Thursday, July 17, 2008

She's A Lot Like You (The Dangerous Type.)

Damn Miniatures. I'm doing a 1/12 scale quilt from some vintage material my stepmother gave me. (at one point a few years ago, she cleaned out her basement and hidey corners of a hellofalotta vintage gear. TREASURE! I've had them in MY basement ever since,and go through them when I'm inspired.) Pillows and all. (I'm drawing the line at a fitted sheet.... for now.)

This is the little number so far. A hundred million little stitches. This is why non-mini loving people think that mini-loving people are dangerously obsessed. I'm friggin hooked. (uh. I've been assimilated. hahahah.) I am going to have to invest in a leather thimble, though.


We went to the beach the day before yesterday. Completely lost track of time, ended up there for about three and a half hours. We would have stayed longer if we had brought real food. (Iced tea, water, grapes, crackers and cheese don't qualify.) You can watch the sun set over the water, if you're patient enough, don't bring the kids, and have some blush wine to sip on. The private beach we go to, goes for ages and ages, without anyone around. Fantastic.

I took some crocheting, and didn't take it out of the bag once. It was gorgeous. This is why I love to live here. Winters suck a$$, but it's SO worth it in the summer time.

Back to it!


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