Thursday, June 26, 2008

Save the Bunnies!!!

This morning Marc and I saved a wild bunny.

We saved it from the evil clutches of our most cuddliest cat. She was decidedly uncuddly chasing this poor, palm sized baby around the yard. Poor thing was scared silly.

We put him in one of the old milk crates kicking around here (read: Little Scotia Lawn Chairs) lined it with a quilt hand made for me by my step-mom when I was 10. (The carrot slices and cleaned out chip dip container (read: Little Scotia Tupperware) with water were my sorry contributions to saving baby bunny.

OSPCA took him in for some TLC. (I wanted to love him and hug him and call him George. Marc didn't think my version of TLC was entirely appropriate. C'est La Vie.)


Actually got a few new things on to today. An ipod cozy with clip, sporting a Volkswagon Beetle Button among other things.

Put together a Featured run that actually made sense when it was all lined up together. Thanks, Subconscious!


Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin.... saywah? huh?

This gorgeous double rainbow appeared yesterday evening, while Marc and I were hanging out in the gazebo.

So, yeah. Usually Celebrity deaths mean a whole lotta nuthin to me. But, George Carlin? Really? He's one of those guys you'd figure would live FOREVER. He had his perspective in place. He never-minded the bollocks. (Sort of interesting to think on his perspective of death. That, that was that, and don't expect angels to come-a-callin', cause it was all bullshit.) Wouldn't it be the ultimate punchline if he actually FOUND himself at some pearly gates? Yeah, now THAT would be an insane idea for a film... (THE IDEA IS MINE! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!)

Other than that, I've just finished destroying my basement, while pulling out STUFF that's not needed down there. (2 extra kitchen tables, a bitchin' heavy card table, miscellaneous chairs, a couple of area rugs that disagree with my alleriges.... there's still a dresser down there that I want out... I just can't do it by myself. ) Now, I gotta clean down there. I'm gonna need a few garbage bags. I've got 3 giant boxes filled with styrofoam doolallies for shipping (when I was doing alot of shipping on ebay.) None of my etsy items are fragile and don't need the pellets (PELLETS! THAT'S THE WORD!) I counted 4 totes of material... there may be one or two more hiding. I should go through that, too.

GUESS WHAT? It's dinner tiiiime!
(do do do do
do do
do do
can't touch this..


sugar low. Whaddaya want.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today was THE DAY. It's always a big hullaballo getting prepped for these things, and then BAM... it's over.

I brought a little bit of everything, and sold a little bit of everything. Now is the part where I get to go through the bins that came home, and sort them out. There are some things left that I made specifically for this sale that didn't go, so I'll be taking pics sometime today (when I rehydrate, and maybe do a little gardening.) Oh, and clip my nails.

I broke a nail right at the end of the show. Which is sort of funny, because I grow them purdy maybe twice a year. The grand opening of Marc's work was about 10 days ago. I polished them and everything. They've been driving me bonkers the last 2 days... so, this nail bustage is a little cosmic poke.

I put the strawberries in the ground (finally) and a few other mystery flowers in the front box. (the seedlings were all nice and labelled when we began this mess in March. I think I may have planted Scottish Bluebells, but who can be sure?) Also, I need to find a good bunch of places for all of the Morning Glories that came up. (I'm not sure I have enough sunny spots!)

My house is a mess. 2 or 3 evenings of intense getting-ready has left our Little Scotia a bit of a Little Write-Off.

Some pics of my packed display. (I had more stuff than I realized.)


Friday, June 20, 2008

etsy-head to dinner-head in 3 easy steps.

There's a lot of crap in my basement.

I'm getting my gear together for the sale tomorrow, and the deeper I dig, the more I find. Some stuff I forgot about, that I want to put on etsy. Some stuff that is just plain embarrasing (a few knitted purses from my first knitting attempts. They are all crooked and screwy lookin'.) Oh, and alot of dust. My lungs are not happy with me, and the sneezing isn't cute anymore. (I was also going through the bins of material I have down there... tomorrow, I sew! I swear it!

I was just on etsy chat, taking a little break from the ready-getting. Making the transition from etsy-head to dinner-head. (It's Friday... should we do pizza and a movie??? yeah, it's 5:22pm, I have a bowl full of left over stew, half a bbq'd steak, and home made fruit salad in the fridge. (as well as 5 bricks of cheese, a couple of eggs, carrots and lettuce.) Did I mention the counter full of dishes I'll have to do to make room to prepare a dinner? Yeah.... I think it's pizza night..

(I've noticed my blogs lately all mention FOOD. I'm not food obsessed. It just always seems to be right before dinner time when I write. )

I sold a "Copping A Feel" print today. It's a really cute one. I framed one up to take to the sale with me. The woman I sold it to is going to put it in her kitchen (appropriate.) The nice thing about ACEO's is that you can rotate them so easily in the same frame. So, there's always new art on the wall. I like changing mine seasonally.

Ok. Time to double check I've got everything I need for the sale, and call the pizza place.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

When The Appliances Start Talking, It's Time To Eat.

Impatiently waiting for the Crock Pot to do its thang. It's hissing at me. I must resist the urge to open it until 6:30...

Finishing up some loose ends for the Mom to Mom sale. I still have ACEO's to get ready, and some cards to put together. (I'm having a fly-by-the-seat-of-ma-pants sort of time with it. It'll all work out... as long as I don't forget the float!)

I'm taking my entire current inventory from etsy (plus all the new stuff I've been working on that I haven't bothered to take pics and list, incase they sell.) the COOL thing is that Sunday, I'll be spending the day taking pics of the new stuff and making the store beeeeeautiful with new goodies.

OOooohhh, I bought a pattern at Fabricland that I've been dying to get into. Stuffed animals, that I'll put a Little Scotia spin on. Right after I get the tote bag started and finished for a friend's request. My sewing machine has been sitting on the kitchen floor for a few days. If it had eyes, it would be giving me the big round wet weepy ones. And a pouty lip.

"Why don't you love me? Don't you wanna play?" It would say to me.
"Ofcourse I want to play, sweetie. I love you so much, I can't bear to put you away, and that's why you're on the kitchen floor. We'll play on Sunday, ok??" I would reply.

(I'm either having a sugar high from a scarfed chocolate, or I REALLY need to eat something. Or, I could blame the Crock Pot. It talks too....)

Yeah. Good times. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside

So, ummm, It's June 18th today. The children get out for summer holiday in about a week. It's flippin FREEZING outside. Overcast, cold enough for winter coats to be comfortable. Our new gazebo sits outside alone and our barbeque is lonely. I hope my tomato and watermelon plants make it. SILLINESS.

I'm sending Mother Nature an email RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I demand some client satisfaction. It's nearly summer, dang nabbit. (officially on Saturday, June 21st.)

How is a good pagan supposed to get out there and celebrate the solstice if I can't tell what season it is??

Alright. Enough ranting. (But, damn it's cold outside.)


You know what I found??? A vintage yellow cocktail dress from the 50's, hiding in the back of my closet. I had taken pics and listed it when I was doing ebay. Someone was interested in it, bought it, never followed through, and in my closet it's been ever since. It's gorgeous. I'm going to list it on etsy as soon as the kids aren't around to admire it with their dirty fingers. :) I need to remeasure it again, so I'll have to have it out.

The Amazing Marc got some new suits today. We dressed up for the outing. Lots of the mom's on the school yard asked me what the occasion was, because I'm generally sporting faded jeans and a ratty T, with the prerequisite hoodie. It IS an occasion to go out and have fun with Marc!

ok. I think I'm food deprived.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monotonous, Innit?

Here is an updated pic of the tat-so-far. Now that's enough already. I'm sick of looking at my face here. (haha..)

Yesterday I hiked up to the mall, and bought MORE BUTTONS from Fabricland. I've crocheted a ton (tonne?) of cozy's, but didn't have JUST what I was looking for by way of buttons. So, I spent about $10 on some nice wood ones, and a few plastic fun ones (trees, flowers, doggies.. yummy!) The Mom-to-Mom sale is quickly approaching, and every free moment is about getting ready for it. It's only a "three hour tour", but it'll be a nice refresher course. It's been a while.

It's RAINING, it's pouring, daycare babies are snoring. So, I'm going to go crochet something while they sleep.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tattoo, Cont...

Today was the continuation of ma tat. We did the blue flower today. (The green and yellow of the leaves were done about a month ago.) It only took about 70 minutes. I would have continued on, but I had other errands to run, appointments, and the tattoo guy was waiting on the health inspector to come by and check out their new piercing station.

It turned out very nice, and hardly stings at all (which is a nice bonus, because the leaf colouring was a bit hellish in healing.)

(I must speak with alot of parenthesis... they are just all over the place in these blogs... funny, that.)


Bought some new "big girl" jeans today. I'm trying to make myself over... my clothing is stuck somewhere in my early 20's. I turned 34 in April. I don't feel like an adult most days (whatever THAT means.) and I'm not attracted to typical stuff for ladies in my age bracket. I tend to lean towards rockabilly and pin up stuff, or hoodies and nasty old jeans. But, the hubby has a new job that requires him to "dress up" everyday, and I need one or two appropriate things to wear when I have to pretend to be a groan-up. (I'm not in denial.. I'm just COMFY!)

I guess next, I'll have to learn how to do something other than the Bettie Page with my locks. Something up-dooey I guess.

There must be a way to comfortably and gracefully make a bit of a transition here. I'm not looking to change who I am at all. (A bit of a flaky rock-n-roll hippy chick.) but, I also do not want to be that woman that everyone points to saying "ooooh, she's way too old for that style."

Y'know whut ahm sayin?

Anyway, This is the only pic of my tat that I have, taken only hours old. I tried to take it myself, which is a bit tricky. When the super-hubby is home, I'll get him to help take a better pic. (The way I've shot it, the Morning Glory looks a little lopsided....)

Miss L

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't Drool on the Wool

How long does it take to choose yarn and wool, when all there are only two isles?... Well, I COULD spent easily 40 minutes drooling all over them and never deciding. Alas, I chose a few within about 10 minutes, and blew all the beautiful bundles a kiss before promising them in a whisper that "I'll be back for the rest of you my pretties."

I picked up a big BIG pile of black acrylic, a big BIG pile of bold rainbow cotton, a big BIG pile of bold mixed blue/green/yellows, and then I saw the ORGANIC cotton. I picked a hemp colour, and a green mix in the organic. OH MA GAWD. It was pricey, but It's brilliant to feel and feed through the fingers while crocheting. And just HOW awesome will it be to put that on the Little Scotia label? Very Awesome.

I'm getting excited about the Mom to Mom sale coming up. The crocheting is keeping my fidgety hands busy, and excitement contained.

All this salivating is activating my wonder-stomach. Gotta eat now.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Days Are Just Packed

However, today was beautiful-lazy.

The biggest thing on the list today was buying butter on sale for $2.99 at Valu Mart. And by the time we got there, they were all sold out. (ofcourse.) Since the dawn of time we have been slowly converting our eating habits into something a little more sensible. I drink soy milk or rice milk in my cereal (cause I'm hooked on cereal, and I break out if I have too much dairy.) It's whole wheat pasta quite a bit, and whole wheat bread (although the price of bread lately has been a kick in the teeth, and I think I'm going back to making my own.) and my baked goods always have some whole wheat flour in them.

But, back to the butter thing. This is the latest thing we're doing, instead of eating margarine. And we're using a hell of a lot less, since it costs $4-bloody-dollars a pound. We use grapeseed oil to cook with (primarily grilled cheeses, eggs and pancakes get a swish of grapeseed oil in the pan first.) Anyway, the $2.99 bricks were sold out ("no rainchecks!") and I bought $3.99 butter instead. Which is still .50 cents cheaper than anywhere else, anyway.

My beloved has got a new job, which is exciting. Little Scotia is ever-evolving.

On Wednesday, I'll be continuing my tattoo. (I was to have this bit done 2 weeks ago, but the artists converter thing-a-ma-dooey died that day, and he had to go to Toronto to get a new one. so, I had to put this off until my schedule could accomodate it. ) There will be pictures! I'm excited.

I've been crocheting up a storm, but I think I've made so many cozy's that I'm getting to that point where I start wanting to switch it up. I've got dolls, cross stitching, painting and ACEO's on the go. It keeps me happy.

Somewhere out there, somebody else is getting paid big money to blog. Can I get a blog-agent on this for me? This would be just about the coolest job ever.