Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Day!

A whirlwind week.

The local museum is carrying some of my crafty goodness in their gift shop. I had an appointment this morning, and they loved so much of what I brought, they took it right away. (Had I known they would, I would have brought more.) I have to get making more now!

Then, I had a sort-of job interview. I say sort of, because they had already decided that I was hired. I start on Monday. Part time, perfect. It will make up the difference with what my online business commissions don't cover.

Today, we ripped the house apart, including the basement. Landlord had workers come in and they want to do something with the walls to insulate it more... however, they also took down ALL the shelves, that i had FILLED.. and there is a big BIG pile of CRAP in the centre of the basement now, and it looks like I should be a special guest star on HOARDERS. The good news? The store that hired me is a thift store. So, I can just bring in car loads when I go to work. haha.

So, suddenly, there's that extra source of income again, and a focus. Now, hopefully, I'll be able to sit still, and stop picking my cuticles and jumping into the tub in manic worry. I'll be booking my tarot readings around the job, and fitting in sewing somewhere - as soon as I find all my STUFF in the basement again....

And, also, I had a dream that Anne Rice told me I MUST MAKE TIME FOR WRITING. And when Anne Rice tells you to write, you WRITE.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Hear Motion.

It is Sunday.

I spent time playing on pinterest, finding and posting 1920's hair tutorials so that I could put my hair up. My hair is so thick, I have issues with making bobby pins work. Today, I did one of the styles, but threw a claw clip in it to make it stay.

The kits have opened their eyes. Playing with them makes me happy.

I have been doing mad, tail chasing internet circles, trying to figure out where I go from here. I've applied for everything I could find, I've put it out there that I'm available for full time Babysitting/Nanny/Mothers Helper gigs. I've listed for sale online, everything that moves pretty well.

I'm qualified to do so much - I could end up in any direction at all - I just need to figure out what it is I'm SUPPOSED to be doing. I'm trying to listen, but I know I'm missing something. The tarot work is good, but the pay is delayed a month.. So, this doesn't help me with all that is coming out THIS month.

The few questions I've put to my cards about the direction I should take, I keep getting The Fool as my path to follow, to make everything work out just as it should. But, dang, What? I can't skip merrily along and HOPE it'll all work out. There's no time for that. I need results, and soon.

The house is a disaster, after moving what was left from the studio. I have no motiviation or energy to clean it. When I'm not on the computer, I'm in the tub, trying to heal.

Well, this has been an uplifting post.

On the brighter side, I think I have the couch sold... for sure this time.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So, everything is moved out of the studio, and I returned the key on Monday morning. (it's Wednesday.) I'm a lot less angry and disappointed now. But, still feeling lost. Where do I go from here?

I gave away more than half of the studio contents - crafting and art stuff, furniture, so much material. The rest of it is in my basement. There is no room to work on anything in the house. And, now I don't know where to go from here.

The path I was on has completely dropped out from under me. I can't do readings at all when I'm like this. So, I revived my daycare site, however my intentions are not to have kids in the house but to be a live-out nanny. Not sure what else there is for me. It's the only other thing I know, that I'm good at, that comes as second nature.

My little home businesses make bits every month, but they can't cover what is due immediately. I don't have the luxury of having a few weeks to build them harder.

So, I had a point when I started typing. It's poofed.

If you know anyone who wants an amazingly crafty nanny, give 'em my name...


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kits, Universe, and the Unopened Pharmacy.

Giselle had her kits sometime in the wee hours between the 28thand 29th (Tues night/Wed morning.) leap year rabbits! They are squirmy little so-and-so's, and I think there are at least 5, possibly 6. I didn't want to handle them too much, didn't want them to lose the nice heat they had all built up in there under all the fur Giselle had pulled from her belly (Good lord, there was so much!)

She did such a good job of nesting, that I'm hoping she'll do just as good a job with mothering. I dabbed vanilla on her nose anyway, after touching the babies. (It's said to block the sent of my having touched them.) However, from everything I've read, she's only going to nurse them once a day, it'll most likely be at night, they only do it for about 10min... and, by the time she gets around to it, they'll have been covered with the scent of nest again.

Squee! This is the good thing.

Today I was supposed to have a liquidation sale at the studio. It is snowing like stupid out there, and I have no snow tires. So, I've cancelled it till Saturday. Moving EVERYTHING out of there over Saturday and Sunday is going to be a task. Anything I don't sell is going to have to go to the Sally Ann, as we just don't have the room to store it. And I wont' be able to work on anything here anyway. Hundreds of Dollars in art supplies, materials... sigh. I just have to let it go.

Anyway, the task will be in getting it all moved in that time.

Last night my inhaler ran dry. I use that thing at least 2, sometimes 3 times a day. I'm pretty much home bound and on my ass until I can call the pharmacy and see if the doctors office called in a couple for me. I was going to walk down to the studio, just to continue packing up, try to get organized. But, without the inhaler, I'm staying put.

I'm very very very very curious about what the Universe has planned for me. I thought I was on the right track. My little studio was doing so well, and I have been doing what I really feel like I was supposed to be doing. I'm really trying to replace the sense of disappointment with a sense of curiosity and openness.

It's been a long long time since I've been in this place. In my head. In my body. In the world.

Pharmacy should be open soon...