Monday, February 20, 2012

BIG Vista CANADA Deals and Big To-Do lists.

Yesterday was bake-o-rama evening.

Did a tarot class in the morning, tarot readings throughout the day, laundry, baking, rabbit chores, more readings... it was one of those "I found extra hours" day... and my beloved and I squeezed in 2 episodes of Fringe, too.

I made some mini cranberry and orange muffins, AND blueberry lemon muffins. (Using one of those recipes that say "so, pretty much add what you have, in addition to the base ingredients.) I love those. And, I made piggies in a blanket for lunch with a tea buscuit recipe that was so easy, I did another batch so we'll have some tea buscuits in the fridge.

Today, I taught the pixies to play Backgammon (which they INSIST on calling bakugon. Is that how that's spelled? lol.) and it's nearly noon, and I'm still in jammies. I managed to get rabbit chores done, consume a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee... that's about it. Looking forward to a nice long bath, and completing my assignment on canning that is due TODAY. (Yes, I work best under procrastination induced pressure.)

On another note, I've been thinking about new signage for the Studio. I came across an Everything is FREE! link for VISTA PRINT. There are a few things that are freebies with that, but if there's something you want that isn't on the free list, I also found a
Save up to 50% off Entire Site! link that I'm thinking about using for a banner...

OMG. The smell of HOME MADE pea soup is calling me to the kitchen. It is good to have a chef in the house.

I'll post my "anything muffin" AND Sour Dough bread recipes later today!


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