Wednesday, November 30, 2011


All packed and ready to go. This show didn't require the lugging of my heavy tables - although I did take some pretty heavy Watkins stuff!some of my handmade bags! As you can see, I had a table in front of a windowsill, which was excellent, because I needed the extra space for all of the sock monkeys!

A hand finished upcycled jewellery box sits with froggy and foxy fox.
the sun didn't stay out long - this pic was taken around 3pm...

My craft shows are done for now, and I'm back into the studio, with all the commissions that came from the shows. For the next week I imagine I'm going to be VERY busy finishing them up! And then, to get through the list of things I want to make for my own kids for Yule!

The one thing I cannot get in town I'm going to be ordering from as they've got some good deals on, some free shipping, and the clearance items to browse through. We don't buy much new retail stuff for Christmas, and this year is going to be all about the food anyway!

Gotta fly! I imagine I'll be here more after the big rushes are over! With lots of crafty pics.


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