Wednesday, November 30, 2011


All packed and ready to go. This show didn't require the lugging of my heavy tables - although I did take some pretty heavy Watkins stuff!some of my handmade bags! As you can see, I had a table in front of a windowsill, which was excellent, because I needed the extra space for all of the sock monkeys!

A hand finished upcycled jewellery box sits with froggy and foxy fox.
the sun didn't stay out long - this pic was taken around 3pm...

My craft shows are done for now, and I'm back into the studio, with all the commissions that came from the shows. For the next week I imagine I'm going to be VERY busy finishing them up! And then, to get through the list of things I want to make for my own kids for Yule!

The one thing I cannot get in town I'm going to be ordering from as they've got some good deals on, some free shipping, and the clearance items to browse through. We don't buy much new retail stuff for Christmas, and this year is going to be all about the food anyway!

Gotta fly! I imagine I'll be here more after the big rushes are over! With lots of crafty pics.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MDWBA Dinner

I am JUST home from a dinner I went to with my good friend Rebecca Searles (from Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Midland) It was for the MDWBA (Midland & District Women's Business Association.) I've been wanting to get involved with the MDWBA for ages, but have felt hesitant and shy. (yes. Me. I'm shy sometimes.)

Rebecca is a member and invited me to come to the dinner as her guest. She suggested I bring some business info to hand out to the ladies tables, and also mentioned that there was an auction table that I could donate something to. She was bringing some of her travel specials offered by Carlson Wagonlit Travel Midland.

I wanted to bring a gift certificate, and wanted it to be something that would bring ladies into my art studio. (I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I have a cozy studio space downtown that I create my art in and invite clients to for readings.) I had considered bringing a sock monkey or dolls, but I ended up making a gift certificate - in much the same manner as I've made scrap book type greeting cards. Glitter pens, fancy papers, a ribbon, some star stickers, and a business card attached. I should have taken a pic of it, but I'll do that when it comes back in.

When Rebecca and I arrived at the MDWBA dinner, with trepidation did I hand over the One Tarot Reading Certificate. I half expected I'd be taking it home with me. This was a room full of business women after all! Bankers and business owners and lawyers and number counters!

It was nice to see some familiar faces that I felt comfortable talking to, and Rebecca did a wonderful job of introducing me around before the dinner started.

Then, it happened. We sat at the second table, and they passed around a Mic for everyone to introduce themselves. I figured being a guest, that I was getting out of this one.


so, with echo-ey mic in hand, I intro myself as a lady who make dolls. Heirloom, playable and displayable. Then I made a joke that I had better just say it, because I brought a gift certificate for it, and that I'm a psychic tarot reader.

That's when things got interesting! Suddenly, I felt like the Belle of the Ball. I have a hard time approaching people "cold"... but after I let the cat out of the bag (not being sure how it would be taken) I had lots of ladies come up to me to meet me - which made it WAY easier to make connections at the MDWBA ladies!

I was so pleasantly surprized. This town is a small one, and I figured that If I had a cold reception after letting people know what I do when I'm NOT making dolls, then I just wouldn't be a part of their group. But, Rebecca and I ended up closing the place down!

I made connections with people who were INTERESTED in connecting with me and my skill. And because I was so busy talking with ladies who were interested in talking to me, I missed the opportunity to approach some business ladies that I was hoping to introduce myself to. (some ladies in the community who are artists, etc.)

And, I think my hand crafted gift certificate went for face value in the auction.

Validation. On so many levels.

Thanks MDWBA. You've just gained a new member.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Sock Monkeys in Midland Ontario

Where to find Sock Monkeys in Midland Ontario? They seem to be a very HOT gift this season. Going through the flyers and advertisements, I saw sock monkeys in the Minds Alive flyer, and I know that the Little Monkey's Tree House downtown Midland has them.

And who else downtown Midland has them? Little Scotia, that's who. The Little Scotia sock monkeys are hand made right in Midland - not manufactured in china and shipped here. More of the dollars spent stay in Midland!

The Little Scotia Sock Monkeys are one of a kind personalities - not mass produced. They also cost the same amount or less than the monkeys made in China.

So, if you are looking for Sock Monkeys in Midland Ontario this holiday season for a one of a kind gift, that you can purchase downtown Midland, come and see what Little Scotia has to offer first!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Universe. I'm Listening.

I feel so empowered. I'm not sure why.
Maybe I thrive in the face of diversity.
Maybe I shouldn't be telling the Universe that so much, though.

I thrive, because I know abundance is coming this month!
There, fixed.

This month is busy -with projects due for school, 5 (and possibly 6) days of craft shows to do, my ViSalus business going full steam, Tarot readings... I'm feeling like I have to book family time in. (This busy month, and part of the next, will all settle down in January and February...)

But, I'm super pumped. So much so, that I figure I could take on NaNoWriMo. Yeah, I've sat on this BOOK thing for SO long. I'm writing a little bit in the evening, and a little when picking up the kids from school. (seriously, taking a notebook with me while I wait, I scribble.) It should be interesting.

I think I feel so good, because my partner is so amazing. Really, he handles things. Very well. I'm so glad he is exactly who he is. He keeps me level.

I had a whole wack of things I was going to write about. But now all I can think of is going to bed...


Holiday Open House Craft Shows in Midland Ontario

Listed below are some Holiday Open House Shows in Midland Ontario for November 2011.

Saturday, November 12, 2011:
Little Scotia Studio Gallery
540 Elizabeth St, Back Door
10am to 5pm
Take a sneak peek before all the big shows!

Tuesday, November 15thm 2011:
Quota International of Huronia
Holiday Open House
North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre
2pm to 9pm
I will have Watkins items as well as Little Scotia dolls, toys, jewellery etc.
Also in attendance will be Alouette Cosmetics, Epicure Selections Spices, Partylite Candles, The Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Silpada Silver Jewellery, Usborne Books And Wildfire Jewels.

Thursday, November 24th, 2011
Friday, November 25th, 2011
Saturday, November 26th, 2011
Sainte Marie Among The Hurons
First Light

5pm to 9pm each day
This is an incredible experience for the family, with over 3,000 candles lit and family activities through the night!

Put it in your datebook, and see you at the Holiday Open House Craft Shows in Midland Ontario!