Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smart is the New Sexy.

I'm at the studio. It's hard to be here alone, with so much on my mind. I should be doing something constructive... but, it's February. February is time for thoughtful wandering and exploration.

That being said, I've got my 1st lesson plan sitting here for my first tarot class, I already did my short running around stint downtown, and I'm waiting on the first class to arrive.

With all my thoughts.

This morning I felt like "Jerk Mom of the Year." My fussy eater, the middle child, sat at the table pouting over the SMALLEST bowl of oatmeal you've ever seen. I heard my step mothers words come out of my mouth: "You will sit there until it's gone! And if you don't eat it for breakfast, you will eat it for lunch!" However, I added on the explanation of the fact that she needs something in her stomach before I send her out into the world, or she will fall down or get sick or...

I allowed myself to get emotional - this small act of "hell no, I'm not eating that." pushed ALL my buttons. My beloved stepped in with his particular brand of calm and practical - I left the entire floor of the house, and somehow what I couldn't do in almost an hour of mutual stubbornness,
he accomplished in about 5 minutes.

GAH. She and I are SO much alike. It's painful sometimes. It's good that my sweetheart knows exactly how to handle the both of us. (When we start smashing heads, that usually calls for divide and conquer by rationalization.)


It's left my heart a little heavy. Because now she and I both have to wait all day to finish this little dance we sometimes have with each other. The last step is to have a big hug and a little weep, and reassure each other we still love each other. She and I do this every once in a while.

IN other news. I"m sure I have some. There's 20 minutes to waste before my student gets here.

I got my first interview notification from the Big Busy Tarot Psychic Phone Line this morning. Oh, I don't know if I went over this on this blog. (yep, there's more than one. I'm wordy.)
So, the need to earn extra cash to pay off what we spent for my beloved to go to school seems to demand the need for me to have an additional gig. The directive from the voices is to stay on this psychic tarot path. It's been a struggle the last few weeks to figure out how to do both. Working on an additional tarot phone line (where they bring the clients, I don't have to do the marketing and finding for them.) was the answer.

So, I applied at a few lines (one Canadian, one US based.) and although the Canadian one has no openings right now, the US one has given my application the shortlist, and now I have 2 phone interviews to do. I"m hoping I'll be working within 2 weeks with them. I'll be working this line in the evenings. Day time is dedicated to my own personal list of clients on the chat, phone, email, and live readings.

So, that's news. The Universe provides. It's pretty awesome that way,when you put your mind to it. We'll be playing catch up probably until April, so If I can keep calm till then, and stay the path, It'll all work out. (My own personal chat line sends pay checks on the 10th of the month, for the previous months work. It arrives to me sometime later, as it comes from the US. The new chat line will most likely be every second week, but quiet possibly month to month also. This is why I'm estimating April.)

I"m totally babbling. Thinking out loud. How very boring.

Have I mentioned I have a TV character crush on Sherlock Holmes? Yes. How embarrassing.

But Smart IS the new Sexy.


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