & Marketing (If you should, and WHY It's OK!)
  • My own wacky everyday story - The Big Floppy that forced me to listen.
  • Enlightened Swearing.

It IS the time for this project - More and more of us are finding ourselves at spiritual and enlighted crossroads. We are trying to figure out how we fit it into real life, how to avoid the typical New-Age-Cloak-of-Absolute-Silliness, and should we tell our loved ones the about the truth we're discovering about ourselves?

This goal of completing this book and getting it out there is to demystify the word "Psychic" and all the other fancy words that go with it; To help you connect with your own psychic gifts (yes, you have them); And to help you find the guidance and answers you need for your own life, confidently within yourself.

Want More Information about EVERYDAY PSYCHIC? Click Here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Losing the ohm.

So, the Universe sets me on this path. Says "Stop the Money grab, do what your soul is here to do."
And, I listen. (More like I was forced to listen, and then decided to go with it. ) So, it's THAT month. Where, there's more month than money, and I have tried to remain calm. I have been optimistic. I have been open and allowed the Universe to bring the money. The end of the month is creeping up on me.

Even though I'm doing my soul's work, money must still come. Life requires it.

I have been considering all manner of insanities to make it come. All of the things are NOT my souls work. I'm feeling confused. Because the last time I didn't do my soul's work and got wrapped up in the money, the Universe had me fall on my ass and sit still for 3 weeks. So does that mean I'm stepping backward if I take a minimum wage job? (You should see how much work it is to dumb down my resume.)

This is hard.

I think today I am stuck.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

.......You Might Be a Doomer (say it like the Redneck Guy. What's his name again?)

The Universe points me in the directions I'm supposed to be going. After the drama of last march, I'm afraid to NOT listen. There is a lot of trust going on here, though. To not hit the panic button and change direction is taking an awful lot of will power.

I think however, there's an inner "Doomer" trying to get out. Hehe. What's a "Doomer" you ask?

Yeah, the sky is falling, the end of the world is here, the pioneer days are back, I got left behind during the apocolypse, I'm ready for zombies. Those are extreme examples, I suppose. More scientifically, Doomers worry about food shortages and crisis, oil crisis, money crisis. And, are prepared.

I think there's always been THAT person in me lurking (there are people who've known me a long time who got used to the phrase "When the pioneer days come back." coming out of my mouth. )

Taking the Sustainable Urban Agriculture course, gardening and learning to preserve, learning to sew, and now rabbits? Yes, I really should make peace with this part of me, and not let the doomsday notions take over. I think I've kept it in check pretty well so far.

Oh yes, the Rabbits have arrived! I'm so pleased, they are beautiful. The doe is a Champagne D'argent, and she is so BIG! The buck is only 6 months old, and he's a New Zealand Satin cross. He is SO social! Tomorrow however I'm going to have to get them some litter boxes, and proper food. And once they are settled in for a bit, it'll be time to breed them. (I should probably check the moon on that one.)

I have so much to learn - But this is another one of those things that has just felt RIGHT.

The garden plan is plotted, I have most of my seeds already, I've got a bunch of jars in the basement... What's most pressing is learning everything I can about the rabbits, getting through my second course (Food Processing for Urban Gardens) and finding the money. (Again, the Universe said "this is what you must do" and I say "ok, make it so!)

I'm babbling. I have an assignment to finish.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Angels and Loud Spirits.

I have been working on this painting for ages. Or, rather, I've been looking at it half finished on the wall at the studio for ages.

The title of the piece is "Gabriel Before Me." And Although I'm pretty happy with the darkness, the light that is supposed to come from Gabriel, and the near transparentcy of the grass and backround, the articulation of the shading on the body of the angel is not THERE yet.

I adore the absolute imperfection of the figure itself - the proportions and curves I adore. I wanted them to be a little 'monsterish'... a little "off" from what we think proper proportions are.

There's part of me that likes it very much the way it is. You're never really supposed to be able to see a whole angel, I wanted the angel to be shady and untouchable in a way. But something feels undone yet, and I don't know what it is...

Today I did quite a few readings in the studio. They have been very good - Today however, someone came through with their name SO loud that I ended up with a headache for a few hours. Although I get names more and more these days, the headache was new. I ended up on the couch sleeping for about 2 hours, curled up against my beloveds warmth, in an attempt to ground or recharge or rest or SOMETHING.

It was very good to get the name of the person my client was asking about - Validations are good. However, he was very intense and LOUD. The headache I could have done without.

I'll be sure to make notes of any dreams I have this evening!

And on that note, it's feeling like bedtime. Despite my intention to make something out of this Saturday night.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Babble Babble.

Today I am home, with a pixie who really did look sick this morning, but now that we are at 11:20am, she seems fine. I'm convinced she just needed a mental health day. She is still however getting garlic in her grilled cheese today. (She also had chicken stock for breakfast, and mint tea, followed up by a fast reiki treatment.)

I'm resisting the urge to crawl back into bed. Or into the tub. There are several domestic busy jobs that could be started/completed. On my list today however, is a pile of tarot readings in my inbox, first and foremost. It's been very busy, more so since my dream that I was asked to step in and take over for a famous psychic - and I accepted, on my own terms.

Since that dream, I've also been having more 'empowering' dreams, where I'm faced with difficult situations but meet them head on and thrive in the role. Mirrored in real life, I've been faced with difficult situations and choices, and although I haven't felt as strong as my dreamself, I think I've pulled through in a manner to be proud of. (all the while acknowleging the urge to hide under blankets and hope it all takes care of itself.)

I'm feeling lighter today, though. And playful, and slightly giddy. (it's because I told the universe that my big girl panties were in the laundry, and to not make me need them before I do the next wash.)

There's still a restructuring going on around me lately, and I"m looking forward to when the pieces fall back into place. This up in the air thing makes me feel a little nervous. It's a strange thing to not have a career path, but instead finding creative ways to maintain a lifestyle. (which is by no means decadent - the whole goal of all these things is to be physically and emotionally available and supportive for the kids.)

I wonder if we'll be able to meet the goal of being in our own place by Fall 2012.

I'm babbling. Thanks for listening.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dear Robert Carlyle.

Dear Robert Carlyle.

Hi, My name is Lori. Although sometimes I'm referred to as Lore, Lori-Grace, Grace, Gray.

I've noticed you from a far. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go out some time - a light lunch or coffee, something casual. I figured casual would be good since I haven't asked the internets if you are married yet. Or anything else about you, for that matter. I don't want to come off as stalkerish or anything - you know, thought I'd let YOU tell me all about yourself.

I'm not a crazy fan lady - I just figure a girl has to be proactive about making connections. I'm pretty down to earth, I have a pretty decent sense of humour (it gets me into adventures and out of trouble.) and I'm creative. I make dolls (aherm, soft sculpture.) I paint, and I've even done a bit of acting. So, you know, we'll have something to chat about.

So, if you happen to be making a detour around Ontario, Canada, give me a call. I'll tour you around cottage country, show you all the cool secret places that only the locals know about.


For those of you just joining me in my silliness, THIS is Robert Carlyle:

(Ok gang, I've had my fun. I think it's time for bed. tee hee.)

Sweater Yeti.

THIS is the Sweater Yeti.
I had set out to make a "Tooth Beary", but as he came together, he tersely corrected me.

He's tall, and firm. And sort of grumpy.
Ok. He's really grumpy.

And He just happens to have a pocket on his back.
He says it's not for teeth.
"It's for cool, manly man stuff."

I tried to put him with the rest of the stuffies.
He promptly said:
"See that bear back there. Total Candy-Ass."
His words. Not mine.

He then proceeded to make everyone hate him.
So, I had to move him.
I told him I still really REALLY like him.
He told me to "Stuff it."
I said, I already did.
He didn't think my joke was funny.

I moved him over onto the big chair, next to the Homo Sweet Homo pillow.
He was happier there.
But, he told me to tell NO ONE.
Then I told him I was going to make him some pants.
He gave me the finger.
Which is pretty impressive for a stuffed bear
with no fingers.
True Story.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Everybody Else Is Doing It...

Oh yes, I have goals for this year. Things I'm striving towards.

*Downsize the contents of our little house. Too much stuffs!
*Continue building my businesses - although they are changing just a little. (I've been spending more time with tarot, and It's becoming the focus for main earnings.)
*Carry on with my Urban Ag courses - I'm thinking I should have my certificate in hand by Spring 2013.
*Help my Sweetheart in whatever way I can with his catering plans after he is finished cooking school. (which is in a few more weeks.)
*Find a way to get us into our own home by autumn. This one is ready for a new family. The pixies need their own rooms. Or a bigger one to share.
*Still planning on doing lots of gardening, for our family's consumption.
*Writing! The short stories are ready to get out. The long fictions need attention.
*Get the littlest pixies teeth fixed. This one really, is the priority on my list.
*Involve the kids with the urban homesteading more - they did a great job last year!

I might be forgetting some things. But, there, there's my list.

I Seemed to have Stirred the Pot ... by wanting to but rabbit in it.

Every year I inch our family a little teeny bit closer to a lifestyle that, for some, seems completely RADICAL. (and not in the "Radical, dude!" way, either.)

We live frugally, shopping mainly from second hand sources, and happily taking hand me downs for clothing or other needs. Yule/Christmas for my daughters cost me a total for both girls about $40 combined. (they each opened about 10 gifts each, plus stockings.) We barter. We are extremely creative in the kitchen, so that our grocery bill for 5 doesn't go over $300 a month. We garden and preserve food for ourselves. The work that we do is creative and unconventional. That sort of thing.

The Universe has pointed me in this direction for the next Homesteading step.

I posted on Facebook this picture:

And then proceeded to comment, after asked "why so many rabbits?" That I would be raising them for meat.

People get crazy about this sort of thing, don't they? And before YOU get on your soap box, stay CALM, and hear me out.

Yes. They are cute. I find chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs and fish EQUALLY cute. Don't you? They all have the sweetest eyes, and quirky ways. They are all adorable. (As well as bear and deer. Very very cute. Everyone loves Bambi and Baloo.)

If you eat meat, you eat any one of these cute animals. You just don't have to do the 'dirty' work of killing them and preparing the meat. Meat does not magically grow under cellophane on styrofoam. And I'd wager that most meat that is raised commercially, that you purchase at the store, were raised never knowing a kind hand, probably never seeing the sun, and force fed food that isn't natural for them to digest, in order to fatten up the beast faster. So, how is that any less cruel than raising your own animals for food?

When you raise your own animals for food, you get a sense of absolute REVERENCE for the life given that will nourish your family. You give those animals love, sunshine, play, joy. You take care of them one on one, inspecting them for health. Each and ever step is a labour of love and appreciation. You become CONSCIOUS of LIFE.

I completely understand that what this entails is a path that is FAR more difficult that picking up chicken at the Grocery. Maybe that's why people have such a hard time with the idea of it? I've come across some who are very against what I plan to do on our Urban Homestead. There's a few that thinks it's just cruel, and they could never do it. It's more difficult. Raising your own animals for food MAKES you have to deal with the fact that you are ingesting another animal. You can't ignore it this way. Like you can when you crack open ground beef, never thinking about the cow that had sweet brown eyes and a gentle disposition.

My beloved friend, who homesteads on her little farm, raising turkeys, goats, chickens and pigs , as well as an amazing vegetable garden, said this on Facebook:

"If you eat, then something had to die so you could live. Vegetables are conscious too, and resist harvest. So if we don't want anything to die so we can live then we should not come to THIS planet. It's a harsh reality but true. Lori, you are brave, and I love you."

I think my blog essay has turned into a bit of a free flow. I feel like I needed to express what I'm thinking.. It's not just all "ooooh. Meat." I've been on a journey of personal truths the last 10 months, and this is a natural extension of it.

This ties in with my Sustainable Urban Agriculture studies, my spiritual journey, and honouring my honest path this year.