Friday, August 28, 2009

A full day before 11am.

I was somewhat productive yesterday! Loaded up the pics of the newest pair of vintage shoes, an altered vintage compact (sooo coool.) and a couple of hemp necklaces, to Vintage Witch. Put a call-to-action out there on Facebook. Today is already a busy day, and it's just past 9am.

  • Did a maple biscotti, and a tray of mini carrot cakes.
  • Make a sign for the Rye, as they are using some Watkins products
  • have to get downtown to return a movie to the library
  • buy some sugar, eggs and butter and almonds and apples.
  • Visit the Rye cafe and deliver a Root Beer Extract
  • Get my buns back home to feed the kidlets
  • A girlfriend is bringing over her lawnmower and weedwacker. (The ancient push mower needs a little help sometimes.)
  • Finish my bake! I've got almond and maple biscotti to do, as well as more carrot cake and more banana bread. I wanted to try some apple bread this week, too.
My intentions for today was to have some girls over and go over some Watkins goodies with them. But the Farmers Market prep keeps me swamped (in the nicest way! ) So, I think I'm going to have to wait until September, and I"m no longer doing markets, to do the laid back coffee afternoon with friends. (Man, that will be so good.)

This is the first year I've been excited for September. Even though I'll be working hard on my etsy things, and continuing to build my Watkins business, it will seem like a break compared to the insane pace of this summer :)

I DO love Fridays.

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