Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whispy Wonderings....

My tarot student should be showing up in 10 minutes or so. My brain is going full steam. My body wants to curl up in the big chair and nap. What's up with that lately?

The only thing I can remember from my dreams last night is that I made a lot of mashed potatoes. In waking life, I have a little saying. "When the going gets tough, make mashed potatoes." I have also said "When all else fails, make mashed potatoes." So, despite my waking life optimism how this will all work itself out before the end of the month, I wonder if my subconscious is stressed out about it. ??? I dunno.

I moved a LOT of gifts from a girlfriend into my studio this week (read: free antiques mixed in with random junk bits.) My space is filled now, though. And, That is bothering me. I'm very excited at the prospect of spring - so I can do a garage sale on the deck at the studio. There are lots of bits and pieces I've taken out of hoardy places to liquidate. There's just too many boxes of stuff here, and I need it gone.

The studio is changing a little bit. I haven't sewn in weeks. This will hopefully change as we get closer to summer markets, but I'm really feeling like everything is changing. I'm not sure if I should carry on with more of the same, scale it down to just jewellery, scrap the whole thing entirely and do tarot readings there, or just be a support to my beloved, who may or may not decide to bake/cook for market this year.

Everything feels up in the air, despite my own physical feeling of "settled." For a fortune teller and future seer, I have to admit I'm perplexed where my own path is going right now.

I still feel like a move is on it's way to us, so much so that I'm feeling resistance to planting any food in our own yard this year. I'm not planting it all, to have to leave it all behind. This move is going to involve me having to scale down EVERYTHING I have packed away in the last 7 years.. or more. I've been doing good with unloading stuff, but the basement still feels full at the house... and if we move, I have a feeling I might be losing my studio. Which makes me sad. But does this mean something more suitable is coming?

It's very strange to be at this crossroads. Trying to see the future, knowing exactly why I'm unable to, but hoping I'll be ready when all of these pieces fall into place.

Psychic book tours, mobile home living (plunked on a property.), gardening and homesteading on a grand scale, doing more tarot and reiki work, and sending my kids to school on the bus. All of these images have been floating around...whispy, I"m unable to catch them.

My student should be arriving soon. I should wrap this up.

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