Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does This Mean I'm Going To Be Famous?

Today I got my first copy of my book in the mail. I opened it, and tried to savor the moment completely. The girls were waiting in chitter chattery anticipation, not knowing WHAT was in the box, but mummy is awfully and obviously beaming.

I read through it and felt it and pat it and smelled it and read through it again. The girls saw my pic on the back, and the littlest one said "Does this mean you're going to be famous?"... I giggled and said not likely, but it's mine and I'm happy I made it.

This also means that my copies that I'll be toting down to the Cottage Books and pleading with Bryson to carry should arrive in a few days. (I'm sure it won't be that difficult to persuade him, he's a lovely, kindred, book loving spirit. It's just sometimes I feel unsure of my mouth and it's ability to say things gracefully, and I'm afraid I'll flub my request. My fingers are SO much more sure of themselves when it comes to this "language" thing.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday's Little Dilemma.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. (It took me half the morning to figure that out today... I was CONVINCED it was Monday today.) It will be a week since the cut off date the library set for applications.

Has anyone heard anything yet? It's one of those you-aren't-contacted-unless-we-want-an-interview... and do-not-call-please...

One of the librarians said to Marc that there were over 200 applicants.. and so... I'm searching the job bank once again.


To keep my hands (and therefore, my mind) busy, the girls and I made some mini's yesterday out of clay. (real clay. The wet, air dry type. Veeeery messy, but soooo worth it.) I made apples, oranges, peaches, bananas and a watermelon. I made challah bread and pumpernickle bread and french bread, and cinnamon buns and cookies. All are almost dry today, and ready to paint. And then, I list them and hope for the best.

I listed some small "j-cloth" type cloths today. It was fun, and they are so cute. A nice miniature doll house touch, I think. (Doesn't the Ken doll sort of look like that strange dude on the commercial for those cloths that suck up lots of liquid?? He's Cool for Cats in that jacket...Swears on Hows-Your-Father... hehe.)

I also bought some hallowe'en printed fabric the other day at Fabricland. I want to make a Raggedy Ann dress with it. Maybe a comforter or some pillows (miniature, of course.)

I need a proper work space. Right now, all of my craft supplies live in various inconveinient spots in the living room and kitchen. The basement is the only logical space.. but I HATE the basement. There's no WINDOWS. And it's DARK. And COLD. But, if I ever want my sewing machine to have a permanent home, that will have to be IT.

I've got SO many ideas for things that I can't start on, because they are involved and need the space to stay out for days while I work on know?

I'm sure there a a dozen other crafters in the same spot. What do you all do to solve the small space dilemma????


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Non Stop Vinyl Cafe.

All day with no kids, no hunny, and no interruptions. It was non-stop vinyl action. LOUD.

I listened to (in no particular order):

Blondie, "Eat to the Beat" and "Parallell lines"...
The Vapors, "Clear New Days",
Talking Heads, "Speaking in Tongues",
The Cars, "The Cars",
Thomas Dolby, "Blinded by Science",
Squeeze, "Singles",
Pretty In Pink Soundtrack,
David Bowie, "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust",
and a Uriah Heep album I can't remember the title of.

OVER AND OVER AND OVER again (because my creepy vintage record-player-in-a-cabinet has ghosts, I think. Randomly plays over again, only sometimes though.) And I was so happy!

I did a few new paintings, finally finished my Rockabilly Raggedy Ann's undies and listed her (even though I haven't painted her eyes on yet...) Listed a few paintings, and some frames to sell as supplies.

What I did NOT do this weekend, however, was clean anything. My house is in an EMBARRASING state. seriously. I managed to run the dishwasher today between jumping up to change the record, painting, and peeing, ... but I haven't done much else.

Marc will be home soon to collect me and get busy doing some Saturday Bizniz... So, I gotta wake up out of my artist fog, and get beeeeautiful.


Friday, July 25, 2008

That's a DAM good mini!

So, being 5-foot-nothing, with the nickname "Little Lori", and a store called "Little Scotia", does it not seem natural that I should gravitate more and more into the world of miniatures? (This is my reasoning behind something that is quickly turning into a bit of an obsession...)

There are some amazing artists out there doing some CRAZY stuff in miniature. You look at the pics, and you think you are seeing full sized items.. THAT'S how good they are.

My first "blog fav" in the new DAM blog... (DAM.. now I've got Sophie B. stuck in my head.. YOU know the song...)

(hey, can you see my money line there??? How's it looking?? hehe)

If you are regularly reading the Little Scotia blog, and have added ME to your fav list... shoot me a message so I can add you to ours too.

And on that note, the day begins!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sure For The First Time I'm Wearing The Right Clothes

Stripped myself naked with a Mental Health Clinician today. (with a B.A, my luvs) Bore all, with my sense of humour to lessen the pull of tears. (That is my way. I know this about myself.)

"Oh, the enigmatic puzzle that is Lori Petroff." he said, after 2 hours of questions, answers, talking, and tests... He said it with a chuckle and I took it as a compliment. I came out feeling way better than I went in. Sure of myself.

Felt one hell of a lot better after being told he wouldn't change a thing about me. I was also paid a compliment in regards to how I view my mood changes as having balance. How I feel that someone who has such incredible highs MUST be balanced out by incredible lows, and that I understand it completely when I'm at one end or the other. There was alot said. Mainly, I do not need drugs, I am not in need of a psychiatrist, I don't have any personality disorders, and there are no underlying things from my past that I need deep therapy for (because I've handled it well and have it in its' place.) Just a little talk therapy to learn to communicate when I am emotional. He remarked, how can a person such as myself not be a little emotional and dramatic? A writer, and artist, a mother, the compass of this family.

I know myself.

I thought so.

One most awesome thing was just the talking about my past... and what a damn good story it's going to make when I'm old, and can add a few chapters to the current ones.


I sold a little painting today on etsy. That was fun! Painted about 3 more.

Tonight, I think I'll quilt.

And maybe Eat Cake!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blame it on the Breeze

Time stands still today.

I'm still working on the incredible mini quilt. I think I'll have it done in a few days. I purchased some great fabric for some more quilts, and some Raggedy Ann dresses.

I have a painting I have to get to. (a miniature also.)

I cleaned off the kitchen table and took out the leaf. Marc's theory is, if there's less area for me to cover with stuff, there will be less stuff hanging around... right??? My thoughts are with him today.

I'm all chuffed up about publishing my book of poetry.

Thoughts are random.

My dreams haunt me.

Today time stands still.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Purr of the Mattress

I've been working on this chapbook for what feels like a long long time. Every time I would re-read, my heart would quicken... Is it ready yet? Is it perfect yet?

Well, very much like the experiences that shaped the books creation, there will probably be some imperfection within. This poet takes certain liberties with words. (and usually those words leave blushing and happy to visit again.)

I'll be ordering some extra to put in the local book store, to list on etsy as signed copies, and ofcourse for my own bookshelf.

I felt a little naked and vulnerable when I finished the publishing process... I mean, these are my own personal experiences I've just put out there! I've become accustomed to the idea that I am a hermit and anti social. But, I had to share the words.

Because, if a writer writes in Cottage Country, and nobody reads it, is the writer a writer after all?

My book is available to order... look to the right margin. Hard Copy or download.

Don't forget to leave a review after you read it.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


The things I do for money... I swear.

Today I did a "contract" job. $60 to stand outside of PartSource for 3 hours and ask people questions they don't want to be asked, about customer service. Really, being who I am, it took all that was in me to not take it personally when people wanted no part of it. BUT, I've BEEN the person who wanted no part of it as many times as I've been the person who happily did the survey (and there were a few of those, too.) Mostly, I was just hoping I'd get enough people within the three hours to make it a viable submission. I bucked up and put a smile on, swept my social disfunctions aside and completed the job.

Jumped right out of myself, tried on someone else's personality for a bit, and completed it.

Tomorrow, I'm doing the same thing outside of Canadian Tire Gas Bar. That should be fun.


I've been feeling spacey, all in tune with nature and my dreams and listening to the secret psychic messages...and then, over chinese food at the food court, the question "Have you been taking your suppliments lately???" is posed. And I thought, no.. I have not been.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? My stomach has been very very upset the last couple of mornings, and I can't bear to think about putting anything in it at all until sometime later. By then, my morning routine of popping pills has past, and I get on with my day. I take iron suppliment (a natural, non constipating type... cause, YOU KNOW.... ) I was taking a "one a day for women"... and a suppliment called "Eight"... which was the Health and Bulk Food's solution to "apparently people around me think I'm cranky and crazy about two days before my period." This little number contains white willow bark, hops flowers, wood betony herb, passion flower herb, ginger root, chamomile flowers, capsicum fruit and schizandra fruit. (Yes, I had to get the bottle out to remember all the ingredients. )

So, this Eight is all about MELLOW and RELAX and FOCUS. But, is it getting in the way of my Spidey Senses? Is it making me numb? Is the whole painful stomach actually more a symptom of NOT taking all that mellowing herb into my guts every morning??

Umm... where was I going with this again?(just kidding.)

But what's the trade off? I get my dreams and astral travel back and be the emotional person I know I am? Or take the suppliment and be stoned silent on hops and camomile?

All together, no matter how you slice it... It's ALL Too Much Information. And the lesson of this blog is, be nice to the survey lady. She might be on a mission from Gawd.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's A Lot Like You (The Dangerous Type.)

Damn Miniatures. I'm doing a 1/12 scale quilt from some vintage material my stepmother gave me. (at one point a few years ago, she cleaned out her basement and hidey corners of a hellofalotta vintage gear. TREASURE! I've had them in MY basement ever since,and go through them when I'm inspired.) Pillows and all. (I'm drawing the line at a fitted sheet.... for now.)

This is the little number so far. A hundred million little stitches. This is why non-mini loving people think that mini-loving people are dangerously obsessed. I'm friggin hooked. (uh. I've been assimilated. hahahah.) I am going to have to invest in a leather thimble, though.


We went to the beach the day before yesterday. Completely lost track of time, ended up there for about three and a half hours. We would have stayed longer if we had brought real food. (Iced tea, water, grapes, crackers and cheese don't qualify.) You can watch the sun set over the water, if you're patient enough, don't bring the kids, and have some blush wine to sip on. The private beach we go to, goes for ages and ages, without anyone around. Fantastic.

I took some crocheting, and didn't take it out of the bag once. It was gorgeous. This is why I love to live here. Winters suck a$$, but it's SO worth it in the summer time.

Back to it!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Stalking Alchemy

Last night and this morning I began work on some EXTREME miniature paintings. I've been stalking the Alchemy at Etsy, and there was a woman looking for mini art. So, I've come up with some fun stuff. The only problem I'm having is actually getting GOOD pics of them! I may have to scan to get all the details the way I want to see them. These ones are copies of the large pieces that Marc and I have on our walls (Marc is the artist.) They are too much fun, although they take longer to finish then you would imagine!

I ate an entire 65g chocolate bar while listing stuff this morning. Ugh. (It was good in the moment...mmmmm. Now, I think I need some water or something.)

It's 2pm. I'm still in PJ's.

I'm good with that.


Oh, my tomato plants are finally getting tomato "babies"... It's another overcast day. I sure do hope we get some regular sun over this summer, or my garden is gonna STINK. My tomato plants are more leaf and stalk than anything else. Yesterday's weather was mostly good. I got 4 loads of laundry washed and lined dried over the course of the day. Now, if we can just have those days steadily, it'll feel like summer before fall gets here!

Back to painting.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Auto Start. Push to Begin.

Cabbage Patch Figurines listed on Etsy today. I squealed when Marc and I found them!

Yesterday was a family party. My Uncle and Cousin from Nova Scotia, Aunts and Uncles from Toronto, and Cousin from "almost moving to near Oshawa" came. (sorry Heather, I can't remember where you are now, just where you're going...) It was FREEEKIN AWESOME.

It was pretty laid back, and my beloved arrived right after work which was gooood. (It was the first time he's met them - Poor guy, getting ki-boshed all at once.) It left me with a nice sense of belonging and bonding...I hermit up a lot, deeper and deeper into myself and my house, way past the point of reason sometimes.

This morning I woke with a renewed sense of energy. Before the goober was even out of my eyes, I had the fabric markers out and was carefully putting my Rockabilly Raggedy's eyes in place. I put her little almost-finished dress on her, and today I'm going to finish her little "pantaloons" (Is that a word you can pluralize? Not sure, but I'm using my poetic license on that one, folks.) I feel kick-started back into myself.

I watered the tomatoes, strawberries and herbs, put a load of laundry on (first sheets, then towels) and it's a perfect clothes line day today.

There is a quiet excited energy in the house and in our yard today. It beams down from the sun and soaks into the ground at our Little Scotia. I'm soaking it up too. (At about 2am, the truck started on it's own last night. The truck is parked outside our window, and there was no one around. Not sure if the auto starter is fritzing out, but my half asleep self chalked it up to some extra energy buzzing around the two of us and our home. Although it completely wigged me out last night, this morning I'm satisfied with the confirmation.)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Extreme Frugal Lori - Doesn't go anywhere near a theatre near you, cause it costs money.

Big Weird Changes at Little Scotia.

I am no longer doing daycare. Daycare lady no more... Too small a space, too many kids, too much stress. This leaves me with my creative force and optimism to make money.

I've been facing the last few days (my first ones without the daycare kids) in a bit of a haze. A "what do I do with myself" haze. The kids paid the bills, allowed me to stash some cash for the house I've been dreaming of since I was 19, and filled my days.

Of course, there's my crafting. It keeps my hands busy, makes me feel creative. There's my writing. Realistically, I know that if I ever actually get more than my collection of poetry down, it will still be years before seeing any pay off from that. (If I were more organized, I'm sure I could get a magazine article or two here and there... but I'm not. I'm a flipping mess.)

The plan was in September to get an out-of-the-house job, and that was mainly because I thought I had one lined up. Management, good money, worth the time and effort. I'm pretty sure that has lost it's momentum. (I haven't given up completely on it yet... we'll see what happens in September.) Until I figure something out, it's back to Extreme Frugal Lori.

(In that deep, gravelly theatre-dude voice, you hear:)

Meet Extreme Frugal Lori. She bakes from scratch, because it's cheaper, she monitors what every one is eating and when. She's crazy about turning off lights and unplugging appliances, and never ever dines out. Extreme Frugal Lori's hobbies include reading books and borrowing movies from the Midland Public library, taking the children on aimless walks, reselling every thing and anything she can get her hands on to make a buck, praying for guidance and calm, and cancelling the cable. Subscribe to Extreme Frugal Lori's blog to get Extreme updates on the wacky shit she's doing for a dollar today, and make sure to stop by her etsy shop. The Landlord will thank you.

Yeah. Good times.

I got a couple of 3 hour tours for next weekend, from a shopping site I have worked for in the past. I'll be standing outside of businesses taking survey answers. Saturday and Sunday will be $60 days each. That's a bonus. The pay doesn't actually come in until next month, but whateva...

I've also been thinking about dusting off my tarot cards. I'm not completely convinced yet that that's what I should do. It's been so long, (2 Years.) that I'm feeling hesitant. It was fun work but also hard work. It takes a lot out of a person to do it. Yep, I see stuff and sometimes hear stuff and feel stuff and dream stuff. The Goddess works in cycles, and I've got to listen. If you have a talent, it should be used for good and light things. Nothin to be afraid of, folks. We all dream, after all.

Ok, the pixies need to be tucked into bed, and I've got a Rockabilly Raggedy Ann that needs her dress finished.