Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh, has it been a month?

So, ch-ch-ch-ch-chaynges.

I quit my job. For those of you who hadn't heard the gossip yet.
Basically, I was working at head office for a direct marketing company, and had to re-assess. I had worked from home for 5 years before that, and although I was earning a whole $200 more a month at the job I was keeping less.

And my house just fell apart.

So, I've set up shop at the Penetanguishene and Midland Farmers markets, I've got and on the go, plus,

I'm a Watkins Independent Associate again!

I love the products, but quit when my youngest was little. I felt like something had to give. However, now with all the experience learned working from the INSIDE of a direct marketing company, I"m working my business full time. And it's fabulous. . check-check-check it out.

I finally got down to gettin' to know my new sewing machine. She is SAWEEEET. Fast, though. Zero-to-HOLY-MOLY in .5 seconds. I can't wait to get down to some new dollies. Oh la la.

I've also been baking like a mad woman. With Watkins products, ofcourse. Peddling my wares at the farmers markets. Biscotti, little gingerbread cookies, petite banana breads. Cinnamon spice cookies.

I need a bigger kitchen. And a sewing room.

It's on my wish list.



Alana said...

Sounds great!! I wish I lived closer, I love farmers markets, we have one here but it is just sad, lol! Only about 4 vendors and no crafty stuff :(
I also wish for a big kitchen and a craft room!!!

Little Scotia Lori said...

Well, although my kitchen is a pretty good size, I manage to fill it up pretty quick!

I don't exactly have a craft room... I have alot of boxes that I get into, spread all over the kitchen table, and then pick up again when I'm done. I would LOVE a space where I could just leave everything out that I"m working on. It would make sewing easier, with the amount of kidlet interruptions there are in a day!

Nice to see you are reading :)