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Friday, February 22, 2013

Finding a Job in Midland Ontario

Finding a Job in Midland Ontario using the Job Bank Canada can be a difficult thing. Even when you find a full time job, most likely you will get paid minimum wage to be away from your house, your kids, and your hobbies for the best part of the weekday – and for many, the weekend too. That's IF you can find a full time job.

Instead of looking for jobs in Midland Ontario with the job bank in Canada, I started a business, and have helped everyday people do the same thing. I teach them how to work their businesses all over Canada AND the US. So, you get to live where you want and still have work.

Working from home has been a blessing, and has paid! I’m down to working about 10 hours a week – not quite the 4 hour work week, but I’m pretty happy with it.

What my home businesses have done for me?

*I’m re-learning French. I live in a heavily French poulated area, and It’s something I’ve always wanted to make time to do.

*I’m taking a University Course – Sustainable Urban Agriculture. Why? I love making food in yards. And digging in the dirt.

*I got to stay home all summer with my girls. Granted, we spent a few days in jammies all day, Barbies or Polly Pockets all over the floor at my feet, but hey… jammy days aren’t a BAD thing.

*My sweetheart quit his job, and is going to school. Following HIS bliss, too!
*I have time to be CREATIVE! I have a studio/gallery space, thanks to my home business– All the crafty stuff needs to go live somewhere other than all over my house. I’ve always wanted a studio space
*I’ve found the time to write 2 poetry books, and I’m half way through another novel. This thing excites me! Being a published author was definately something on my “list.”

*During the school year, I get to go to school functions that happen half way through the day. Oh, and class trips!

*I get to follow my bliss! Sometimes that’s sleeping in. Sometimes that’s hanging laundry. Sometimes that’s gardening in the yard. Sometimes it’s reading in the library. Sometimes it’s writing in my favourite diner.
Sometimes it’s painting or making dolls!

When I first started, I went at it like crazy – I probably worked 4 hours a day – placing ads, writing blogs, following up, and spending time and money LEARNING the ropes! It seemed almost obsessive then.. but I’m NOW glad I put in that effort!

What would you do, if you could get paid full time but only have to work 10 hours a week? Think good and hard on it. This is happening for people who would otherwise use the job bank in Canada to find a job in Midland Ontario right now, this place where so many people feel there is no money to be made or live off of.
Contact me if you want to hear the rest of my story, and if you want more information on how to live YOUR bliss!

I'm REALLY doing this - and it's my passion to help you have this freedom too!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Is Midland Ontario?

Midland Ontario is located on Georgian Bay, and if you are cottaging in this beautiful area, the reference to going "Into Town" means you'll be making a visit to Midland.

Within the town itself there are many attractions to visit! Downtown you can visit The Midland Cultural Centre which will house Quest Art Gallery and Huronia Players Theatre Company. There is also a cafe that is managed by Ivars Rasa and Kim Masin, former owners of the Library Restaurant.

You can access the internet at the Midland Public Library, either using their computers, or through wireless with your own laptop. The Midland Public Library is a beautiful, big and air conditioned spaces, with lots of activities for the kids.

While downtown, you can have a visit with our resident psychic, Lori-Grace. She has a busy but cozy studio downtown, just down the street from the Midland Public Library. With her psychic skill, she reads for clients all over North America, the UK and Australia. Sitting with her in person on your visit is a must-do on the list.

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There's also the waterfront, the beaches, and the Midland Farmers Market to visit when you come "Into Town" from the cottage. There's the Huronia Museum Huron-Ouendat Village, The Martyrs Shrine, The Wye Marsh for getting back to nature. Midland Ontario also has all of the little shops you would hope to find, plus all the amentities that you need to have a great visit, with four major grocery stores, and wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Don't forget to visit our tourist information centre at the bottom of King Street, to get help finding Where it all is in Midland Ontario.