Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February BLAA.

After spending the last week trying to think or magic myself into a solution, today I've come to the conclusion that my only choice right now is to give up the Studio. I'm so sad. So terribly sad. And disappointed and a little angry.

The studio has been supporting it's own bills, and making just as much as it costs to run, to boot... but it's not enough. Even with the bit of money ViSalus is bringing me during the month, the readings, and the odd garage sale, commission work, art sale, or Watkins order,.... overall, I'm officially drowned.

I'm sad, because I had big fun plans for the summer down there. I've been teaching classes and it's such a wonderful place to have my clients come for readings, (and there have been so many!) and a wonderful place to create and be creative... and I've got to let all of it go now. What doesn't sell at the last liquidation garage sale, will be going to the Sally Ann. But for some stuff that will end up packed away in my basement. (I'll have no room to work on anything here, but I just can't get rid of my sewing machine yet. Although the serger is on the chopping block.)

Most likely this will mean I will also not be doing market this year.

I'm not entirely sure what I"m going to do with myself.

Everything that I've been working up to this past year has very quickly come crashing down (Think: The Tower!) and I'm nervous. The Universe had put me to task, and I feel like I've failed somewhere.

The one year anniversary of The Big Floppy is this week. A year ago this week, the Universe said "slow the fuck down. Hell, why don't you just STOP. Because you're on the WRONG path, and you're not listening." So, I started on this path...

I'm seriously seeing no other way around all of this, except to jump back on the path that was so wrong for me a year ago. How else do I work my way out of this? And I hope I'm not self prophetising when I say I'm really worried that in my attempt to fix this, I'm going to fall down, and NOT get up this time.

I really want to be optimistic about this. Convince myself that It's all for a reason, and it's all going to work out just fine. Everything will fall in place as it should, and all the stress inducing THINGS will fix themselves... but I don't quite believe it.

I feel heavy, hopeless, and heartbroken

Tomorrow (or later tonight) I'll have to write a letter to my landlord to tell her that I can't stay and I'll have my stuff out by Saturday or Sunday. I'll have to figure out where to teach my classes that are still going.

I'll think later. I know optimism will find me, and hopefully in a few months I'll be able to say "Oh, see, that's why all of this happened!" but I just can't find that appreciation right now.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Seed Swap Day... Is this a film set??

I was invited to a seed swap that happened yesterday. It seemed that everyone else who attended had a big farm, with goats and sheep and and and. It was very cool to meet the people who had come, and listen to their stories.

The farm that the swap was happening at was nearly unreal. A whole 5 minute drive from the small town it overlooks (the view was INCREDIBLE.) The farmhouse itself was gorgeous. Perfectly comfortable and adorably farmhouse. With lots of land. We were greeted by two big farm dogs, which took me back to when I was young and we made regular visits to an uncles farm.

At one point the hostess mentioned how many cows were currently in her barn (It was over 20) and everyone talked about their CSA plans (Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. People pay to support the farm ahead of time for the food they'll grow, and get boxes of veg and/or meat usually over a season or the year.) and It was a little whelming for me. With my tiny little plot of in-town land, and 2 rabbits. (which will soon be more, by the way. I watched Giselle's belly jumping last night, and today is the 30th day after breeding... so in the next 4 days we should have kits! I digress...)

The seed exchange was CRAZY fun, just like Christmas. I got a LOAD of seeds and I'm going to have to replot my own garden, plus figure out if I can use some bits of my inlaws this year, I think. The only seeds I had to share this year where my BoxCar Willie tomatoes, an heirloom seed... I packaged them all up nicely and labelled them.

The table was a big farm table, and we all sat around and there was a spred of goodies, and I had a tea (although my hostess REALLY wanted to give me wine. Which is never a good idea when I am trying to make a first impression. Ha! All I need is about 2 oz of the stuff before I'm looking to dance with or on something.. hehe.) From where I sat, I could see out of the window that overlooked the entire town. A perfect view.

The seeds I got from the swap...

Parsnip, Silverado Chard, Zeplin Delicada Squash, YinYang Beans (pole), Jacobs Cattle Beans (bush), Greek oregano, cilantro, calendula, dill, Pac choi, Rosa Bianca Eggplant, Broccoli, some tomato I've just recorded as "monica" lol..., Bok choi, onion seed, sweet mini bell pepper, long sweet red pepper, Jeminez pole bean, bunching onions, totem hybrid dwarf tomato, lettuce, ...

what I have from my own from last year:
Galilie Spinach, Mesclun mix, burbank red tomato, hutterite bush bean, radish mix, nosegay hot pepper, dwarf sugar pea, little finger carrot, little finger eggplant, cocozelle zucchini, and ofcourse my boxcar willie tomatoes...

Where Is Midland Ontario?

Midland Ontario is located on Georgian Bay, and if you are cottaging in this beautiful area, the reference to going "Into Town" means you'll be making a visit to Midland.

Within the town itself there are many attractions to visit! Downtown you can visit The Midland Cultural Centre which will house Quest Art Gallery and Huronia Players Theatre Company. There is also a cafe that is managed by Ivars Rasa and Kim Masin, former owners of the Library Restaurant.

You can access the internet at the Midland Public Library, either using their computers, or through wireless with your own laptop. The Midland Public Library is a beautiful, big and air conditioned spaces, with lots of activities for the kids.

While downtown, you can have a visit with our resident psychic, Lori-Grace. She has a busy but cozy studio downtown, just down the street from the Midland Public Library. With her psychic skill, she reads for clients all over North America, the UK and Australia. Sitting with her in person on your visit is a must-do on the list.

View Larger Map

There's also the waterfront, the beaches, and the Midland Farmers Market to visit when you come "Into Town" from the cottage. There's the Huronia Museum Huron-Ouendat Village, The Martyrs Shrine, The Wye Marsh for getting back to nature. Midland Ontario also has all of the little shops you would hope to find, plus all the amentities that you need to have a great visit, with four major grocery stores, and wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Don't forget to visit our tourist information centre at the bottom of King Street, to get help finding Where it all is in Midland Ontario.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


The Universe in On My Side.

So, I guess I should just hurry up and finish with the challenge that is this lesson. Because it must be ME hanging on to it. Right? Because I'm in control of this situation, and what I have, I manifest.

I KNOW how to raise my vibration. I KNOW how to feel excited and happily emotional in order to manifest what I need. Easy Peasy.

So, let's do this, shall we? Be ready always for it's arrival. All of it.

Want to say more. But I think this is enough.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whispy Wonderings....

My tarot student should be showing up in 10 minutes or so. My brain is going full steam. My body wants to curl up in the big chair and nap. What's up with that lately?

The only thing I can remember from my dreams last night is that I made a lot of mashed potatoes. In waking life, I have a little saying. "When the going gets tough, make mashed potatoes." I have also said "When all else fails, make mashed potatoes." So, despite my waking life optimism how this will all work itself out before the end of the month, I wonder if my subconscious is stressed out about it. ??? I dunno.

I moved a LOT of gifts from a girlfriend into my studio this week (read: free antiques mixed in with random junk bits.) My space is filled now, though. And, That is bothering me. I'm very excited at the prospect of spring - so I can do a garage sale on the deck at the studio. There are lots of bits and pieces I've taken out of hoardy places to liquidate. There's just too many boxes of stuff here, and I need it gone.

The studio is changing a little bit. I haven't sewn in weeks. This will hopefully change as we get closer to summer markets, but I'm really feeling like everything is changing. I'm not sure if I should carry on with more of the same, scale it down to just jewellery, scrap the whole thing entirely and do tarot readings there, or just be a support to my beloved, who may or may not decide to bake/cook for market this year.

Everything feels up in the air, despite my own physical feeling of "settled." For a fortune teller and future seer, I have to admit I'm perplexed where my own path is going right now.

I still feel like a move is on it's way to us, so much so that I'm feeling resistance to planting any food in our own yard this year. I'm not planting it all, to have to leave it all behind. This move is going to involve me having to scale down EVERYTHING I have packed away in the last 7 years.. or more. I've been doing good with unloading stuff, but the basement still feels full at the house... and if we move, I have a feeling I might be losing my studio. Which makes me sad. But does this mean something more suitable is coming?

It's very strange to be at this crossroads. Trying to see the future, knowing exactly why I'm unable to, but hoping I'll be ready when all of these pieces fall into place.

Psychic book tours, mobile home living (plunked on a property.), gardening and homesteading on a grand scale, doing more tarot and reiki work, and sending my kids to school on the bus. All of these images have been floating around...whispy, I"m unable to catch them.

My student should be arriving soon. I should wrap this up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

BIG Vista CANADA Deals and Big To-Do lists.

Yesterday was bake-o-rama evening.

Did a tarot class in the morning, tarot readings throughout the day, laundry, baking, rabbit chores, more readings... it was one of those "I found extra hours" day... and my beloved and I squeezed in 2 episodes of Fringe, too.

I made some mini cranberry and orange muffins, AND blueberry lemon muffins. (Using one of those recipes that say "so, pretty much add what you have, in addition to the base ingredients.) I love those. And, I made piggies in a blanket for lunch with a tea buscuit recipe that was so easy, I did another batch so we'll have some tea buscuits in the fridge.

Today, I taught the pixies to play Backgammon (which they INSIST on calling bakugon. Is that how that's spelled? lol.) and it's nearly noon, and I'm still in jammies. I managed to get rabbit chores done, consume a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee... that's about it. Looking forward to a nice long bath, and completing my assignment on canning that is due TODAY. (Yes, I work best under procrastination induced pressure.)

On another note, I've been thinking about new signage for the Studio. I came across an Everything is FREE! link for VISTA PRINT. There are a few things that are freebies with that, but if there's something you want that isn't on the free list, I also found a
Save up to 50% off Entire Site! link that I'm thinking about using for a banner...

OMG. The smell of HOME MADE pea soup is calling me to the kitchen. It is good to have a chef in the house.

I'll post my "anything muffin" AND Sour Dough bread recipes later today!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smart is the New Sexy.

I'm at the studio. It's hard to be here alone, with so much on my mind. I should be doing something constructive... but, it's February. February is time for thoughtful wandering and exploration.

That being said, I've got my 1st lesson plan sitting here for my first tarot class, I already did my short running around stint downtown, and I'm waiting on the first class to arrive.

With all my thoughts.

This morning I felt like "Jerk Mom of the Year." My fussy eater, the middle child, sat at the table pouting over the SMALLEST bowl of oatmeal you've ever seen. I heard my step mothers words come out of my mouth: "You will sit there until it's gone! And if you don't eat it for breakfast, you will eat it for lunch!" However, I added on the explanation of the fact that she needs something in her stomach before I send her out into the world, or she will fall down or get sick or...

I allowed myself to get emotional - this small act of "hell no, I'm not eating that." pushed ALL my buttons. My beloved stepped in with his particular brand of calm and practical - I left the entire floor of the house, and somehow what I couldn't do in almost an hour of mutual stubbornness,
he accomplished in about 5 minutes.

GAH. She and I are SO much alike. It's painful sometimes. It's good that my sweetheart knows exactly how to handle the both of us. (When we start smashing heads, that usually calls for divide and conquer by rationalization.)


It's left my heart a little heavy. Because now she and I both have to wait all day to finish this little dance we sometimes have with each other. The last step is to have a big hug and a little weep, and reassure each other we still love each other. She and I do this every once in a while.

IN other news. I"m sure I have some. There's 20 minutes to waste before my student gets here.

I got my first interview notification from the Big Busy Tarot Psychic Phone Line this morning. Oh, I don't know if I went over this on this blog. (yep, there's more than one. I'm wordy.)
So, the need to earn extra cash to pay off what we spent for my beloved to go to school seems to demand the need for me to have an additional gig. The directive from the voices is to stay on this psychic tarot path. It's been a struggle the last few weeks to figure out how to do both. Working on an additional tarot phone line (where they bring the clients, I don't have to do the marketing and finding for them.) was the answer.

So, I applied at a few lines (one Canadian, one US based.) and although the Canadian one has no openings right now, the US one has given my application the shortlist, and now I have 2 phone interviews to do. I"m hoping I'll be working within 2 weeks with them. I'll be working this line in the evenings. Day time is dedicated to my own personal list of clients on the chat, phone, email, and live readings.

So, that's news. The Universe provides. It's pretty awesome that way,when you put your mind to it. We'll be playing catch up probably until April, so If I can keep calm till then, and stay the path, It'll all work out. (My own personal chat line sends pay checks on the 10th of the month, for the previous months work. It arrives to me sometime later, as it comes from the US. The new chat line will most likely be every second week, but quiet possibly month to month also. This is why I'm estimating April.)

I"m totally babbling. Thinking out loud. How very boring.

Have I mentioned I have a TV character crush on Sherlock Holmes? Yes. How embarrassing.

But Smart IS the new Sexy.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, we had our second real snow of the winter season last night. February what-now? I keep forgetting that it's almost time to start planting the seedlings, due to the lack of long winter.

I know, it seems weird to 'complain' about that, but it makes me worry for the syrup production, and if all the perennials and garlic are going to grow at all come spring.

Anyway, my seedling shelf has been in the kitchen for a month now (gathering random things - that's what happens when you leave flat surfaces around here... they gather schtuff.) and I have yet to put the lights up. Soooon. I didn't get to buy any new seeds, like I wanted to, due to finances. But, we have quiet a bit of seeds left over from last year. I just might not have the variety I had last year.

I'm really hoping to connect with some other seed savers and perhaps trade out or plain out buy some. I'm thinking it might be too late to place orders to get them shipped... but really, it's more about not having the cash on the credit cards right now. If I place an order, I'd guarantee that I'll be spending at least $25.

Rabbits are doing awesome. I'm thinking I'd like to find a white New Zealand doe, however. Maybe one a little younger, so that she's used to being handled. The closest breeder I can find online for the breed is a 2 hour drive from where I am though. (I know the breeders are OUT THERE. They are just quiet about it.) Miss Giselle sure does cop some attitude. I'd like to check to see if our breeding worked by palpitation... but, honestly, I don't think she'll let me.

I'm going to have to build some sort of nexting box for her. Something I can attach to the cage, so she can't move it around. Goddess, I hope she doesn't reject her babies. You know, if there's any in there. Having another doe will let me breed them together - so if one rejects their kits, I can foster them out with the other.

Oh, I went to a party last night, and connected with a woman that has so many things in common with me, it was a little spooky. Ha! We talked most of the night about rabbits, farming, dolls, Doctor Who, and kids. She's got horses! She's also got some rabbit cages she's offered to me, which is fabulous. I'm so excited to connect with her again - such an interesting person, and I'm sure there's so much I can learn from her!

Ummmm, what else.

Oh, I had a HUGE brain fart (otherwise known as "epiphany") about what to do for the farmers market this year. It's sheer brilliance... but top secret until spring. I think I'll be enlisting my daughters this year. I hope they can pick up the fine art of sales.

Tarot classes start this Wednesday. There are a few seats left for a few of the times. I'm pretty excited about that!

I've been available almost non stop all weekend on the chat function for my tarot readings. I'm REALLY liking it. Was busy all weekend. While not actually doing the readings, I spent time reading some of the great books I've borrowed from the library.

The maid still hasn't shown up. So, my beloved and I had to wash the pots and pans today. It was a nice 'quality time' hour... and as much as I like spending time with him, I sure hope that made shows up soon.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Jobs in Nova Scotia

Finding a Job in Nova Scotia using the Job Bank Canada can be a difficult thing. Even when you find a full time job, most likely you will get paid minimum wage to be away from your house, your kids, and your hobbies for the best part of the weekday – and for many, the weekend too.
Instead of looking for jobs in Nova Scotia with the job bank in Canada, I started a business, and have helped everyday people do the same thing. I teach them how to work their business all over Canada AND the US. So, you get to live where you want and still have work.
Working from home has been a blessing, and has paid! I’m down to working about 10 hours a week – not quite the 4 hour work week, but I’m pretty happy with it.
What my home businesses have done for me?
*I’m re-learning French. I live in a heavily French poulated area, and It’s something I’ve always wanted to make time to do.
*I’m taking a University Course – Sustainable Urban Agriculture. Why? I love making food in yards. And digging in the dirt.
*I got to stay home all summer with my girls. Granted, we spent a few days in jammies all day, Barbies or Polly Pockets all over the floor at my feet, but hey… jammy days aren’t a BAD thing.
*My sweetheart quit his job, and is going to school. Following HIS bliss, too!
*I have time to be CREATIVE! I have a studio/gallery space, thanks to my home business– All the crafty stuff needs to go live somewhere other than all over my house. I’ve always wanted a studio space :)
*I’ve found the time to write 2 poetry books, and I’m half way through another novel. This thing excites me! Being a published author was definately something on my “list.”
*During the school year, I get to go to school functions that happen half way through the day. Oh, and class trips!
*I get to follow my bliss! Sometimes that’s sleeping in. Sometimes that’s hanging laundry. Sometimes that’s gardening in the yard. Sometimes it’s reading in the library. Sometimes it’s writing in my favourite diner. Sometimes it’s painting or making dolls!
When I first started, I went at it like crazy – I probably worked 4 hours a day – placing ads, writing blogs, following up, and spending time and money LEARNING the ropes! It seemed almost obsessive then.. but I’m NOW glad I put in that effort!
What would you do, if you could get paid full time but only have to work 10 hours a week? Think good and hard on it. This is happening for people who would otherwise use the job bank in Canada to find a job in Nova Scotia right now, this place where so many people feel there is no money to be made or live off of.
Contact me if you want to hear the rest of my story, and if you want more information on how to live YOUR bliss!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Oh la la! Ze Rabbitz haz landed!

Actually, they've been here a while, and I think they have settled in. This little lady (who really isn't little, and doesn't behave much like a lady.) Is Giselle, the Champagne D'argent. She's moody, a bit fussy, although the elder pixie seems to have hypnotised her. (That daughter talks to animals, so what else should I have expected?)

And here is the little Mr... His name is Charming, but I tend to call him Prince (and then break out in a high pitched "You don't. Have-to-be. BEUUUUTIFUL! To Turn me on!") He is freekin' adorable. Friendly and inquisitive and not at all shy. Oh, and he's litter trained. Is that not awesome? Giselle has a box, too, but I think she thinks it's a nesting box or something, because she consistently goes in another corner of her cage. When I tried to put the litter pan in the corner, she took attitude and shoved it back where SHE put it originally.

We put them together a little while ago... we're counting down the days on the calendar to see if Prince got it figured out. (All I want is your extra time and your........ KISS.)

So, there ya go. Rabbits!

Sourdough Starter Recipe

Prep: 10min
stand: 5 days

1 pkg active dry yeast
2.5 cups warm water (105F to 115F)
2 cups all purpose flour
1 tbsp sugar or honey

1. Dissolve yeast in 1/2 cup fo the warm water. Stir in the remaining warm water, flour and sugar. Using a wooden spoon, beat until smooth. Cover with 100 percent cotton cheesecloth. Let stand at room tepm for 5 to 10 days or until mixture has fermented aroma and vigorous bubbling stuops, stirring two to three times a day. (fermentation time depends on room temp. a warmer room will hasten the fermentation process.)

2. To store, transfer sourdough starter to a 1 quart plastic container. Cover and chill

3. To use, stir starter. measure amount of cold starter called for in recipe. Bring to room temp. Replenish starter after each use; For each 1 cup removed, stir 3/4 cup all purpose flour, 3/4 cup water and 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey into remaining starter. . Cover with cheesecloth; let stand at room temp 1 day or until bubbly. Cover with lid; chill for later use. If starter is not used in 10 days, stir in 1 teaspoon sugar or honey. Continue to add 1 teaspoon sugar or honey every 10 days unless starter is replenished.

(Better Homes Cook Book.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How I ALWAYS Make the Sale.

Whether it's a booth at the Farmers Market, my online business, or working for someone else, I will always make the sale. But not because I'm a great salesperson. More because of the training I've gifted myself with. (Investing in myself, my knowlege, my mindset. The information is out there, and you don't need a big expensive fancy degree to LEARN it.)

It started with Attraction Marketing - learning all about it, what the heck it is and how to make it work for me, like it works for so many other people out there who are working for themselves. I learned these skills with a little training called Magnetic Sponsoring. This was geared towards the work at home stuff I was doing, but I found it worked in ALL of my business dealings and social networking.

I've also got an amazing CD collection now, with speakers from Success Magazine, and through my Watkins business. Filled with Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and about 20 other speakers. I listen to this stuff all the time.

The next step was two fold. I picked up the Building On A Budget course (because, the internet is full of free ways to advertise, but how do you take advantage of it, and get placed higher than the competition, for FREE?) and at the same time, started with a course called Black Belt Recruiting. THAT one taught me SO much about how to DO all of those most uncomfortable things that have to do with recruiting. And, recruiting is the lifeblood of any online marketing business!

All of these things I use for my online businesses, but have REALLY made me into a more confident person in my day to day life, too. They were extremely reasonably priced, and I wrote them off at the end of the year as a business expense.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

No time for SAD.

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I've had it in years past. It would last anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. I really think it depended on what was going on around me, from year to year.

However, this year I prepared. And rationalized. And talked it out with girlfriends. Every year, it usually hits me in February. By then, I'm exhausted from shovelling snow twice a day, and have too much time on my hands to think. Think about money, the future, and the sitting still doesn't help.

I was waiting for February. And the last week of January, a taste of it caught up to me. And it was over money. And bills. And the pressure all those things create. I prayed hard, and talked to the Universe a LOT, but tried my best to face the realities of all the possible outcomes, if I couldn't make the bills. (This is a self employed life. I imagine the stresses are the same intensity, just different focuses for those traditionally employed.)

However, somehow the month ended and it all came through. I don't know how. I still owe money, and I've got lists on my walls of who gets paid first, or next. But nothing blew up, nobody died, and we're finding creative ways around it.

I really think, for me, the key is to not shut down. To stay open and LISTEN. The opportunities are always there. And, I have issues with sitting still. It's not that I CAN'T, it's just that it's better if I have a book in my hand, so I feel like I'm doing something. (I really do feel like I need to be doing something. Even if it's meditation, I'm thinking before hand "This is the block of time where I rejuvinate and revive my sense of wellness. Therefore I am doing something.")

In other ramblings. It's Sunday morning, and I should be getting de-stinked to go to the Studio for a crafty liquidation sale I'm having. (again - get rid of some stuff I don't use, get some monies for the bank.)

Instead, I'm screwing around on my new Pintrest Board. I'm having fun with it, filling it all with my favourite things.

I've been doing Pole Fitness class. It's super fun and silly. It's always something I wanted to add to my "Resume of Crazy and Adventuresome Experiences." (I need to think up a good anacronym for that. Heh.)

I've lost a little more weight than I intended. I'm sitting around 117, and I only wanted to go as low as 120. So, now it's time to muscle up a bit. I'm not talking weight lifter muscle chic. Just "Firm, thanks."

I been doing belly dancing moves when I walk the kids to school and to the studio. (Hah, picture THAT!) No one can tell, it's all under my winter coat, just moving the ribs, upper and lower belly, and hips. Funny enough, it's been helping me firm up, and I don't even think about it. I need to tell you though, I used to have a pretty soft round belly before this, and being able to see and make my belly move around like that is Fun House Circus level silly. hehe. I'd be fun to do something with it.

My belly dancing DVD has some awesome yoga on it too. And those things are the only thing I'm doing to work out.

Oh, yesterday I went with a girlfriend, as part of her entourage (ha!) for her book signing at Chapters in Barrie. She rocked the house. It was a very very successful day for her! I'll write a proper blog about that a little later.

I have an entire project due for my Sustainable Urban Ag course tomorrow. (Food Dehydration and Drying.) Holy procrastination. I suspect I'll be up all flippin night. (which might be fine. I have no solid tarot readings booked for Monday, so there's the possibility of staying home on Monday. ) It's been a very busy weekend (that started on Thursday for me! lol.) My body is pleasingly exhausted.

Ach. It's 8:20am... I really have to get myself in gear to get to the studio. I'd love to stay and talk more, but I gotta fly. I'll bring the notebook down there, so I can carry on this line of thought. I don't feel like I'm done yet. And I still have to make myself breakfast, a lunch, and de-stink. Oh, snap, and do some quick rabbit chores....

(see. Must Be Always Busy.)