Friday, July 31, 2009

8 Whole Days Difference.

It's been 8 days since I started the new face regimen... and I'm pretty damn pleased.

The general redness is very very calm now (My entire face without make up would be completely red. I HAD to wear makeup just to look "skin" colour.) The big welts have shrunk down to zits. The little zits have shrunk down to little discolourations. What a difference 8 days has made.

I've been taking the vitamins throughout the day... because it's alot to swallow at once.
Plus, I've been washing my face with a super-mild cleanser (soap free). Although I only managed to squeeze a clay-mask treatment in once during the time. I also only put moisturizer on my face on day during this whole thing - the weather has been damp and I haven't needed it.

So many of my friends offered me suggestions. All the things that worked for them, or things their doctors had told them. From diet means nothing to diet means everything. One of my friends had very good results with Pro-Active, and one of my friends went on Accutane (I think that's the drug - someone correct me if i'm wrong.)

I really had to give my way a try, and attempt to heal from the INSIDE. I understand that their caused by pores getting clogged, but at the same time I understand that our cells regenerate from the inside. Alot of my redness is also caused from those big welts not healing very quickly.

So, I've modified what I'm eating only slightly. Little less caffeine and pouring orange juice for myself instead. Choosing the salad instead of the fries. I think the hardest part has actually been keeping my hands off my face.

So, there's the face update.


In home business news... This month I've made Gold Consultant with Watkins! I'm pretty excited about that. Because here's what it means for me:

  • 25% on my retail sales
  • 30% earnings on the bonus values
  • Up to 30% bonus on what my team is selling
My team is growing, thanks to some friends who trust my judgement, and have seen the products in action and love them. I'll be helping those people who signed on build THEIR teams, because it benefits all of us. I'm working with the 9-4-1 principle. Which basically means;
  • I place 9 people under me
  • I place 4 people underneath each of THEM
  • I place 1 person underneath each of the 4.
This gives a solid montly income of $941 a month. That's without reselling anything, or including bonuses. (If you are interested in seeing the booklet that explains this non-selling way to work Watkins, let me know.) I'm already on my way.

Anywhoooo... It's the last day of the month, and for me this month, that means placing a few phone calls to see if anyone needs anything, and topping up my sales for the month. It's also Friday, and usually this is a baking day for me, but since I missed getting in for the Saturday sale, I can put it off till Saturday night.

I've got a pile of scrabble tiles that have to go on cards, and some glass tiles that I'd like to finish up too. I sewed 4 little monkeys to turn and stuff yesterday. Some home school for the pixies, and quite possibly scrubbing out the kiddie pool for them, too.

I love being busy. I love working from home. Life all around is good. The power of positive thinking works.


Monday, July 27, 2009

I LOVE this part... right...HHHEEEERRREEEE...

My Mondays are like Saturdays, and although theres an element of "relax, Lori!", there's still the "Holy Crap the House is Destroyed, Lori!" reality.

So, Monday's become clean up day! It's also time for doing something fun with kidlets after the cleaning. All I want to do is sew, and make some Scrabble board coasters, and sketch books. (This is what you do with Scrabble boards when you use all the tiles for jewellery. haha.)

I have three orders from the weekend, for scrabble tile pendants (Specific letters with their choice of image.) and that's always exciting. They are doing very well at the market, and that makes me happy. There are a few new items I might be bringing to market (I sold both of the gadget cozy's I usually bring, so I'll have to figure out where the other ones are being stored. I've got 'em... somewhere...)

I'm also selling lots of Watkins traditional medicinals... everyone seems to need Red Liniment, or the salves. So, I've always got them at market with me (until I sell out, and then have to make promises to bring more next weekend.) At the time that I write, I am a WHOLE $130 AWAY from Gold Consultant. What does that mean?

Well, it means that this month, I've already done a hell-of-a-lotta sales! (That's a LOT of lip balm, folks... and Red Liniment, and Natural Plant Based Cleaners, and Salves, etc.) I've also got two associates under me right now, and I get credit for their points too. (It's a nice system.)

So, have a look before the 31st of July to see if there's anything you and your family are low on... Concentrated plant based dish washing liquid, Laundry detergent (also certified natural), cleaners, spices, etc. Help me reach my goal!!!

If you want to do this too, check out the presentation at: . Every new Associate in the month of July gets a free $10 coupon. I can even show you how to do this business WITHOUT selling. Aw yeah.

Ok ok ok, clearly I'm in need of nourishment. The kids have all had their fill of the home made pancakes I made for lunch. And that means it's mom's turn to eat. (and swallow the garlic and other suppliments I'm taking in an attempt to clear my face without drugs.) and do something CREATIVE!

I love this part of the day.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Puts the Lotion On the Skin!!!

Today is the first day of my diet. "DIET???" I can hear my nearest and dearest shouting at me... hold up, friends! I weigh in at a soft and comfy 124, at 5-foot-nothing, and I'm happy with that. My diet is to control my adult acne.

I've ALWAYS fought with it, and the best results I've had is when I modify my diet AND my face regimen. I get little zits and big Zits AND horrible horrible welts. And I refuse to take an oral drug that will monkey up my inners.

So, I'm back on the garlic (which is great for the lungs too, reducing cholesterol and is a natural antibiotic) plus, getting back on my facial routine. Which involves a CLAY mask every 3 days (not the gel kind, or the peeling kind, it HAS to be the clay ones.) I'm also adding a Skin-Hair-Nail suppliment (all of these suppliments are made with Medical Grade Standards, which are higher than Food Grade, which most suppliments are.)

I'll also not scrub the hell out of my face. I've been using a cleanser with salicylic acid, plus the pumice scrubber in the face wash, and it is NOT doing anything good for me, despite the claims made by the marketing for the product. I find the gentler I am with my skin, the nicer it is.

So, of all things, I'm going BACK to the cleanser I found at dollarama. No kidding. The formula is comparable to Cetaphil, it was made as a no-name for Safeway, and somehow Dollarama got their hands on it. And my skin LOVES it. And, get some water-based facial lotion (not that I need to put much lotion-on-the-skin usually.)

The other thing I KNOW I personally need to do to clear up my acne is reduce-the-hell-out-of my caffeine intake AND my DAIRY. (sigh and whine. Because I loves the CHEESE.) Oh, and choose the salad instead of the fries. Double sigh.

However, the last time I did it, my face looked SO much better, and I didn't need loads of the organic-face-powder to cover up my red angry face...

My closest girls saw me yesterday, without makeup (my face was in just too much pain for make up; Organic or not, it still hurts the face) - next time I see them, we'll have to see if THEY see the difference!

(I'd post pics.. but... sigh... I fear my Vanity won't let me. I"m a pretty big mess right now. Yick.


60-or-so scrabble tile pendants are FINISHED! On cards and everything. Whew. I have lots of supplies left for commissioned pieces - I've recieved emails from people who've seen me at the market, and want pics of their kids or their business logos on the tiles. Super fun idea.

It's not-quite-11, and I've finished a few rounds of biscotti. The gingerbread dough is in the fridge cooling. That's for later today. Tomorrow morning is the banana bread and carrot cake. I think I'm getting this system down.

Now, I wonder if I'll find time to sew something today???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where's that Confounded Maid?

Today I got "lost" walking to a girlfriends house. Seriously. Embarrasing. In a I'm-giggling-with-you sort of way. I've only ever been the passenger dropped of at her place, and having a horrible sense of direction, I walked the wrong cresent trying to find her. (To be fair, her road and the wrong road I walked before accidentally spotting her yard start with the same dang name, so, I MUST get some credit for that!) Still, it was a typical Lori-moment. Damn good thing I have a good sense of humour.

This week for Farmers Market: Maple Cookie Biscotti, Fudge Cookie Biscotti, Almond Biscotti, and hopefully Oreo Biscotti. As well as making banana bread this week, I'm doing a carrot cake, too. all in the name of selling Watkins , which is going pretty well!

Needless to say, Fridays are frantic in my kitchen. Breads and cakes need to be done at the last minute. Because they have no preservatives, they're won't keep forever.

I've got a tonne of Scrabble tile pendants finished the last few days, and gifted my girlfriends with some pendants (personalized by choosing just the right image, and the scrabble tile for their first initial.) Giving gifties is fun :) I'm going to need more displays now, though. Then again, they are such fast and easy sellers at the market, I might not need all THAT much more display!

I've been keeping too busy for myself, which has always been my way. There seems to be no time to list anything on Vintage Witch , despite having a bag or two of vintage goodies. Shoes, slips, earrings... gah! Oh well, come September, there will be no more baking to be done, and more time for taking pics and listing stuff. Maybe there'll even be time to fold all that dang laundry in my room.

Besides, the maid never shows up, so I guess I'll eventually HAVE to do it myself.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Free.... Free Fallin'

oh la la. The bust got the first layer of paper mache on it, and I can SEE it already. I'm excited! Do you ever get like that with your creations? As you see it coming together, you can already see it completely finished? I'm just so excited for the final product.

I've been all over etsy lately - just browsing and drooling and thinking I really should get my ass in gear and take some pics of the vintage goodies I've got hanging around here for . I should put it on my task list! (The hold up with that little task is that I HATE my camera. We should really make peace soon.)

On today's list of things to do:
  • Stop by Inner Bliss to drop off a single necklace for her to resell. Rhonda gave me some things to incorporate into some necklaces, and she requested I make some for guys. I'm sure I'll get a few more done in time.
  • Grab some ingredients for what I need to bake some more cookies for the Farmers Market
  • Put another layer on mabustmabustmabust, if it's dry enough.
  • Hang with the Pixies, have some fun with them
  • Hopefully grab my sweetheart for lunch
  • Have some adventure!
  • Oh yeah, and perhaps wash the sheets.
I think I should pop into the consignment shops downtown and see how my stuff is doing, and get them some more goodies. (I have like 6 bags of clothing that MUST get gone. All super fun stuff.)

I'm eager to get out and enjoy this day!

In order to do that, I must wrestle the Pixies out of the tub and get my turn in there!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ma Bust, MaBustMaBustMaBust!

It's is not-quite-Seven-A.M.

I have been up for an hour. The crows were singing on my lawn this morning, and I was ok with that. I've been working from home again for 4 weeks, but maintaining my "up-at-Six-A.M." habit.

It is Wednesday, and the big plans today are to hit the library with the pixies and one of their friends. Sometime before that, I need to start my paper mache display head. I'm going for something like this bust, but with the attitude of a more art-deco, flapper style.

And knowing my style, it will probably end up a little more cartoony than realistic. I have high hopes that it will be ready for Market this weekend -but I dont' think it will be ready. There's alot of drying involved in these babies.

Her function will be to help me display neclaces. I have to incorporate the ability to weigh it down very very well, as Penetang market is always gusty and blowy.

* * * * *

Watkins is going very well. It's so much easier when people already know the product! What I'm finding though, is that all the people who remember the product don't have any one to order from anymore! So, I'm filling that need. But, I have to wonder about all the people that AREN'T getting service for the products they love and can count on. (Salve is just an amazing healer.)

I don't think my bathroom has ever been as clean as it is lately. I can actually use Watkins cleaning items, as they are natural plant based. They don't send my asthma into a two-day-spiral like regular chemical cleaning products. It's awesome.

There's an elmvale market opening up, and I was really hoping to train someone to do what I'm doing with Midland and Penetang, and sign them up to start their own business out there. The money is great, and all I keep thinking is "This could really be helping out a family who needs the income!"

Anywho, the pixies need to eat, and I'm dying to get into the paper mache.

I love working from home :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh, has it been a month?

So, ch-ch-ch-ch-chaynges.

I quit my job. For those of you who hadn't heard the gossip yet.
Basically, I was working at head office for a direct marketing company, and had to re-assess. I had worked from home for 5 years before that, and although I was earning a whole $200 more a month at the job I was keeping less.

And my house just fell apart.

So, I've set up shop at the Penetanguishene and Midland Farmers markets, I've got and on the go, plus,

I'm a Watkins Independent Associate again!

I love the products, but quit when my youngest was little. I felt like something had to give. However, now with all the experience learned working from the INSIDE of a direct marketing company, I"m working my business full time. And it's fabulous. . check-check-check it out.

I finally got down to gettin' to know my new sewing machine. She is SAWEEEET. Fast, though. Zero-to-HOLY-MOLY in .5 seconds. I can't wait to get down to some new dollies. Oh la la.

I've also been baking like a mad woman. With Watkins products, ofcourse. Peddling my wares at the farmers markets. Biscotti, little gingerbread cookies, petite banana breads. Cinnamon spice cookies.

I need a bigger kitchen. And a sewing room.

It's on my wish list.