Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Day!

A whirlwind week.

The local museum is carrying some of my crafty goodness in their gift shop. I had an appointment this morning, and they loved so much of what I brought, they took it right away. (Had I known they would, I would have brought more.) I have to get making more now!

Then, I had a sort-of job interview. I say sort of, because they had already decided that I was hired. I start on Monday. Part time, perfect. It will make up the difference with what my online business commissions don't cover.

Today, we ripped the house apart, including the basement. Landlord had workers come in and they want to do something with the walls to insulate it more... however, they also took down ALL the shelves, that i had FILLED.. and there is a big BIG pile of CRAP in the centre of the basement now, and it looks like I should be a special guest star on HOARDERS. The good news? The store that hired me is a thift store. So, I can just bring in car loads when I go to work. haha.

So, suddenly, there's that extra source of income again, and a focus. Now, hopefully, I'll be able to sit still, and stop picking my cuticles and jumping into the tub in manic worry. I'll be booking my tarot readings around the job, and fitting in sewing somewhere - as soon as I find all my STUFF in the basement again....

And, also, I had a dream that Anne Rice told me I MUST MAKE TIME FOR WRITING. And when Anne Rice tells you to write, you WRITE.


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