Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Purr of the Mattress

I've been working on this chapbook for what feels like a long long time. Every time I would re-read, my heart would quicken... Is it ready yet? Is it perfect yet?

Well, very much like the experiences that shaped the books creation, there will probably be some imperfection within. This poet takes certain liberties with words. (and usually those words leave blushing and happy to visit again.)

I'll be ordering some extra to put in the local book store, to list on etsy as signed copies, and ofcourse for my own bookshelf.

I felt a little naked and vulnerable when I finished the publishing process... I mean, these are my own personal experiences I've just put out there! I've become accustomed to the idea that I am a hermit and anti social. But, I had to share the words.

Because, if a writer writes in Cottage Country, and nobody reads it, is the writer a writer after all?

My book is available to order... look to the right margin. Hard Copy or download.

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