Friday, August 28, 2009

A full day before 11am.

I was somewhat productive yesterday! Loaded up the pics of the newest pair of vintage shoes, an altered vintage compact (sooo coool.) and a couple of hemp necklaces, to Vintage Witch. Put a call-to-action out there on Facebook. Today is already a busy day, and it's just past 9am.

  • Did a maple biscotti, and a tray of mini carrot cakes.
  • Make a sign for the Rye, as they are using some Watkins products
  • have to get downtown to return a movie to the library
  • buy some sugar, eggs and butter and almonds and apples.
  • Visit the Rye cafe and deliver a Root Beer Extract
  • Get my buns back home to feed the kidlets
  • A girlfriend is bringing over her lawnmower and weedwacker. (The ancient push mower needs a little help sometimes.)
  • Finish my bake! I've got almond and maple biscotti to do, as well as more carrot cake and more banana bread. I wanted to try some apple bread this week, too.
My intentions for today was to have some girls over and go over some Watkins goodies with them. But the Farmers Market prep keeps me swamped (in the nicest way! ) So, I think I'm going to have to wait until September, and I"m no longer doing markets, to do the laid back coffee afternoon with friends. (Man, that will be so good.)

This is the first year I've been excited for September. Even though I'll be working hard on my etsy things, and continuing to build my Watkins business, it will seem like a break compared to the insane pace of this summer :)

I DO love Fridays.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freebie Giveaway!

So, I've decided I want to do a freebie draw! As soon as I have 100 fans on my facebook fan page, I'm going to do a draw... I haven't quite decided what the freebie will be, so I'll need some input on that too! Little Scotia has dolls AND miniatures, and Im wondering what the preferred item would be.

Maybe a gift certificate so the winner could choose what they'd like?

So, join the facebook fan page, and then let me know what you might like to see as my first contest giveaway!


Table of Contents

I was just on another blog, and they had a Table of Contents. I can't for the life of me figure out how to find this widget, unless it's something I have to do manually. Gah. I want one.

Sold a Green Man pendant today on the Vintage Witch site. This means I'll have to make a few more. There's only 4 more market days for me this year (this weekend and next weekend) and then I'll be moving more into the consignment shops, and keeping an eye out for sales and tables I can rent at the schools, retirement homes, and rec centres. (I'm thinking I'll have to avoid the church sales. When you have "Vintage Witch" all over your cards, they might just ask me to leave.


The day begins!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig.

Back from the mini-vay-cay, and pretty happy to be home.

The first thing that had to be done this morning was to purge the fridge of some questionable items, then go shopping to fill it back up. I pinched a nerve in my back, pushing around a Superstore cart. Seriously. I am unimpressed. And after $174, I STILL forgot the milk.

I recieved some leads from the Summit Group for my business, and sent out emails first thing this morning. These were the freebies they were giving for me recruiting a few people to my business. So, I've got packages ready to mail, and then follow ups to do with the packages I mailed off last week. It's getting busy, and I have to watch that I'm not spending more time in front of the computer, than with the pixies for the last few weeks of summer.

However, there is that looming Bell bill (thanks to the teenager) that I have to cover, until he babysits enough to pay me back. So, I'm a little conflicted. Anyone got any good time-managements websites they can share?


I called Penetang Market this morning, to book my spot for the 22nd, but I've yet to hear back from them on confirmation. Hopefully I'll get in, but if not I'll be at the Midland one. With a few bottles of Liniment tins of Medicated Ointment and some of the hand,nail and cuticle salves for those of you who are gardening or experiencing some dry hands. ( I use this stuff on my heels, too.)


I"m still drooling and planning heavily in the direction of IKEA. I really want to get the girls some new beds that won't eat up their entire bedroom. They also have a wonderfully big rug there that I think I want, and it's only $149 or so (for a 6.5 x 9ish size) I'll have to put an order in with the universe, and see what comes of it.

The pixies want juice. I suppose I should oblige. And then throw them in the bathtub.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trepidation over Relaxation....

I am a Taurus. Despite my Aries-cusp and moon tendencies (I can be loud, boisterous, and outgoing!) I am deep down still very much a tenacious bull.

I'm going away with my sister for a few days. This disrupts the flow of life as I know it. My life is pretty laid back, but at the same time I'm always busy. I haven't gone away on vacation in..uh, .. hang on, I'm thinking....well, since I was still living under my parents roof. And that was probably onyl because I HAD to, and I bet I spent the bulk of the time away with my nose in a book. (I'm thinking it was Nova Scotia when I was 12.) Oh, unless you count my adventures in the city some 4 years ago...

I just don't "do" vacations. I like my home-base. I like the comforts of home. I like my routine.

But, I'm going. And I'm going to like it. I will relax and have fun and not be antsy...

(You just know I'll be bringing a bunch of cross stitching to do, and possibly some hemp and beads for necklaces... because I DON'T sit still very well.)

The last nearly 5 months has put me into a rather delicious routine, revolving around work, crafting, facebook, the children, and Mr. Incredible.

I hope I can figure out this R&R thing. There will be books.... and perhaps some long awaited writing....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Witches Melt in the Rain like Shugah.

This mornings Farmers Market was an absolute rain out. It was just silly, the way it poured down and soaked nearly everything under the tent. Ok, I DIDN'T melt like shugah, but the rain dripped from my hair the entire ride home, and we were both soaked through.

We were home by 10:30, I was back in my jammies by 10:40 (my clothing was soaked!)... Crawled back into bed, to wake at 12ish, to the sun JUST BEAMING down. It's GORGEOUS out there now. I got a weekend permit to do garage sales this weekend, and had half a mind to set up everything in the driveway. (The gazebo is up anyway, to dry out!) BUT, that would mean getting dressed again. :)

Instead, Mr. Incredible and I took some new pics for etsy. (With HIS camera, which is WAY FANTASTIC for close up shots of miniatures.)

Technically, he tooks the shots. :) I simply orchestrated the pieces to go in front of the cam. There are new items for both Little Scotia and Vintage Witch. yay!

This is my favourite of the day:

He attempted to get my whole face, but I moved while laughing.

Good times in Pajamas.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loo Loo, Run To the Loooo

I attempted some pics with the crabby-cam, but it's moody. Some of the photo's turned out ok... the close up ones of the vintage earrings didn't do so well. (SO annoying. There will be a new cam in my future. My NEAR future.)

I've been busy making MONKEYS. Oh, and Scrabble Tile Pendants. And pendants on glass that are really really pretty. And a few hemp necklaces here and there. I've been BUSY. And I love it. Filling out orders for crafty requests has been cool, too. (must get new camera!!!)

I missed the Saturday market, and that turned out A-OK... We had a date-day in Midland, Orillia and then Barrie (it was a GREAT day!) And then Sunday at the Midland market went great anyway, so I didn't feel so bad.

And, I think I'm going to make a habit out of it. Although this Saturday I'm going to do a garage sale in the driveway, we're still at home. I can go for a pee or get a coffee any time. (That's one of the hilarious things about market day... I have no one to cover me if I have to run to the loo. So, I make sure I DON'T need to go to the loo. lol.)

Oh, on the weekend I found a book on making miniatures from polymer clay. And as if I need another craft, ... Corey bought me the book. (I wanted it BAD. lol.) But, I'm going to wait until September, when the baking craziness is over and the kids are in school, to begin creating those lovelies.

The shoes can be found at Vintage Witch