Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Loaves Inspire the Soul

So, today is all about the little breads. Orange Spice Loaf (a Watkins package), Apple Spice Loaf (also, a Watkins package.) and Banana Loaf (completely home made).

The little loaves are part of everyone's prezzies tomorrow (We're seeing everyone tomorrow, and I wanted them to have the option of freezing them... so I couldn't make them and freeze them myself.)

Making the little loaves leave me thinking about summer time and the Farmers Markets, and what I plan on doing with them this year. And about Planning to Plan... I have a quiet little goal that I"m working towards, that will ultimately continue our happily ever after path. Funny, how a simple thing like baking Little Loaves can uplift one's energy.

Seeing the Sun today doesn't hurt either.

Which reminds me, the pixies and I have some Yule Log we must put a dent in. (They went to bed around 9 on Winter Solstice...which FELT like "up all night" to all of us...)

Happy happy joy joy to all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Viking Dad gives Vintage Witch some Solstice Advice... (need a giggle? hehe)

Viking Dad is a new series by some people I adore...

I got a little advice from the "Ask Viking Dad" crew on what to get my boyfriend for Winter Solstice.. hehe. Check it out..

Viking Dad

Enjoy! If you want Viking Dad to answer any of your questions, join the Facebook group. Tell your friends!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Non Stop Creative Weekend (Podge, Parte Deux)

This weekend I've finished a crazy amount of dollhouse furniture. Thanks to the podge. I HAD been using a water based varnish on these little pieces, which was very smelly, very messy, and took forever to dry (which meant I needed a place to leave them to sit for 24 hours, safe from cats and kids.) Needless to say, the time required left many many pieces untouched or unfinished.

I dug out some little rub-on decals that I had hidden in the dresser-of-craft, and embellished some of the cute little pieces. This piece above is finished with a paper backing on the back wall of the shelving. It looks SWEET.

All my pics were taken before I painted the little knobs and feet, and before the mirrors were added. I've also got a few little mirrored vanities that are drying, as I type, and some beds.

I'm hoping that there will be some sun out tomorrow, so I can get some decent pics of the finished pieces.

I DID however get some pics for the little crocheted doilies, and they are on etsy right now.

Podge covers the acrylic paint and decals so nicely, and doesn't muddy up the images, either.

I've been considering selling the bases for these little pieces, plus mirrors and decals as a kit. Do you think it would be worth it? And what would you price them at, in comparison to the finished product? I think I'll have to flit around etsy and find out...


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Old Box, New Box. How to Jewellery Box with Paper and Podge.

Boxes for Yule... funny story, before you see the pics. I had been working on them secretly for a while, hiding them before pixies arrive home from school. Yesterday, during the day, I left them on the table to dry - and played some online game while they were drying. While playing the game, I looked at the time, realized it was time to get pixies, got ready and LEFT.

While at the school, I remembered they were on the table... So, longish story short...The pixies think I'm making them for ETSY. (They're used to seeing me working on etsy stuff all the time.) So, yay to etsy for saving Yule. hehe.

Here are some pics of the old nasty jewellery boxes that I've revamped and made GORGEOUS. I have a new found appreciation for PODGE. (I didn't buy Mod Podge by name - just some generic stuff from Minds Alive, a local store that specializes in toys and crafts and books, etc, for kids.) These jewellery boxes were those nasty orange-brown, probably from the 80's, that I saved from the thrift store. Nothing wrong with them that I couldn't fix, inside or out!

I did them both at the same time - while paint dried on one, I worked on the other. Same with the paper and the podge. (Podge can be finiky. ) to do both of them, I'm guessing I worked about 20 hours total. (sanding, layers and layers of paint, etc.)

This box is actually a tan colour, but with no sun out this morning to help me take my pics, I'm stuck with the light in my kitchen that makes EVERYTHING look yellow.

What you need:

Old jewellery box!
Podge (Glossy)
Scrap booking paper (not cardstock, but not cheap thin paper either.)

A light sand of whatever finish the nasty jewellery box has on it, will help adhere paint and papers.

I had to do many layers of paint to cover the dark colour of the jewellery box. I also hand painted everything, to make sure I didnt' make a mess. I did not paint the surfaces that I knew I was going to paper. Let the paint dry between coats. (I just used acrylics.)

Podge the painted surfaces! Be sure to put your brush in water immediately. Podge dries quickly, and it'll take forever for you to clean a dried brush.

The paper application was tricky. You can cut out the shape of the paper beforehand, or trim off the excess after, with a craft knife. Either way, you've got to be fast with the podge. Apply the podge evenly, and somewhat thinly. Press your paper on, starting at one end, moving to the other, to cut down on bubbles. (If there's too much podge, it will bubble, too.) On the big flat surfaces, I used my heavy duty marble rolling pin to help press down. IF your paper bubbles or curves at the edges, get your brush in under there with a bit of podge, and use your clean fingers to press it down.

Give the layer underneath half an hour to dry completely. Lightly sand the edges of the papers. Then, put an even layer of podge on top of the paper, being sure to be gentle with edges but cover all of them.


Be sure to let every layer you do dry completely before moving on to the next step. To see Podge in action, take a look at this video. (I found it helpful.)

Podge Video

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lookin for a Good Crystal.

I went down to Inner Bliss today with Pixie-the-Elder. I love going down there, just to bounce ideas and thoughts around with Rhonda. She's got a lovely calm energy that I just don't seem to feel I possess lately. I mean, I guess I do in moments. Today didn't feel like it, though. The healing energy in there always leaves me feeling like "I should really make time to do some inner work." Soon.. SOOOOON!

I know I need a new crystal. (I say new, as if I have one right now... I don't. My semi precious stone collection has long since dissapeared. Probably the pixies. They like pretty stones, too.) The dream time is fast approaching, and I need one. Unpolished. I just didn't have time to really look and consider today.

I also am thinking it's time to begin studies in earnest with the pixies. They are old enough. And it's not like we'd start with anything esoteric or anything... just a better understanding of the year wheel and festivals etc. I'll have to see if there is any good kid curriculum for such things.

Can't wait until I can share some pics of all the goodies I'm making (and madly trying to finish.)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How is YOUR handmade gift making going???

Have you ever started a handmade project, and half way through thought "What was I thinking?"
I'm currently struggling with some little goodies that are earmarked for Yule/Christmas gifties for my family. There are quite a few of these little THINGIES (I can't even tell you what they are, or I'll ruin the surprise for my family.)

They are fussy little things, that are taking an AWFULLY long time for me to get through. They were supposed to be easier than this. The pattern and directions SEEMED easy enough.

I've already got them half finished, and so I CAN'T stop now. And it's a bit late in the game to be rethinking gifties. And I HATE the idea of all these... THINGS... being left undone, in the bottom of my craft bins.

So, I'm going to plod on with them. And hope the reaction is "Wow, these are awesome!" Rather than "Oh, gee.... thanks..."

I can't even take pics for you to see... but, to my family... remember : "Wow, these are AWESOME!" hehe

How is your handmade gift making going?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafters Choice, 3 books for 3 bucks. Cool.

It's the time of year where I madly go through my crafting books looking for quick, last minute ideas. I was realizing how many of these came from the Crafters Choice Book Club. (You know, with the swingin' deal when you sign up, then the sales that keep you hooked?)

I've already done quite a few projects from these books over this year, and I'm REALLY looking forward to January and February, because they really ARE condensed crafting time for me. I'll list the creations on etsy, until the weather gets nicer, then sell them at market or on consignment at local shops.

If you want to have a peek at their deals, or pick up a new craft to get you through winter, Find books on beading, sewing, knitting, and more! Get 3 Fabulous Crafting Books for only $3! !

This is for the Canadian Version of the Crafting Book Club. I'm sure there'll be a link to the U.S. one there, though.

I'm pretty sure the deal is you only have to buy one or two books at their club prices, and then you can cancel. 5 books of crafts is enough to keep ANYONE busy till spring!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Life of Anne Rice

Stumbling around snippets of
the life of Anne Rice
I'm surprised at how saddened and
pulled by emotion I am
In front of this cold clackety clack
keyboard and screen.

His image saved forever in
faded browns and creams
His voice as crisp, young, persistant
in my ears as if mine were hers though
She reminded me this week of
The anniversary of his death.

My eyes and heart drink in these digital
moments and it strikes me that they
Should belong to her alone.
His voice in my ears as if mine were hers,
Drink in every drop and my heart
hurts with the words of her Stan.

Written by Lori Petroff, after stumbling across footage of Stan Rice reading poetry.


Our First Snowday! Busses are cancelled, and that means stay in jammies day!

Yep, we're in walking distance of the school, BUT... Snowdays are for baking and staying warm and playing in the snowdrifts before coming in to drink hot chocolate! So, here we are!

There's a special magic in the air, and I fully intend to harness it for GOOD.

There's a list of crafts I NEED to get to! I think I have the brain space to do it today :) If I can manage to stay away from browsing on etsy, and all the blogs I've recently found. ehhe.

I haven't even got a pic yet to stick here... But, I will! Snowdays are productive days! :0)

What are you doing today?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fairies, Owls, and a Sassy Pin Up Mannequin.

Crazy photo day! I'm home with a sick pixie today, and home remedy-ing the heck out of her. This also means I'm having a home-day... and guess what I got into? More cards! Using my coloured sheet (that I've got on etsy.)

The celtic owl one, I'm particularly proud of. With textures cardstock, I created a tree branch. Using my NEW (yummy) gel pens, I made little snow circles on the branches and the owl's feathers.

The whole "get the cam out" started with me wanting to take a pic of the manniquin MOSTLY dressed. While cleaning, I found a half made apron (I started it in summer.) I never attached a button and loop at the neck, so it's safety pinned on. I also never stitched the belt on.. It's hanging on with a loop in the back. She's pretty sassy now... plus, she's covering up the UGLY off yellow door bell box.

It's been a fun day. Now, I have to clean it up.

Tomorrow, it's dismantle a table to go to the dump, find a place to put all the STUFF that currently lives on the table, and do a pile of running around.

Obviously, I'm going to need a LOT more chocolate.


Waldorf Man and a Question for Etsians...

A new little man! He stands 5" tall (which would make him a small boy for a 1:6 scale, a 5 foot tall dude for a 1:12 scale, and a GIANT for a 1:24 scale dollhouse.)

I was going to finish him off with face etc, like the "Grim reapers day off." and the victorian ladies... but a girlfriend of mine suggested I leave him just as he was. And the more he sat with everyone on the shelf, the more he grew on me, just as he is.

I listed him on etsy this morning.

Although, I'm thinking Friday will be the last day to ship out for Yule and Christmas delivery.

So, take a peek at the store. Many items from the store together will qualify for reduced shipping (I can refund through PayPal.)

I'm thinking of putting the store on holiday after Friday. For those of you who have an etsy store, do YOU close it down during the holidays?


Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Yuletide Greeting Card PICTURES.

Look! I had to post some cards I made with my own art. I printed them off on cardstock, because I knew I was going to want to use them raised, BUT they could be printed out on paper too. When I go to the printers, I always ask that they print my work photo quality, and usually on a matte paper, but you can get some nice results on glossy, too.

These cards will be available at Inner Bliss for purchase, or contact me if you are long distance and interested in having them mailed to you. OR, you can visit my etsy store and purchase the sheet of images and make some yourself! I email the digital file to you, and you can have it printed right away at home, or take it to a printers.

What do you think?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Celtic Fun and Fairies For Scrapbooks and Cards!

I spent the day colouring. Here was my thought process:

I've spent the last WEEK drooling over these fancy handmade cards featuring (generally) stamps of cute little kids etc, that the artist will colour in. Then I thought, why in the heck would I buy stamps when I can DRAW? So, I did a page full of drawings. And as I'm drawing, I"m thinking "I should get this photocopied, so I can use them again and again."

Initially, Iwas thinking I would colour them in each time for each card, and then my arm got sore today COLOURING. And I realized how LONG it was taking to colour. And then thought "Why don't I photocopy the coloured page?"...

So, now I have a page fully coloured, that I can cut out the figure again and again for use on these cards that I'm making... THEN I thought.. "Why don't I put this on etsy, and sell the image, so OTHERS can use them in their card making or scrapbooking too?

Now, I'm thinking I might colour a sheet once a week. You know, around all the cardmaking I"m doing :)

In other news, my handmade cards, as well as my scrabble and glass tile pendants, and some paintings are in a local shoppe called Inner Bliss. I went down today with a pile of new stuff, and had a wonderful time absorbing and healing in the fantastic energy of the shop, and chatting with Rhonda.

Today has lasted FOREVER, in the best way.

Happy Friday! Dont' forget to check out my etsy shoppe with the images for scrap booking!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pagan Yule Cards.

More Cards! With a Pagan-Twist, ofcourse.

The pictures on them are little ACEO's that I made last year. I was looking at the stamp pictures that some of these ladies are using, and thought "Why in the world would I buy those when I can draw?" And then stumbled apon the ACEO's while getting paper out of the craft dresser.

It makes me happy that my cards are truly UNIQUE, because no one else will have these images.

My plan was to head down to Inner Bliss (Midland Ave, Midland Ontario) with these, and a pile of other items for consignment... but the weather isn't luring me out to walk (with a container of jewellery, these cards, and canvasses...) So, I've arranged a play date with a friend of mine down the road. I'm bringing my scrapping stuff and she's gonna get her stuff out, and there will be MORE cards.. ehhehe...

This is addicting. I understand it now!

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In An Effort to Make More Money on Crafts Than I Spend (is it possible?)

So, last night SOMEHOW I ended up on some blogs where some lovely ladies were making CARDS using stamps and ink and sparkles and all sorts of yummy goodness. My brain almost exploded with the possibilities, and the desire to create. And the momentary impulse to buy an entire kit just to learn how to do it...

This is NOT the month to start a brand new craft, and folks, I have a wall-o-craft that has enough goodies in it to make many many projects...ALSO, after a before-bed budget scribble for December, It is clear that I need to MAKE more money then I spend this month, in order to pay off the dentist AND have a few gifties under the tree.

So, I started messing around with what I've already got on hand today. And on hand means more like "piled up and stashed." The dresser is full. The boxes are overflowing. There are a tonne of wood projects ready to be finished. And just look at my poor nekkid mannequin... You'd think I could take a moment to sew up an apron or something....
But, I knew I had a handful of plain green cards and envelopes. Got out the stampers, some decorative paper from last year, cheapie ribbon, pencil crayons, and designed a few (all the while singing VERY loudly all by myself in the kitchen.) I'm pretty pleased with the results, for a first go, and a bit of time floating around blogs and youtube looking at tutorials... however....

The incredible mess I made going through my stuff, fiddling and finding new stuff, will probably take an hour to clean up.... I wish I had a ROOM so I could just leave this stuff until I'm finished with a project. Alas, dinner demands the dinner table!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Amazing Tarot Offer - $1.99 for 10 minutes!

The company I use as my client phone interface has got a GREAT offer that I wanted to share. I just found it today, and I don't know how long it will last, but wanted everyone to have the opportunity to take advantage of it.

A 10 minute tarot reading for ONLY $1.99. That is INCREDIBLE. Usually these are $1.99 a minute (this is less expensive that I usually do them in person!)

The BONUS is that the company is paying me (or whatever tarot or psychic reader you choose) for their time, so it's a wonderful win-win situation! I can do a complete reading (and sometimes 2 or 3 questions) in this amount of time.

I've been using this system since before the littlest pixie was born,and I love it. I find it easy and have never had a problem with them, so I feel confident in telling my FRIENDS about it :)

I may not be on the list of readers at the time, and I'm all good with that, but go ahead and take a look at the offer anyway - It's really a good deal! (and a good time for a tarot reading... Moon is full on Wednesday.)

Click here for this offer!10 Minutes for $1.99

Blessings to you and yours!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Handmade Project How To: Glittery Christmas Ornaments

So, it's that time of year again! Time to vaccuum off the 30 year old tree, dig out the decorations, and get on my soap box about buying handmade and vintage for Christmas.

One of my favourite things during the tree process is THE SPECIAL BOX. There's a special box in among the decorations filled with things the kids have made. Awkward doily angels, muddy painted ceramics, pen and glued construction paper. It warms my heart to go through that box and remember when the teenager was tiny with pudgy fingers, proudly presenting me with the gifts. The Pixies are JUST past their pudgy-phase, at ages 7 and 8...

Part of the festivities will be to decorate some new ones to go with the long-loved.

You don't have to be an artist to create and enjoy handmade. Here's a simple little project:

You need:
*Tubes of glitter glue
*tiny little "rhinestones"
*new or preferably second-hand-rescued Christmas ball ornaments

find something to hang the ball ornament on. I took a pile of mugs off of a mug tree, and hung my ornaments on it to work on.
Dot the glitter glue on in, and place a little rhinestone jewel in the center. Gently press it in the glue. Don't worry if the glue seems to come up and around the jewel - the glue will dry clear.


This little project brings some extra sparkle to your tree, and is an easy activity to do with the kidlets. It's also an excellent way to save left-for-thrift-stores Christmas ornaments, and a cool project to resell at craft sales or Christmas bazaars.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Because I like Options... A New Webstore.

I've been looking at ProStores - an eBay Company to open a new webstore. The rates seem very reasonable (and are write off's anyway) plus, I have a month to try it free.

I have my etsy shop for my handmade goodies... and that's awesome. But, I can't put new retail type items on there. I"m talking about "buy it wholesale and resell it" type items. When it comes to vintage and handmade, I'm good with etsy. However, I have a whole slew of items that I can't list on etsy... hence, ProStores.

Yes, it's an eBay company. And you can integrate your store with the occasional auction. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. It's easy. It's reasonable. It's user friendly... and I can use it to sell the other items I get wholesale.

Take a peek.. tell me what you think...


Yay for Lazy Saturday

I am in love with this Saturday. Everything about it has been delicious. Including the piggies in a blanket for lunch. And the jumping and giggling on the bed with the pixies. The tea delivery at 11:30 ( I cannot believe my inner alarm didn't have me up and out before that!)

My Sweetheart and I had the same dream last night (practically.) which I find VERY interesting.

It's nearly 3pm.. and I still dont' know what the day brings. Except maybe another Piggie. I'm still in smelly jammie pants. I love enjoying this lazy.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Time Stands Still

It's 9:18am as I write this... and the day already is gorgeous. I opened the door blinds this morning, and the sun is bouncing off my glasses on the inside, causing me to see my cheeks reflected back at me. The pixies are in a clean corner of the basement playing with Barbies and Horses ( i know this, because pixie-the-elder is making alot of horse noises.)

I woke late this morning. It feels like it's been a long long time since I've been able to not set the alarm. I woke at 8:30... it felt glorious to sleep in. (Although it made the Big Tall Boy late for school... as he either doesn't set his own alarm, or it truly is set so quietly that he doesn't hear it. I believe he probably turns it off and rolls over.)

When I stumbled down the stairs, my honeys digital voice recorder was sat on my notebook at my computer. It made me blush a little. How sweet! How kind! Like a wishing fairy showed up while I slept to deliver it. The only way it could have surprised me more is if I were to have found it under my pillow... Mind you, if he had left it there, I probably would have lost it in the sheets.

I've been Sleeping-Messy lately. (You gotta say it like "Sleeping Beauty"..) I've been having vivid crazy dreams this week, and must be dancing horizontal all over the bed.

Last night was surely weird. First, last night was a quiet one. I ended up in the tub for an hour, thinking about life. My earliest memories, and how I should write them down, which morphed into a book I really want to write for my children, because i've been feeling my own mortality lately. And incase my fragile body gives out before they get too much older, I want them to know me.

I know I'll probably live forever... I'll be old old old and won't remember my name, and will probably float around in my earliest memories anyway... but, last night had wierd vibes and energy all over the place, and I felt compelled.

Life is so good, sometimes I think I'm dreaming it.
Life is so good, I wonder if this is heaven.
Life is so good, it feels like time is standing still.....

Revving the cards. Come for a Reading.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Purging the Cluttered House is Healing

Get a kick at me leaning over sideways (in the mirrors reflection) to take a sideways pic... yeah, that's exactly how I play Nintendo, too... with the controller all over the place.. because you ALL know it helps Mario jump and run faster... and yes.. I totally said Ninteno.. SUPER Nintendo, that is..

If you need a dresser, this one has to go... I've loved it a long long time, but I need to make room for a standing wardrobe. It would look super "chic" if painted white!

I've been in the basement for four hours today. My body is exhausted. There are 5 garbage bags of toys to go to the Thrift Store (all perfectly good, but completely unplayed with and grown out of for a LONG time.) Plus, three bags that are just GARBAGE. I've been making a list of all the stuff that just HAS TO go to the dump. Broken unsalvagable toys, old old furniture that was probably salvaged in the first place... It will feel so good to have the basement back for the kids to use as a play room again!!

This has taken some will power. I'm the sort of person who has to TOUCH and CONSIDER every dang thing before letting it go. (it's been a problem in the past!) But I've made great head way today. And the basement looks so much better already. The fact that the good stuff is going to go to a thrift shop and be enjoyed by other little kids, or to help a family who needs it, makes it much much easier.


If you are local, I've got daytime tarot bookings available - for one or a few! For those of you who are long distance, and looking for the FREE tarot reading offer, please see the blog below...

Have a blessed wonderful day! Find some bliss - It's all around us :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FREE Tarot Readings! My 100th Blog post!!

Wow, twice in one day!

I've been cleaning up my tarot site, before I do a big push on it. Keen (one of the two sites I have my own businesses set up on.) are giving away one FREE Tarot Reading to new users. I've used this system for over 7 years, and never had a problem with it, EVER! So, if you're interested, even if I'm not on, go and find a reader that you can connect with! Freebies are GOOD!

It's my 100th blog post! That is pretty dang cool! I can't stop using exclaimation marks!


The times they are a changin', and life is still good. I don't mind that our world might be stirred up a bit - I have faith that the Universe is looking out for us, and quite frankly, I'm sort of excited for the changes (which are still in talks, so I can't really say anything more!) But, I can feel the energy around me. There's been a surge in interest for Watkins, and the tarot readings, and I've been painting, and it feels GOOD.

The power of positive thinking works.

Now, go get a FREE Tarot Reading

Hair Chopping and Sick Pixies.

So, I chopped off a pile of hair, to attempt a side bang. Now, none of the photos I took were particularly flattering this morning (because, well, IT'S MORNING. and I'm still in my "lazy" sweater.)

I"m going to have to spend some time with styling tools and gunk (which, as you might know, I am not exactly proficient with) but the blunt-Bettie-bangs were making me crazy. And now that the play is over, I could mess with it.

There'll be more pics later. When I've consumed more tea. And find a more flattering lighting, angle, and maybe have a bit of make up on. hehehe.

Last night was spent on the couch with my sweetie, and then at the computer doing some Watkins work (sweet heart went back to work at 9:30 at night, so I figured I would do the same. You know, before the hair cutting happened.)

This morning I'm home with both of the pixies, coughing and full of delicious sounds. (I wished for a skip off day with them yesterday in my facebook notes.. I should be more careful and specific about my wishes. Like "Can they be healthy AND have a skip off day with me.) and I have to wonder... I've been home with one or the other of them twice a week for the last 3 weeks... Would a traditional employer have fired me by now? Would I have gotten written up? Some sort of hand slapping, because I am home nurse-maiding my children?

Yeah. I like it here. We might live on a little less.. but we have all the time in the world for each other. And in the end, it's these moments that will matter.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monkey up the Works.

It's been over a month since I've been here. OVER A MONTH! Why, you ask? Because of a play.

I was asked to fill in for an actress in the current Huronia Players production. So, I got the script in hand three weeks before the production went on.. I've been doing nothing but memorizing lines ever since!

We've been on for two weeks now. Tonight marks the third week of the run, and also the last week.

I know my lines well enough to actually DO something during the day now, besides have my nose in the script. It's really thrown a wrench into things, though. All the things I wanted to make for my etsy store before now...

Today I broke out the jewellery boxes I had started over a month ago for the girls' Yule prezzie. Then I broke open a pack of 3 canvasses... and put backrounds on ALL of them. Without totally knowing what is going to be the focus of each piece. It just felt so good to be smearing paint.

I currently have two pieces down at Inner Bliss on Midland Ave, although I think I'll be collecting them to, and replacing them with these new pieces (which I'm aiming to have done tomorrow.)

The others will be listed on my etsy shop (Vintage Witch)

I spent some time listing some of my etsy items on kijiji today.. including the stuffed pillow monkeys...

I'm babbling. I had a nap this afternoon. It monkeys up the works.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!

Look what I've been up to! Two little 5" tall darling bendy dollies. They are a 1:12" scale, and on etsy right now ( ) They've been a lot of fun to make, completely hand sewn. There were some fidgety bits when it comes to embellishments and painting faces, but SO worth it in the end.

It makes me happy to look at them.

I'm now attempting to make a little man to go with them ;) He's proving harder. Tiny little jeans actually made from jeans were time consuming, by hand.

I've been dividing my time between little scotia, and Watkins. I've been BUSY and my house is sorely neglected.

We had to deal with our covered gazebo flipping upside down last week. (a metal-covered-with-tarp jobbie) Unfortunately UNDER the gazebo BEFORE it flipped were 4 bags destined for the thrift store, and 4 boxes of "popcorn" to go into the garbage, left over from shipping breakables when I was an ebay junkie.

Now, all of it has been ruined by rain. I'm so SAD about it. And my yard looks absolutely horrible, until I can arrange for a truck to take it to the dump. (My tummy flips just like the gazebo did, when I think about all that stuff being dumped.)

Sigh. I know sometimes you just have to let things go, but I just feel so responsible, you know?

Who knew life could be so BUSY working from home? I need 3 more of me (and hopefully we wouldn't talk each other out of working, and drink coffee and craft instead. hahaha...)

Anyway, have a peek at what's new on etsy!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I want to say in... get things done!"

I"ve finally got my workspace arranged in a way I'm happy with, but it never fails. The coffee table always ends up being my workstation of choice. Which is more about being able to curl up on the couch while sewing/crocheting/knitting, I think!

Oh! Here he is! Felt boots n all!

I"m not sure why he took so long to create. I put him down and LOOKED at him for a week before getting around to boots. Which I made, while at the coffee table....

Last night I got ONE step away from a new little doll. Right now she's done, but for a face, which I'm hoping to paint today. She's on the bookshelf with little man here. He's watching out for her so she doesn't stumble - no eyes, you know. (At least he's got sockets.)

I got pics of all the monkeys hanging around here and put them on Little Scotia yesterday. I also got some pics of the 2 Kameez I had here for etsy, plus a super sweet vintage dress for Autumn. (I think the measurements for it are 44,38,48 or something close to that. It's in the listing. I get exctied about getting work done. There's a box here that is earmarked "waiting to get listed" that I'm putting a lovely dent in.

The day begins. This head cold won't shake. It makes me wonder: "Who caught this first? And why didn't they stay at home until it was completely purged from their system, instead of sharing it with the rest of us?"


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Jaques Skeleton and The big Whiner.

I hate being sick. I turn into the biggest whiner, and need a nurse maid. Someone to feed me soup and orange juice and say "there there" when I complain.

With back to school, comes back to germs. The elder pixie brought "SOMETHING" home, in the form of a sore throat and runny nose. Despite dosing myself with garlic and Rezist, It caught me.

I don't do "rest" very well, and I definately like "relaxation" on my own terms. There's so much I've got my hands into, I hate taking a break from it. There are orders! Meetings! Watkins catalogues to deliver! Bah.

The couch is full of pixies who are also complaining about the ailment. I think I need to carve myself a spot and learn to relax.

The little skeleton pal will have to wait to be finished...I've hand sewn him completely. But he needs boots....


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bump It!

So, in a giggling fit this morning, I've agreed to take some pics of me in a "bump it". yes, I bought a set. And, I love them. hehe. These 2 pics are how I normally wear my hair. and , Normally, I would roll a piece of my hair , and brush the front layer over.

this is the smaller bump-it. (and, I've just thrown it in, it took 2 minutes, didn't fuss much.)
I took pics of my hair up with the bigger bump it, but I'm having issues trying to get it off the memory card (clearly, I need more coffee) Which is too bad, because DANG that's some big hair!

I'm sitting here in my sweater and jeans, waiting for the mail man to peek through the front door like he does every day, and laugh at my big hair.

Anywho, I know they sell them on TV for about $20, but I got mine at Claires for $13.95, and they had a special, buy one get one half off. So, ifyou go in with a girlfriend, you can each get them for less.

There's the giggle of the day! (and when I can figure out what's going on with my pics, I'll post the BIGGER hair. hhahah.)


Friday, September 4, 2009

A Lady Who Makes Dolls from Etsy

"The house is full of my stuff....It's a big challenge for me to not buy stuff.. that's my rule now, to just use what I've got."


Friday, August 28, 2009

A full day before 11am.

I was somewhat productive yesterday! Loaded up the pics of the newest pair of vintage shoes, an altered vintage compact (sooo coool.) and a couple of hemp necklaces, to Vintage Witch. Put a call-to-action out there on Facebook. Today is already a busy day, and it's just past 9am.

  • Did a maple biscotti, and a tray of mini carrot cakes.
  • Make a sign for the Rye, as they are using some Watkins products
  • have to get downtown to return a movie to the library
  • buy some sugar, eggs and butter and almonds and apples.
  • Visit the Rye cafe and deliver a Root Beer Extract
  • Get my buns back home to feed the kidlets
  • A girlfriend is bringing over her lawnmower and weedwacker. (The ancient push mower needs a little help sometimes.)
  • Finish my bake! I've got almond and maple biscotti to do, as well as more carrot cake and more banana bread. I wanted to try some apple bread this week, too.
My intentions for today was to have some girls over and go over some Watkins goodies with them. But the Farmers Market prep keeps me swamped (in the nicest way! ) So, I think I'm going to have to wait until September, and I"m no longer doing markets, to do the laid back coffee afternoon with friends. (Man, that will be so good.)

This is the first year I've been excited for September. Even though I'll be working hard on my etsy things, and continuing to build my Watkins business, it will seem like a break compared to the insane pace of this summer :)

I DO love Fridays.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Freebie Giveaway!

So, I've decided I want to do a freebie draw! As soon as I have 100 fans on my facebook fan page, I'm going to do a draw... I haven't quite decided what the freebie will be, so I'll need some input on that too! Little Scotia has dolls AND miniatures, and Im wondering what the preferred item would be.

Maybe a gift certificate so the winner could choose what they'd like?

So, join the facebook fan page, and then let me know what you might like to see as my first contest giveaway!


Table of Contents

I was just on another blog, and they had a Table of Contents. I can't for the life of me figure out how to find this widget, unless it's something I have to do manually. Gah. I want one.

Sold a Green Man pendant today on the Vintage Witch site. This means I'll have to make a few more. There's only 4 more market days for me this year (this weekend and next weekend) and then I'll be moving more into the consignment shops, and keeping an eye out for sales and tables I can rent at the schools, retirement homes, and rec centres. (I'm thinking I'll have to avoid the church sales. When you have "Vintage Witch" all over your cards, they might just ask me to leave.


The day begins!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig.

Back from the mini-vay-cay, and pretty happy to be home.

The first thing that had to be done this morning was to purge the fridge of some questionable items, then go shopping to fill it back up. I pinched a nerve in my back, pushing around a Superstore cart. Seriously. I am unimpressed. And after $174, I STILL forgot the milk.

I recieved some leads from the Summit Group for my business, and sent out emails first thing this morning. These were the freebies they were giving for me recruiting a few people to my business. So, I've got packages ready to mail, and then follow ups to do with the packages I mailed off last week. It's getting busy, and I have to watch that I'm not spending more time in front of the computer, than with the pixies for the last few weeks of summer.

However, there is that looming Bell bill (thanks to the teenager) that I have to cover, until he babysits enough to pay me back. So, I'm a little conflicted. Anyone got any good time-managements websites they can share?


I called Penetang Market this morning, to book my spot for the 22nd, but I've yet to hear back from them on confirmation. Hopefully I'll get in, but if not I'll be at the Midland one. With a few bottles of Liniment tins of Medicated Ointment and some of the hand,nail and cuticle salves for those of you who are gardening or experiencing some dry hands. ( I use this stuff on my heels, too.)


I"m still drooling and planning heavily in the direction of IKEA. I really want to get the girls some new beds that won't eat up their entire bedroom. They also have a wonderfully big rug there that I think I want, and it's only $149 or so (for a 6.5 x 9ish size) I'll have to put an order in with the universe, and see what comes of it.

The pixies want juice. I suppose I should oblige. And then throw them in the bathtub.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trepidation over Relaxation....

I am a Taurus. Despite my Aries-cusp and moon tendencies (I can be loud, boisterous, and outgoing!) I am deep down still very much a tenacious bull.

I'm going away with my sister for a few days. This disrupts the flow of life as I know it. My life is pretty laid back, but at the same time I'm always busy. I haven't gone away on vacation in..uh, .. hang on, I'm thinking....well, since I was still living under my parents roof. And that was probably onyl because I HAD to, and I bet I spent the bulk of the time away with my nose in a book. (I'm thinking it was Nova Scotia when I was 12.) Oh, unless you count my adventures in the city some 4 years ago...

I just don't "do" vacations. I like my home-base. I like the comforts of home. I like my routine.

But, I'm going. And I'm going to like it. I will relax and have fun and not be antsy...

(You just know I'll be bringing a bunch of cross stitching to do, and possibly some hemp and beads for necklaces... because I DON'T sit still very well.)

The last nearly 5 months has put me into a rather delicious routine, revolving around work, crafting, facebook, the children, and Mr. Incredible.

I hope I can figure out this R&R thing. There will be books.... and perhaps some long awaited writing....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Witches Melt in the Rain like Shugah.

This mornings Farmers Market was an absolute rain out. It was just silly, the way it poured down and soaked nearly everything under the tent. Ok, I DIDN'T melt like shugah, but the rain dripped from my hair the entire ride home, and we were both soaked through.

We were home by 10:30, I was back in my jammies by 10:40 (my clothing was soaked!)... Crawled back into bed, to wake at 12ish, to the sun JUST BEAMING down. It's GORGEOUS out there now. I got a weekend permit to do garage sales this weekend, and had half a mind to set up everything in the driveway. (The gazebo is up anyway, to dry out!) BUT, that would mean getting dressed again. :)

Instead, Mr. Incredible and I took some new pics for etsy. (With HIS camera, which is WAY FANTASTIC for close up shots of miniatures.)

Technically, he tooks the shots. :) I simply orchestrated the pieces to go in front of the cam. There are new items for both Little Scotia and Vintage Witch. yay!

This is my favourite of the day:

He attempted to get my whole face, but I moved while laughing.

Good times in Pajamas.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loo Loo, Run To the Loooo

I attempted some pics with the crabby-cam, but it's moody. Some of the photo's turned out ok... the close up ones of the vintage earrings didn't do so well. (SO annoying. There will be a new cam in my future. My NEAR future.)

I've been busy making MONKEYS. Oh, and Scrabble Tile Pendants. And pendants on glass that are really really pretty. And a few hemp necklaces here and there. I've been BUSY. And I love it. Filling out orders for crafty requests has been cool, too. (must get new camera!!!)

I missed the Saturday market, and that turned out A-OK... We had a date-day in Midland, Orillia and then Barrie (it was a GREAT day!) And then Sunday at the Midland market went great anyway, so I didn't feel so bad.

And, I think I'm going to make a habit out of it. Although this Saturday I'm going to do a garage sale in the driveway, we're still at home. I can go for a pee or get a coffee any time. (That's one of the hilarious things about market day... I have no one to cover me if I have to run to the loo. So, I make sure I DON'T need to go to the loo. lol.)

Oh, on the weekend I found a book on making miniatures from polymer clay. And as if I need another craft, ... Corey bought me the book. (I wanted it BAD. lol.) But, I'm going to wait until September, when the baking craziness is over and the kids are in school, to begin creating those lovelies.

The shoes can be found at Vintage Witch

Friday, July 31, 2009

8 Whole Days Difference.

It's been 8 days since I started the new face regimen... and I'm pretty damn pleased.

The general redness is very very calm now (My entire face without make up would be completely red. I HAD to wear makeup just to look "skin" colour.) The big welts have shrunk down to zits. The little zits have shrunk down to little discolourations. What a difference 8 days has made.

I've been taking the vitamins throughout the day... because it's alot to swallow at once.
Plus, I've been washing my face with a super-mild cleanser (soap free). Although I only managed to squeeze a clay-mask treatment in once during the time. I also only put moisturizer on my face on day during this whole thing - the weather has been damp and I haven't needed it.

So many of my friends offered me suggestions. All the things that worked for them, or things their doctors had told them. From diet means nothing to diet means everything. One of my friends had very good results with Pro-Active, and one of my friends went on Accutane (I think that's the drug - someone correct me if i'm wrong.)

I really had to give my way a try, and attempt to heal from the INSIDE. I understand that their caused by pores getting clogged, but at the same time I understand that our cells regenerate from the inside. Alot of my redness is also caused from those big welts not healing very quickly.

So, I've modified what I'm eating only slightly. Little less caffeine and pouring orange juice for myself instead. Choosing the salad instead of the fries. I think the hardest part has actually been keeping my hands off my face.

So, there's the face update.


In home business news... This month I've made Gold Consultant with Watkins! I'm pretty excited about that. Because here's what it means for me:

  • 25% on my retail sales
  • 30% earnings on the bonus values
  • Up to 30% bonus on what my team is selling
My team is growing, thanks to some friends who trust my judgement, and have seen the products in action and love them. I'll be helping those people who signed on build THEIR teams, because it benefits all of us. I'm working with the 9-4-1 principle. Which basically means;
  • I place 9 people under me
  • I place 4 people underneath each of THEM
  • I place 1 person underneath each of the 4.
This gives a solid montly income of $941 a month. That's without reselling anything, or including bonuses. (If you are interested in seeing the booklet that explains this non-selling way to work Watkins, let me know.) I'm already on my way.

Anywhoooo... It's the last day of the month, and for me this month, that means placing a few phone calls to see if anyone needs anything, and topping up my sales for the month. It's also Friday, and usually this is a baking day for me, but since I missed getting in for the Saturday sale, I can put it off till Saturday night.

I've got a pile of scrabble tiles that have to go on cards, and some glass tiles that I'd like to finish up too. I sewed 4 little monkeys to turn and stuff yesterday. Some home school for the pixies, and quite possibly scrubbing out the kiddie pool for them, too.

I love being busy. I love working from home. Life all around is good. The power of positive thinking works.


Monday, July 27, 2009

I LOVE this part... right...HHHEEEERRREEEE...

My Mondays are like Saturdays, and although theres an element of "relax, Lori!", there's still the "Holy Crap the House is Destroyed, Lori!" reality.

So, Monday's become clean up day! It's also time for doing something fun with kidlets after the cleaning. All I want to do is sew, and make some Scrabble board coasters, and sketch books. (This is what you do with Scrabble boards when you use all the tiles for jewellery. haha.)

I have three orders from the weekend, for scrabble tile pendants (Specific letters with their choice of image.) and that's always exciting. They are doing very well at the market, and that makes me happy. There are a few new items I might be bringing to market (I sold both of the gadget cozy's I usually bring, so I'll have to figure out where the other ones are being stored. I've got 'em... somewhere...)

I'm also selling lots of Watkins traditional medicinals... everyone seems to need Red Liniment, or the salves. So, I've always got them at market with me (until I sell out, and then have to make promises to bring more next weekend.) At the time that I write, I am a WHOLE $130 AWAY from Gold Consultant. What does that mean?

Well, it means that this month, I've already done a hell-of-a-lotta sales! (That's a LOT of lip balm, folks... and Red Liniment, and Natural Plant Based Cleaners, and Salves, etc.) I've also got two associates under me right now, and I get credit for their points too. (It's a nice system.)

So, have a look before the 31st of July to see if there's anything you and your family are low on... Concentrated plant based dish washing liquid, Laundry detergent (also certified natural), cleaners, spices, etc. Help me reach my goal!!!

If you want to do this too, check out the presentation at: . Every new Associate in the month of July gets a free $10 coupon. I can even show you how to do this business WITHOUT selling. Aw yeah.

Ok ok ok, clearly I'm in need of nourishment. The kids have all had their fill of the home made pancakes I made for lunch. And that means it's mom's turn to eat. (and swallow the garlic and other suppliments I'm taking in an attempt to clear my face without drugs.) and do something CREATIVE!

I love this part of the day.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Puts the Lotion On the Skin!!!

Today is the first day of my diet. "DIET???" I can hear my nearest and dearest shouting at me... hold up, friends! I weigh in at a soft and comfy 124, at 5-foot-nothing, and I'm happy with that. My diet is to control my adult acne.

I've ALWAYS fought with it, and the best results I've had is when I modify my diet AND my face regimen. I get little zits and big Zits AND horrible horrible welts. And I refuse to take an oral drug that will monkey up my inners.

So, I'm back on the garlic (which is great for the lungs too, reducing cholesterol and is a natural antibiotic) plus, getting back on my facial routine. Which involves a CLAY mask every 3 days (not the gel kind, or the peeling kind, it HAS to be the clay ones.) I'm also adding a Skin-Hair-Nail suppliment (all of these suppliments are made with Medical Grade Standards, which are higher than Food Grade, which most suppliments are.)

I'll also not scrub the hell out of my face. I've been using a cleanser with salicylic acid, plus the pumice scrubber in the face wash, and it is NOT doing anything good for me, despite the claims made by the marketing for the product. I find the gentler I am with my skin, the nicer it is.

So, of all things, I'm going BACK to the cleanser I found at dollarama. No kidding. The formula is comparable to Cetaphil, it was made as a no-name for Safeway, and somehow Dollarama got their hands on it. And my skin LOVES it. And, get some water-based facial lotion (not that I need to put much lotion-on-the-skin usually.)

The other thing I KNOW I personally need to do to clear up my acne is reduce-the-hell-out-of my caffeine intake AND my DAIRY. (sigh and whine. Because I loves the CHEESE.) Oh, and choose the salad instead of the fries. Double sigh.

However, the last time I did it, my face looked SO much better, and I didn't need loads of the organic-face-powder to cover up my red angry face...

My closest girls saw me yesterday, without makeup (my face was in just too much pain for make up; Organic or not, it still hurts the face) - next time I see them, we'll have to see if THEY see the difference!

(I'd post pics.. but... sigh... I fear my Vanity won't let me. I"m a pretty big mess right now. Yick.


60-or-so scrabble tile pendants are FINISHED! On cards and everything. Whew. I have lots of supplies left for commissioned pieces - I've recieved emails from people who've seen me at the market, and want pics of their kids or their business logos on the tiles. Super fun idea.

It's not-quite-11, and I've finished a few rounds of biscotti. The gingerbread dough is in the fridge cooling. That's for later today. Tomorrow morning is the banana bread and carrot cake. I think I'm getting this system down.

Now, I wonder if I'll find time to sew something today???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where's that Confounded Maid?

Today I got "lost" walking to a girlfriends house. Seriously. Embarrasing. In a I'm-giggling-with-you sort of way. I've only ever been the passenger dropped of at her place, and having a horrible sense of direction, I walked the wrong cresent trying to find her. (To be fair, her road and the wrong road I walked before accidentally spotting her yard start with the same dang name, so, I MUST get some credit for that!) Still, it was a typical Lori-moment. Damn good thing I have a good sense of humour.

This week for Farmers Market: Maple Cookie Biscotti, Fudge Cookie Biscotti, Almond Biscotti, and hopefully Oreo Biscotti. As well as making banana bread this week, I'm doing a carrot cake, too. all in the name of selling Watkins , which is going pretty well!

Needless to say, Fridays are frantic in my kitchen. Breads and cakes need to be done at the last minute. Because they have no preservatives, they're won't keep forever.

I've got a tonne of Scrabble tile pendants finished the last few days, and gifted my girlfriends with some pendants (personalized by choosing just the right image, and the scrabble tile for their first initial.) Giving gifties is fun :) I'm going to need more displays now, though. Then again, they are such fast and easy sellers at the market, I might not need all THAT much more display!

I've been keeping too busy for myself, which has always been my way. There seems to be no time to list anything on Vintage Witch , despite having a bag or two of vintage goodies. Shoes, slips, earrings... gah! Oh well, come September, there will be no more baking to be done, and more time for taking pics and listing stuff. Maybe there'll even be time to fold all that dang laundry in my room.

Besides, the maid never shows up, so I guess I'll eventually HAVE to do it myself.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Free.... Free Fallin'

oh la la. The bust got the first layer of paper mache on it, and I can SEE it already. I'm excited! Do you ever get like that with your creations? As you see it coming together, you can already see it completely finished? I'm just so excited for the final product.

I've been all over etsy lately - just browsing and drooling and thinking I really should get my ass in gear and take some pics of the vintage goodies I've got hanging around here for . I should put it on my task list! (The hold up with that little task is that I HATE my camera. We should really make peace soon.)

On today's list of things to do:
  • Stop by Inner Bliss to drop off a single necklace for her to resell. Rhonda gave me some things to incorporate into some necklaces, and she requested I make some for guys. I'm sure I'll get a few more done in time.
  • Grab some ingredients for what I need to bake some more cookies for the Farmers Market
  • Put another layer on mabustmabustmabust, if it's dry enough.
  • Hang with the Pixies, have some fun with them
  • Hopefully grab my sweetheart for lunch
  • Have some adventure!
  • Oh yeah, and perhaps wash the sheets.
I think I should pop into the consignment shops downtown and see how my stuff is doing, and get them some more goodies. (I have like 6 bags of clothing that MUST get gone. All super fun stuff.)

I'm eager to get out and enjoy this day!

In order to do that, I must wrestle the Pixies out of the tub and get my turn in there!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ma Bust, MaBustMaBustMaBust!

It's is not-quite-Seven-A.M.

I have been up for an hour. The crows were singing on my lawn this morning, and I was ok with that. I've been working from home again for 4 weeks, but maintaining my "up-at-Six-A.M." habit.

It is Wednesday, and the big plans today are to hit the library with the pixies and one of their friends. Sometime before that, I need to start my paper mache display head. I'm going for something like this bust, but with the attitude of a more art-deco, flapper style.

And knowing my style, it will probably end up a little more cartoony than realistic. I have high hopes that it will be ready for Market this weekend -but I dont' think it will be ready. There's alot of drying involved in these babies.

Her function will be to help me display neclaces. I have to incorporate the ability to weigh it down very very well, as Penetang market is always gusty and blowy.

* * * * *

Watkins is going very well. It's so much easier when people already know the product! What I'm finding though, is that all the people who remember the product don't have any one to order from anymore! So, I'm filling that need. But, I have to wonder about all the people that AREN'T getting service for the products they love and can count on. (Salve is just an amazing healer.)

I don't think my bathroom has ever been as clean as it is lately. I can actually use Watkins cleaning items, as they are natural plant based. They don't send my asthma into a two-day-spiral like regular chemical cleaning products. It's awesome.

There's an elmvale market opening up, and I was really hoping to train someone to do what I'm doing with Midland and Penetang, and sign them up to start their own business out there. The money is great, and all I keep thinking is "This could really be helping out a family who needs the income!"

Anywho, the pixies need to eat, and I'm dying to get into the paper mache.

I love working from home :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh, has it been a month?

So, ch-ch-ch-ch-chaynges.

I quit my job. For those of you who hadn't heard the gossip yet.
Basically, I was working at head office for a direct marketing company, and had to re-assess. I had worked from home for 5 years before that, and although I was earning a whole $200 more a month at the job I was keeping less.

And my house just fell apart.

So, I've set up shop at the Penetanguishene and Midland Farmers markets, I've got and on the go, plus,

I'm a Watkins Independent Associate again!

I love the products, but quit when my youngest was little. I felt like something had to give. However, now with all the experience learned working from the INSIDE of a direct marketing company, I"m working my business full time. And it's fabulous. . check-check-check it out.

I finally got down to gettin' to know my new sewing machine. She is SAWEEEET. Fast, though. Zero-to-HOLY-MOLY in .5 seconds. I can't wait to get down to some new dollies. Oh la la.

I've also been baking like a mad woman. With Watkins products, ofcourse. Peddling my wares at the farmers markets. Biscotti, little gingerbread cookies, petite banana breads. Cinnamon spice cookies.

I need a bigger kitchen. And a sewing room.

It's on my wish list.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Deal is a DEAL!

I've been on a craft frenzy. I got a NEW sewing machine, and purchased probably $150 worth of craft supplies and second hand books. I"ve moved my craft desk up to a sunny spot, and getting it all organized.

I've got some pieces at a few different places locally (Inner Bliss and Karma Marketplace) and I have just a tonne of little things to put online... If only the rain would stop! I take all of my pics on the front step, and Sunday is "picture taking" day, and the last few Sundays have been RAINY.

This is all about the "Trusting in the Universe" thing, I'm SURE. So, I'm carrying on with making new items until "picture day" presents itself.

I'm having ALOT of fun with it. Vintage Witch is almost ready to go (again, waiting for picture day) And from there... who knows! All I know is that when I think of my crafty businesses, I feel SUCH excitement and joy.

I have SO much material to work with, I shouldn't have to go shopping for a very long long time.

However, a deal is a deal......

Friday, May 8, 2009

Changing The Store Up???

I was thinking about my little online store, and how I want to do so much more with it.
I was also thinking about how one would descibe my little store. Little Scotia is a little bit of everything, but I think the binding theme is toys. I like the itty bitty toys and I love the stuffed dollies and all the things that go with the dollies. I do have some vintage items there, and I'm not quite sure they fit.

So I think that I might open up a different shop to house the vintage goodies (that aren't vintage doll goodies)

I'm wondering if any other shop owners have found a better sales success rate with dividing product lines that maybe don't go together so well? And, as a shopper, would that be an easier shopping experience for you?

And then the question is, what do I do with all the little art I have going on? I need some brainstorming help!

It's a beautiful day outside, and in a few minutes I'm going to get out into it!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Next Stop - Karma Marketplace

What's shakin' in Little Scotia's world?

Well, I got a J.O.B. outside of the house. I haven't worked outside of the house in about 5 years or so (maybe 4? I've lost track.) but, when this job knocked at my door (literally plunked into my lap.) I HAD to say yes. I had said a prayer to the Universe and all the Gods and Goddesses who listen, that It would bring THE opportunity, and that I would have the ability to say yes.

I've been there a month, and it has been wonderful. It's taking some adjusting, though. Changes in habits. But, I'm really happy.

Ofcourse, this doesn't leave me much time for crafting new things. Not like I had been doing, anyway. Spring is just here, and summer will be arriving on it's heels, and that's the time to be OUTSIDE anyway. I DO still have premade goodies in my etsy store, and a few things will be prepped to go to a local shop for sale (Karma Marketplace, in P-tang.) and then, we'll see.

It's the "long weekend" this weekend. I'm so glad we do our Ostara (Easter) at Spring Equinox, and avoid all the Easter Weekend madness. The Big Box Store retail madness, to be more precise.

Anywho, thought I should check in. It's been a while.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ass-Over-Tea Kettle

It feels like fifty million years since I've been here, and the entire world has been turned ass-over-tea kettle.

The monologues are done, and with great success. I loved it, and was approached a few different times by directors for the local theatre, and so I am happy. The art is hung at The Rye with care, and I am satisfied.

February has already been a success.. healing and love and comfort and joy. No "blaa's" this year, thank you! I'm having an enormous amout of fun.

Alas, it's back to work ... which really, I have no complains about. It's an artists life for me!

A tarot reading tomorrow at a girlfriends house (and I will most likely be gifted with soup or material or some such treasure for my gift of a reading to her...) and I have some daycare lined up to begin in a few weeks.. life is good.

I'm excited to set up my gazebo/tent when it's finally time... I can't wait to sleep under the stars, in my yard. (There's nothing like being naked in the yard...)

But, till then, it's time to sew more diapers.... go see what's new at the etsy store!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Are The Holidays Over Yet?

My attempt at taking a pick, by myself, of my big hair.

I love doing great big hair-do's.

So, I feel like i"m just NOW coming down off the holiday craziness. But, really what's been happening, is I"ve been painting like a madwoman.

I have a show for the month of February, at The Rye Cafe in Midland, Ontario, and I'm very excited. But not nearly prepared as I'd like to be.

I've also been chipping away at the mess I like to call home. There are THINGS to DO here! I make GREAT messes. So, the challenge has been to clean a little something everyday, and still maintain all the cleaning I"ve done previously. I never wanted to be obsessed with the state of my house... but I sure would like to have company over without moving what ever crafting project I've got on the go, piles of books, and toys. (see the balls of yarn shoved on the couch arm, next to where I was painting? Yeah... that sort of thing...)

Yes, Virginia, I'm still sewing diapers. They are pretty popular! I've now got some pink and white gingham, blue and white gingham, as well as the rainbow bubble pattern for flannel. I've also tweaked the pattern, so it fits better with the extra layers inside.

See them at etsy!

See YOU at the Rye in February!

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm a Grinner, I'm a Lover, I'm a Sinner....

My world ROCKS.

I TOTALLY got the part in the Vagina Monologues that I was after... and not only did I get the moans, I got the entire monologue... I am just THRILLED. The production is one day only, and it's at the beginning of February. (I have to double check the date exactly...)

Also, I'm going to do a bit of a "release" with The Purr of the Mattress in February. The subject matter (Love, The trouble a purring mattress can get you into, the joys and pain...) fit rather nicely with Valentines.

To top of my absolute happiness and excitement, I have booked an art show for February. It will run the entire month of February at The Rye Cafe on King Street. The theme, ofcourse, will revolve around love. I'm just not sure what we'll call it yet. The Lovers? (as in the Tarot card?) Lovers in a Dangerous Time? (after the Tom Cochrane song?) or "I Really Like You're Peaches?" hahahhaha. (We listened to 104.1 The Dock all day yesterday, too... I danced around the kitchen while painting and running juice to pixies.)

We painted ALL day yesterday. Stopped at 5pm, figuring we should feed the children. (they had breakie and lunch, but the kitchen was off limits to them, as I didn't want toasty fingers on pretty new canvasses.)

I'm really happy with the results I've gotten in the last few days on the canvas. I'm surprising myself! The paint is co-operating, the days are perfectly suited. I haven't gotten out much this "holiday", and I'm good with that.

So, now to ride this wave of good good good, and use all my magick to continue to make things HAPPEN.

Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey,...