Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Oh la la! Ze Rabbitz haz landed!

Actually, they've been here a while, and I think they have settled in. This little lady (who really isn't little, and doesn't behave much like a lady.) Is Giselle, the Champagne D'argent. She's moody, a bit fussy, although the elder pixie seems to have hypnotised her. (That daughter talks to animals, so what else should I have expected?)

And here is the little Mr... His name is Charming, but I tend to call him Prince (and then break out in a high pitched "You don't. Have-to-be. BEUUUUTIFUL! To Turn me on!") He is freekin' adorable. Friendly and inquisitive and not at all shy. Oh, and he's litter trained. Is that not awesome? Giselle has a box, too, but I think she thinks it's a nesting box or something, because she consistently goes in another corner of her cage. When I tried to put the litter pan in the corner, she took attitude and shoved it back where SHE put it originally.

We put them together a little while ago... we're counting down the days on the calendar to see if Prince got it figured out. (All I want is your extra time and your........ KISS.)

So, there ya go. Rabbits!

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Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

Haha I can totally picture you dancing around and singing in some crazy falsetto while tending to rabbits