Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Free.... Free Fallin'

oh la la. The bust got the first layer of paper mache on it, and I can SEE it already. I'm excited! Do you ever get like that with your creations? As you see it coming together, you can already see it completely finished? I'm just so excited for the final product.

I've been all over etsy lately - just browsing and drooling and thinking I really should get my ass in gear and take some pics of the vintage goodies I've got hanging around here for . I should put it on my task list! (The hold up with that little task is that I HATE my camera. We should really make peace soon.)

On today's list of things to do:
  • Stop by Inner Bliss to drop off a single necklace for her to resell. Rhonda gave me some things to incorporate into some necklaces, and she requested I make some for guys. I'm sure I'll get a few more done in time.
  • Grab some ingredients for what I need to bake some more cookies for the Farmers Market
  • Put another layer on mabustmabustmabust, if it's dry enough.
  • Hang with the Pixies, have some fun with them
  • Hopefully grab my sweetheart for lunch
  • Have some adventure!
  • Oh yeah, and perhaps wash the sheets.
I think I should pop into the consignment shops downtown and see how my stuff is doing, and get them some more goodies. (I have like 6 bags of clothing that MUST get gone. All super fun stuff.)

I'm eager to get out and enjoy this day!

In order to do that, I must wrestle the Pixies out of the tub and get my turn in there!


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