Friday, June 20, 2008

etsy-head to dinner-head in 3 easy steps.

There's a lot of crap in my basement.

I'm getting my gear together for the sale tomorrow, and the deeper I dig, the more I find. Some stuff I forgot about, that I want to put on etsy. Some stuff that is just plain embarrasing (a few knitted purses from my first knitting attempts. They are all crooked and screwy lookin'.) Oh, and alot of dust. My lungs are not happy with me, and the sneezing isn't cute anymore. (I was also going through the bins of material I have down there... tomorrow, I sew! I swear it!

I was just on etsy chat, taking a little break from the ready-getting. Making the transition from etsy-head to dinner-head. (It's Friday... should we do pizza and a movie??? yeah, it's 5:22pm, I have a bowl full of left over stew, half a bbq'd steak, and home made fruit salad in the fridge. (as well as 5 bricks of cheese, a couple of eggs, carrots and lettuce.) Did I mention the counter full of dishes I'll have to do to make room to prepare a dinner? Yeah.... I think it's pizza night..

(I've noticed my blogs lately all mention FOOD. I'm not food obsessed. It just always seems to be right before dinner time when I write. )

I sold a "Copping A Feel" print today. It's a really cute one. I framed one up to take to the sale with me. The woman I sold it to is going to put it in her kitchen (appropriate.) The nice thing about ACEO's is that you can rotate them so easily in the same frame. So, there's always new art on the wall. I like changing mine seasonally.

Ok. Time to double check I've got everything I need for the sale, and call the pizza place.


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