Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tattoo, Cont...

Today was the continuation of ma tat. We did the blue flower today. (The green and yellow of the leaves were done about a month ago.) It only took about 70 minutes. I would have continued on, but I had other errands to run, appointments, and the tattoo guy was waiting on the health inspector to come by and check out their new piercing station.

It turned out very nice, and hardly stings at all (which is a nice bonus, because the leaf colouring was a bit hellish in healing.)

(I must speak with alot of parenthesis... they are just all over the place in these blogs... funny, that.)


Bought some new "big girl" jeans today. I'm trying to make myself over... my clothing is stuck somewhere in my early 20's. I turned 34 in April. I don't feel like an adult most days (whatever THAT means.) and I'm not attracted to typical stuff for ladies in my age bracket. I tend to lean towards rockabilly and pin up stuff, or hoodies and nasty old jeans. But, the hubby has a new job that requires him to "dress up" everyday, and I need one or two appropriate things to wear when I have to pretend to be a groan-up. (I'm not in denial.. I'm just COMFY!)

I guess next, I'll have to learn how to do something other than the Bettie Page with my locks. Something up-dooey I guess.

There must be a way to comfortably and gracefully make a bit of a transition here. I'm not looking to change who I am at all. (A bit of a flaky rock-n-roll hippy chick.) but, I also do not want to be that woman that everyone points to saying "ooooh, she's way too old for that style."

Y'know whut ahm sayin?

Anyway, This is the only pic of my tat that I have, taken only hours old. I tried to take it myself, which is a bit tricky. When the super-hubby is home, I'll get him to help take a better pic. (The way I've shot it, the Morning Glory looks a little lopsided....)

Miss L

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