Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Jewellery on ETSY by Vintage Witch (and the Pixies)

I'm wondering at what point my Pixies turn into "Witchlets." hehehe...

This weekend (when we weren't busy having dinner with family, watching movies, playing video games...) The Pixies and I were busy crafting. We, all three, sat at the table for most of the day Friday, and much of the morning on Saturday, making pearler bead creations. (Pearler beads are those plastic beads that you iron together, and that fall on floor more often than not, and that you step on alllll weekend in the kitchen. hehe.)

It took a long time - our beads came to us completely mixed up in a zip lock bag - so there was much sorting while looking for the colours we wanted. These are what I came up with! I've listed the pins on etsy this morning.

Today, I'll be working on some necklace pendants and hair clips with these little numbers on them.

They are time consuming and fussy work (so little! I had to dig out a pair of tweezers from my craft dresser of doooooom.) but I love how they are turning out.

I think I've priced them reasonably on etsy, and I'm even offering them in quantity for less.

What do you think?

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