Friday, January 13, 2012

Babble Babble.

Today I am home, with a pixie who really did look sick this morning, but now that we are at 11:20am, she seems fine. I'm convinced she just needed a mental health day. She is still however getting garlic in her grilled cheese today. (She also had chicken stock for breakfast, and mint tea, followed up by a fast reiki treatment.)

I'm resisting the urge to crawl back into bed. Or into the tub. There are several domestic busy jobs that could be started/completed. On my list today however, is a pile of tarot readings in my inbox, first and foremost. It's been very busy, more so since my dream that I was asked to step in and take over for a famous psychic - and I accepted, on my own terms.

Since that dream, I've also been having more 'empowering' dreams, where I'm faced with difficult situations but meet them head on and thrive in the role. Mirrored in real life, I've been faced with difficult situations and choices, and although I haven't felt as strong as my dreamself, I think I've pulled through in a manner to be proud of. (all the while acknowleging the urge to hide under blankets and hope it all takes care of itself.)

I'm feeling lighter today, though. And playful, and slightly giddy. (it's because I told the universe that my big girl panties were in the laundry, and to not make me need them before I do the next wash.)

There's still a restructuring going on around me lately, and I"m looking forward to when the pieces fall back into place. This up in the air thing makes me feel a little nervous. It's a strange thing to not have a career path, but instead finding creative ways to maintain a lifestyle. (which is by no means decadent - the whole goal of all these things is to be physically and emotionally available and supportive for the kids.)

I wonder if we'll be able to meet the goal of being in our own place by Fall 2012.

I'm babbling. Thanks for listening.


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