Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Appreciation for MINIATURISTS

So, this morning, after dropping the kids off at school, I got out my books and Sculpy and was determined to begin some miniatures.

Now, I've been making dolls (soft and beaded) and furniture, but I wanted to make some clay dishes and food.

I have a WHOLE NEW appreciation for those of you who do this, and do this well. After 6 hours, I produced only a handful (literally) of baked bits, that still needed to be glazed and painted. They are rough, to be sure...

3pm brought FRUSTRATION. I think I've forgotten how to go-slow, and LEARN. I get so wrapped up in "hourly earnings" and "production."

I put some half finished mini dolls on my etsy. Tomorrow I'll probably list the plates. (1:12 scale.)

How long have you miniaturists been at it, and how in the world did you find the patience to complete these teeny tiny projects???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Free Steamer!

My FREE steamer should be arriving within 4 - 6 weeks. Well, I'm not sure if I should consider it something I got for free, or something I earned, as I got it with my Watkins performance rewards points. (It's an bonus system Watkins has in place to reward associates for their efforts and team building.)

I had enough points for $250 USD conference dollars. But, as I know I won't be making it to conference this summer, I scanned through the other options. There were shirts and sweaters with Watkins logo's, or bags and other things in my point range. But I thought the steamer would be a nice addition to the kitchen. And with my big veggie garden plans, it would be nice to be able to cook the veggies we don't eat raw, in it. (I'm planning on a nice summer than what we had last year. But just incase, I think I'll be planning veggies that are maybe partial sun lovers.)

Today is a coffee visit with my girlfriends, and then laundry afternoon... Should be a nice relaxed day.

Yay for free steamers!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do You Etsy? I Got a Treasury!

I got an Etsy Treasury today! I was (and am!) so excited. I did the happy dance all over the house. Then, needed my sweetie to help me figure out how to take a screen shot of it, before it dissapears. YAY!

If you Etsy, head on over and take a peek!

I Want To Love You, Madly

Thanks, Friends!!! :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Superstore is Paying you for referrals?

So, think on this...

A Superstore opens up in your town. It carries some great items that you buy all the time, BUT, it's NEW. You're used to going to the same old places to get the same old things, and that's a comfort to you.

Then, you decide to try it one day. And you really like the deals you've gotten!

Later, you tell some of your friends about the new Superstore, and you convince them to go too. They also resist change, but they trust you and have tried the things you bought there and like them too.

When they get there, they let the store know that YOU sent them. From then on, the Superstore gives you a small percent of EVERYTHING they will EVER sell to your friends. FOREVER. When those friends tell THEIR friends, they get a small percent, and so do YOU. And so on.

Now, The Superstore has been open a few years, and you STILL get a percent, just for telling your friends about a product you need and use and love everyday, ONCE. How generous is that for the Superstore to reward you like that!

Well, the Superstore doesn't do that. But Watkins DOES. Every month, I purchase the things I"m already using in my house anyway. Laundry soap, hand soap and lotion, baking and cooking items, cleaning supplies, suppliments, gifts... My friends in my team do the same thing, and I make a percent for having introduced them. They make a percent for the people they have introduced. It's a very nice system.

But everyone resists change. It takes some people a little longer to try new things. Even if they can get a much better product for the same price as an inferior one, because they are USED to the inferior one...

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be rewarded by this system, and find some new and better items for your home, shoot me an email. OR browse around here:

and enter code AG6242

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Jewellery on ETSY by Vintage Witch (and the Pixies)

I'm wondering at what point my Pixies turn into "Witchlets." hehehe...

This weekend (when we weren't busy having dinner with family, watching movies, playing video games...) The Pixies and I were busy crafting. We, all three, sat at the table for most of the day Friday, and much of the morning on Saturday, making pearler bead creations. (Pearler beads are those plastic beads that you iron together, and that fall on floor more often than not, and that you step on alllll weekend in the kitchen. hehe.)

It took a long time - our beads came to us completely mixed up in a zip lock bag - so there was much sorting while looking for the colours we wanted. These are what I came up with! I've listed the pins on etsy this morning.

Today, I'll be working on some necklace pendants and hair clips with these little numbers on them.

They are time consuming and fussy work (so little! I had to dig out a pair of tweezers from my craft dresser of doooooom.) but I love how they are turning out.

I think I've priced them reasonably on etsy, and I'm even offering them in quantity for less.

What do you think?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gingerbread Art!

I couldn't get these posted for some reason, the day I took them (Just couldn't get them off the cam.. finiky robots.) So, here are the ginger bread cookies that my family WOULD have gotten, if everyone over there DIDN'T have the stomach flu and cancelled the family "Christmas" dinner, until today

Here we have a rather frightened moose - I made these for my F.I.L. as he's a hunter. Beside him is a "suit-and-tie-guy" complete with watch, who also looks a little stunned. (Corporate Office Work will make you look like that. hehe.)

These two little numbers were for my S.I.L. and B.I.L. An alien and a vampire... because I get BORED making traditional looking Ginger bread people... I'm totally segueing here... I'm not married, so these two wouldn't be my "in laws." They'd be more my S. and B.B.C. (Sister and Brother By Choice.) I think that's better.... ok, gingies continued....

I can't remember who got these ones (or who was to get these ones!) A man and woman are on vacation, and he got a little burnt. I loved these guys. hehehe..

Over the holidays I signed on two new Watkins Associates. Come Monday I'm going to sit down and look at my entire organization, and do some restructuring. I'm giving some people in my downline some extra associates under them. I still benefit, and it will build a stronger team. It also helps my associates earn a little extra too! If you are interested in building a long term home business, but DON'T want to do the selling part, take a look at our TEAMS Watkins site.

I did a little math, and I'm on track to my $3000 a month goal. If I continue working my business with the same momentum as I have in the last six months, I'll reach my goal by this time next year. I"m excited to be taking my team members to my goal with me! (Because if I'm earning, so are they!)

(I've been doing some extra training over the holidays... I'm excited and re-energized! )

Oh, I listed some brand new doll furniture on etsy over the holidays too. Wing chairs, nursing chairs, and a couch. (These are in 1:12 scale, but I can to them in 1:16 or 1:24) See etsy for more detailed pics.

Hope everyone had great holidays!