Friday, January 8, 2010

The Superstore is Paying you for referrals?

So, think on this...

A Superstore opens up in your town. It carries some great items that you buy all the time, BUT, it's NEW. You're used to going to the same old places to get the same old things, and that's a comfort to you.

Then, you decide to try it one day. And you really like the deals you've gotten!

Later, you tell some of your friends about the new Superstore, and you convince them to go too. They also resist change, but they trust you and have tried the things you bought there and like them too.

When they get there, they let the store know that YOU sent them. From then on, the Superstore gives you a small percent of EVERYTHING they will EVER sell to your friends. FOREVER. When those friends tell THEIR friends, they get a small percent, and so do YOU. And so on.

Now, The Superstore has been open a few years, and you STILL get a percent, just for telling your friends about a product you need and use and love everyday, ONCE. How generous is that for the Superstore to reward you like that!

Well, the Superstore doesn't do that. But Watkins DOES. Every month, I purchase the things I"m already using in my house anyway. Laundry soap, hand soap and lotion, baking and cooking items, cleaning supplies, suppliments, gifts... My friends in my team do the same thing, and I make a percent for having introduced them. They make a percent for the people they have introduced. It's a very nice system.

But everyone resists change. It takes some people a little longer to try new things. Even if they can get a much better product for the same price as an inferior one, because they are USED to the inferior one...

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be rewarded by this system, and find some new and better items for your home, shoot me an email. OR browse around here:

and enter code AG6242

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