Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Puts the Lotion On the Skin!!!

Today is the first day of my diet. "DIET???" I can hear my nearest and dearest shouting at me... hold up, friends! I weigh in at a soft and comfy 124, at 5-foot-nothing, and I'm happy with that. My diet is to control my adult acne.

I've ALWAYS fought with it, and the best results I've had is when I modify my diet AND my face regimen. I get little zits and big Zits AND horrible horrible welts. And I refuse to take an oral drug that will monkey up my inners.

So, I'm back on the garlic (which is great for the lungs too, reducing cholesterol and is a natural antibiotic) plus, getting back on my facial routine. Which involves a CLAY mask every 3 days (not the gel kind, or the peeling kind, it HAS to be the clay ones.) I'm also adding a Skin-Hair-Nail suppliment (all of these suppliments are made with Medical Grade Standards, which are higher than Food Grade, which most suppliments are.)

I'll also not scrub the hell out of my face. I've been using a cleanser with salicylic acid, plus the pumice scrubber in the face wash, and it is NOT doing anything good for me, despite the claims made by the marketing for the product. I find the gentler I am with my skin, the nicer it is.

So, of all things, I'm going BACK to the cleanser I found at dollarama. No kidding. The formula is comparable to Cetaphil, it was made as a no-name for Safeway, and somehow Dollarama got their hands on it. And my skin LOVES it. And, get some water-based facial lotion (not that I need to put much lotion-on-the-skin usually.)

The other thing I KNOW I personally need to do to clear up my acne is reduce-the-hell-out-of my caffeine intake AND my DAIRY. (sigh and whine. Because I loves the CHEESE.) Oh, and choose the salad instead of the fries. Double sigh.

However, the last time I did it, my face looked SO much better, and I didn't need loads of the organic-face-powder to cover up my red angry face...

My closest girls saw me yesterday, without makeup (my face was in just too much pain for make up; Organic or not, it still hurts the face) - next time I see them, we'll have to see if THEY see the difference!

(I'd post pics.. but... sigh... I fear my Vanity won't let me. I"m a pretty big mess right now. Yick.


60-or-so scrabble tile pendants are FINISHED! On cards and everything. Whew. I have lots of supplies left for commissioned pieces - I've recieved emails from people who've seen me at the market, and want pics of their kids or their business logos on the tiles. Super fun idea.

It's not-quite-11, and I've finished a few rounds of biscotti. The gingerbread dough is in the fridge cooling. That's for later today. Tomorrow morning is the banana bread and carrot cake. I think I'm getting this system down.

Now, I wonder if I'll find time to sew something today???

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