Friday, July 31, 2009

8 Whole Days Difference.

It's been 8 days since I started the new face regimen... and I'm pretty damn pleased.

The general redness is very very calm now (My entire face without make up would be completely red. I HAD to wear makeup just to look "skin" colour.) The big welts have shrunk down to zits. The little zits have shrunk down to little discolourations. What a difference 8 days has made.

I've been taking the vitamins throughout the day... because it's alot to swallow at once.
Plus, I've been washing my face with a super-mild cleanser (soap free). Although I only managed to squeeze a clay-mask treatment in once during the time. I also only put moisturizer on my face on day during this whole thing - the weather has been damp and I haven't needed it.

So many of my friends offered me suggestions. All the things that worked for them, or things their doctors had told them. From diet means nothing to diet means everything. One of my friends had very good results with Pro-Active, and one of my friends went on Accutane (I think that's the drug - someone correct me if i'm wrong.)

I really had to give my way a try, and attempt to heal from the INSIDE. I understand that their caused by pores getting clogged, but at the same time I understand that our cells regenerate from the inside. Alot of my redness is also caused from those big welts not healing very quickly.

So, I've modified what I'm eating only slightly. Little less caffeine and pouring orange juice for myself instead. Choosing the salad instead of the fries. I think the hardest part has actually been keeping my hands off my face.

So, there's the face update.


In home business news... This month I've made Gold Consultant with Watkins! I'm pretty excited about that. Because here's what it means for me:

  • 25% on my retail sales
  • 30% earnings on the bonus values
  • Up to 30% bonus on what my team is selling
My team is growing, thanks to some friends who trust my judgement, and have seen the products in action and love them. I'll be helping those people who signed on build THEIR teams, because it benefits all of us. I'm working with the 9-4-1 principle. Which basically means;
  • I place 9 people under me
  • I place 4 people underneath each of THEM
  • I place 1 person underneath each of the 4.
This gives a solid montly income of $941 a month. That's without reselling anything, or including bonuses. (If you are interested in seeing the booklet that explains this non-selling way to work Watkins, let me know.) I'm already on my way.

Anywhoooo... It's the last day of the month, and for me this month, that means placing a few phone calls to see if anyone needs anything, and topping up my sales for the month. It's also Friday, and usually this is a baking day for me, but since I missed getting in for the Saturday sale, I can put it off till Saturday night.

I've got a pile of scrabble tiles that have to go on cards, and some glass tiles that I'd like to finish up too. I sewed 4 little monkeys to turn and stuff yesterday. Some home school for the pixies, and quite possibly scrubbing out the kiddie pool for them, too.

I love being busy. I love working from home. Life all around is good. The power of positive thinking works.


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