Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is What the Voices Want - Everyday Psychic

"The book must be written!" Say The Voices. They are persistant, chirping in my right ear. I normally refer to them as my Guides. Except ofcourse when they show up unannounced and out of context.

I reply outloud "Really? Right now? Could this not have waited until I'm out of the tub?"

"It is Time." They say matter of factly.

"Great. I'm down with this. But can I get through shaving my legs first?"


"I'll take that as permission granted."

This is my life as an Everyday Psychic.

The book, called "Everyday Psychic" is making itself happen, with the insistence of My Guides (Do I need to give them ghost-writing credit? This sentence makes me cackle.)

I am a psychic reader with 17 years professional experience, although not all of those years were spent embracing my skill. In this last year, I've come to an understanding with everything that hearing The Voices and seeing ghosts means, and integrated it into my normal, everyday life. I connect with people all over the world to give them the guidance they seem to so desperately need.

The one thing I need to teach now, is that you all have this skill. It's just a matter of bringing it out. I've discovered along the way how to let it flow naturally, without bells and whistles, and without untouchable mystery. This is what I need to show and share with you.

Because if I don't, they're just going to keep insisting until I do.

Everyday Psychic will include:

  • How to bring out your own psychic intuition
  • How to get your own guidance messages (Yes, you can!)
  • Plotting your own life path & feeling less lost.
  • Contacting Spirit Guides (And assuring your loved ones that "The Voices" work on the side of Good.)
  • Dream-Life, and will I ever feel rested again?
  • Balancing Real Life & Psychic Life.
  • Tools, Tarot, and Touchable 'Magic'.
  • Going Public & Marketing (If you should, and WHY It's OK!)
  • My own wacky everyday story - The Big Floppy that forced me to listen.
  • Enlightened Swearing.

It IS the time for this project - More and more of us are finding ourselves at spiritual and enlighted crossroads. We are trying to figure out how we fit it into real life, how to avoid the typical New-Age-Cloak-of-Absolute-Silliness, and should we tell our loved ones the about the truth we're discovering about ourselves?

This goal of completing this book and getting it out there is to demystify the word "Psychic" and all the other fancy words that go with it; To help you connect with your own psychic gifts (yes, you have them); And to help you find the guidance and answers you need for your own life, confidently within yourself.

Want More Information about EVERYDAY PSYCHIC? Click Here.

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