Friday, July 25, 2008

That's a DAM good mini!

So, being 5-foot-nothing, with the nickname "Little Lori", and a store called "Little Scotia", does it not seem natural that I should gravitate more and more into the world of miniatures? (This is my reasoning behind something that is quickly turning into a bit of an obsession...)

There are some amazing artists out there doing some CRAZY stuff in miniature. You look at the pics, and you think you are seeing full sized items.. THAT'S how good they are.

My first "blog fav" in the new DAM blog... (DAM.. now I've got Sophie B. stuck in my head.. YOU know the song...)

(hey, can you see my money line there??? How's it looking?? hehe)

If you are regularly reading the Little Scotia blog, and have added ME to your fav list... shoot me a message so I can add you to ours too.

And on that note, the day begins!


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